Urusei Yatsura: Gods and Generals

In the years of 1868-69, the Boshin war was beginning of end for the Shogun. Our favorite characters including OC charcters are in history of the making. It is epic story of war, love, and adventure. Will Ataru return from Boshin war to reunite with Lum? The story has been cancelled. It was originally supposed to be a three stories, but due of life events I have no choice.


1. The Deal

Year- 1865

The sweating heat of Carolinas have taken toll on Union Army of Tennessee under General Sherman are camping awaiting for orders to be confirm to fight the confederate army or raid confederacy property to denied them the will to fight. A simple colonel who led the regiment from Michigan, Thomas Jackson who is chatting with his regiment's remaining officers.

Thomas Jackson, not the famed Confederate General who caused Union army problems in the eastern front was a simple farm boy around age of 18 joins the Union Army. He joined with other men from Michigan to form a regiment that was always been transferred from West to east and west again. He first hand faced in Battle of Bull Run which an experience he never forget.

Jackson has faced many battles in 1862 in Battles in Eastern front and the Western front, but mostly on the western front. However, he did face many horrors of the war have offered him, but survive it. He has question himself why he survive despite the regiment he was around 1000 men now down to 319 men left in those four years of war.

Sitting down in camp along his men, Jackson was promoted to colonel after fall of Atlanta. He has proved himself to be a good effective leader and lead several forging missions during March to the Sea. After the fall of Savannah, he led his regiment to face Confederate army under Johnston.

He has heard the news that the Confederate army under Robert E. Lee has surrendered and Grant is linking with Sherman to finish Johnston. "It seems the war is going to be over soon." One of his officers spoke up. "Is that fact? You said that all those four years ago." Jackson commented

The officers laughed of the joke that Jackson commented. "So, when we do after the war is over?" Jackson asked. They say various answers about going home have a family, set a business, or other dreams they peruse. Until a rider came by with a letter that shock the troops up to know what is happening?

"GOOD NEWS! I HAVE BROUGHT GOOD NEWS" the rider said in a loud voice. "What news from HQ?" Jackson ordered. "The War is over! The War is over! It says….." As the rider opens the letter as it says: By the news that Confederate army under Johnston has decreed to lay down their arms and proclaimed they will no longer our foes, but returned neighbors.

"The war is over?" Jackson was thrilled that four years of hell is coming to an end. "But our new orders are to march to Washington to do our review." Rider commented as he finished the letter. "My compliments to the General, rider." Jackson said.

The rider left the scene and Jackson brought the good news to the men which it has turn a celebration. Soon, they all in Washington marching down the avenue to see the President of United States (sadly, Lincoln was killed before this was happen) and Sherman looking down. And suddenly, the Union Army of Tennessee is disbanded for good.

A few months later….

Jackson is on the San Francisco looking for employment as a policeman, but every town and city has rejected his offer until…

"I will be damned! Colonel Jackson of 76th Michigan Regiment?" which shocked Jackson who said that was an old friend from the Regiment which his name was Scots immigrant, Wallace. "Wallace? Is that you?" Jackson asked

"Yes, laddie I have seen you are seeking a job, eh?" Wallace said. "How you know those things, Wallace. Last time I heard you have a farm in the Great Plains? What happen?" Jackson asked worried.

"I failed as a farmer, but there is a job that is for the both of us." Wallace said. "Wait, what? What job?" Jackson curiously asked. "A man's job" Wallace says

They enter a fancy restaurant where he sees a Dutch man and two strange looking men with strange clothing. "Who is this?" Jackson asked "Oh, let me present myself: I am Erik von Stuben, private translator for the Mendo Clan, Samurai clan belong to the Satsuma." Erik introduces himself as two men bow their heads down as Jackson and Wallace sat down.

"Names are Jackson and Wallace." Jackson said. "Now, what is going on and why they are here?" Jackson asked. Erik responds as the plates with their food and drinks arrive.

"The Mendo clan is hiring veterans to train their army. We like to present how we can deal with this? What you think?" Erik says "What kind of army?" Jackson asks Erik what is happening. "You see, the Mendo clan are very loyal to the Emperor which they oppose the Shogunate regime. In a term that you say like a military rule which I assume you that my clients are serious about this." Erik explains

"Which country I asked? Jackson strongly asked. "Well, they are from Japan you see." Erik commented. "Erik-san, why the Americans are so rude? Asked them, did they fought a war or not?" Mendo's father asks Erik. "Patience, my friend, that's all Americans are. Cheap." Erik reply.

"Erik-san, time is running out. More we delay; the Shogun will become more powerful." Mendo exclaims. "Excuse me, what did he say?" Jackson asks. "He said that time is running out that we delay more, the Shogun will become more powerful. Is that right, Shuutaro-san?" Erik said.

"Erik-san, how about we offer a two years of captain's pay to train our army for course of the year?" Mendo's Father asks to Erik. "My client says they will offer a full two years of captain's pay to train their army?" Erik told to Jackson. "I do it, but under one condition." Jackson says.

"What that might be?" Erik asks. "I want to command a brigade under my orders." Jackson said. As Erik tells his clients of the condition. "Erik-san, why he insist to command a unit by himself? He won't be needed after he trained our army?" Mendo's Father asked "Why you insist to command a brigade?" Erik asks

"I have experience command a unit when I was at the Union army in 64' to 65'" Jackson reply. "So, he is a warrior, but not what I mind. Father, are you sure about this? Hiring a westerner to train and lead a unit into battle?"Mendo asks his father. "I think he might come in handy, the Shogun may the weapons. But with him, we can defeat the Shogun in matter of short time. Erik-san, he can have the job." Mendo's father said

"My client has said that you have the job." Erik said. "Then it is deal then?" Jackson reply. They shook hands in an agreement.

Author's Notes: Yeah, I am done with exams and back on business. I have created a new story and this story will be for fun. The Story will be in three volumes based on story style of Gods and Generals and Gettysburg. The first Chapter has Mendo and his dad are introduce, but our favorite characters will be coming soon and be part of the story. The story will be long and detailed of the Boshin War and special cameos from different manga which I will not reveal until you see it. The italics are Japanese and regular words are English, but I will make a switch in the second chapter. Each chapter will be posted in each week.

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