Urusei Yatsura: Gods and Generals

In the years of 1868-69, the Boshin war was beginning of end for the Shogun. Our favorite characters including OC charcters are in history of the making. It is epic story of war, love, and adventure. Will Ataru return from Boshin war to reunite with Lum? The story has been cancelled. It was originally supposed to be a three stories, but due of life events I have no choice.


2. The American Arrives

September, 1865

The autumn season in Satsuma Province was somehow harsh to farmers who worked on the work. It wasn't until tax collection began. Life wasn't hard on farmers, but there was insisting that they don't have the luxury.

There lived a farmer, his wife, and his son whose about to be who wed to Oni girl (um, use your imagination how did happen just go along with it.) Life was normal for him except that Ataru is a girl chaser which he is infamous of all Satsuma province even heard from other provinces of all Japan. Lum, Ataru's fiancé always catches him in the end, but in vain.

Until One day, in the port of Satsuma Jackson arrives on the docks as he is amazed what he seen of Japan in first hand. Along with Wallace, he walks down the bridge going to his step on Japan. "Mr. Jackson?"

Jackson turns around to see Erik. "Mr. Stuben?" Jackson asked. "Ah, first time?" Erik reply

"It seems so. Everything looks different?" Jackson said. "Don't worry; everything is different from your point of view. But I have work under Mendo clan for many years. Way of life is much different from your town." Erik says. Until something has caught Jackson's attention which even shocked him.

"HI, Girls. What's your name? Name, Address?" Ataru asked. "Get out you creep!" One of girls said as they punched him. As he hit the ground as he recovered quickly this amazed Jackson.

"Damn, oh well. More girls for me! So, who's next?" Ataru said. "Darling!" Lum shouted!

"Oh, no." Ataru said.

"How many time I have to tell you! Why you go girl hunting when you have me?" Lum angrily shouted. "I can do whatever I do. I like the wind. What's wrong having free love?" Ataru angrily reply. As Jackson just stood there, he is very confused what's going on.

"Erik?" Jackson asked "What is it?" Erik reply. "Can you translate that?" Jackson said as he sees the couple argue.

"OH, it's just a young couple arguing. Why you asked?" Erik asked. "It just…never mind that. Where's your client's housing?" as Jackson remember his job was. "Come with me, then." Erik said.

"Excuse me!" a British person says to Jackson and Erik. "Where can I find this…..Mendo? I would like a interview with him to discuss something." British asked. They didn't bring a British person along.

"Do I know you?" Erik asked. "Oh, mind my manners. I am Harry Dickens. I am journalist for London times." Harry reply. "I see. Then come with us then." Erik says.

"I have been so interesting how Japan decided to open the doors to the wests since your fellow countrymen have forced Japan to open the doors, but the Emperor is growing restless of Shogunate's ability to keep Japan safe. But I have no hard feeling against the Dutch since they were most favored country from Japanese before the Americans arrive." As Harry spoke of how Japan decided to become westernized. They were about to enter the carriage until a massive electrical shock that jump them. It was Lum dragging Ataru who is very limpy to home.

"That is strange?" Jackson commented. "Japan has many unsolved mysteries even Westerners don't know." Harry said. What seems to Jackson still unsolved to his mind as the carriage goes in the streets of Satsuma province can travel.

The land of rising of Sun has amaze Jackson how modernization of Japan is speeding faster than the West did over hundreds of years. New economic policies have replaced old system of rice currency which makes life standard better, but not all what is seems. The old ways still resisting change, but never the less, change is rapidly happening to eye of former Colonel Jackson who works now as a military advisor and mercenary officer in his terms.

Can he successfully trained a brigade on his own and lead it to victory? He never crosses his mind why he wanted to lead a brigade? It is he wanted to return old days or something he never experience before.

In fact, he led a regiment before and won many battles before, but the horror of the war has caught up to him. What he can do? Refuse the offer which he will be unemployed or gain the job to pay the debt he owned back home.

Soon, they all arrive at Mendo estate which it is typical bigger than all houses of Satsuma, but not as big to higher ranking Samurai. Jackson noticed industry is brewing around the estate which they employ workers. It reminded him how industry won the North the Civil War.

"Right this way Jackson." Erik said. Jackson and the others start their way to Mendo estate which guarded by bodyguards of Mendo clan. They were amaze how the inside of a typical Samurai clan house will look like.

"Oh, my lord. Will you look that?" Harry said as he is amaze of the art work of Samurai of Sengoku Jidai. Wonderful colorful art work of Samurai of the old as it contains battle scenes of the day, duels, drama, and acts of heroism. It wasn't until they reach the main room where the clan held meetings as the entire family is presented and their retainers who advise the family on certain issues.

"Erik-san, how was your trip?" Mendo's father asked. "I have brought the Americans and the British Journalist along." Erik reply. Jackson stood as Erik and Mendo's father are discussing about matters at hand.

He looks around how the retainers just sit there during the meeting and see the family as the daughter mess around with Mendo (like always) as the mother kept her silence, but serious. What it can crosses his mind in this time?

"I see, Erik-San. When will Jackson begin training my troops? Saigo is requesting my presence and need troops for uprising. But he is away for the moment to deal with dissenting." Mendo's father said. "I will ask of Jackson-san to know when." Erik reply. He turns to Jackson.

"Jackson, when you train the troops?" Erik asks to Jackson who snapped to reply. "Soon as possible, but we need time to gather men and supplies to build his division. I hope that will not be easily which it will take like a year so. Maybe longer when we are so far behind." Jackson said. "Former Colonel Jackson has agreed to train your troops, but it will require time to do so." Erik said.

"It seems time is essence, very well. I will also have my son to be trained as officer to lead our troops in battle." Mendo's father said. "What?" Mendo shocking ask. "Dear, is that risky to have our son to lead troops into battle?" Mendo's mother asked who think that's suicide.

"I rest assume, that Colonel Jackson will take care of things while he is in training." Mendo's father replies. "Erik-san, you may tell Jackson that we will gather all the men we can get." Mendo's father said. "Thank you, Mendo-san." Erik reply.

The meeting ends as the westerners left the place. "Crimpy, didn't know the emperor did order deaths of two foreigners, which one of them happens to be an America. But don't get me wrong, the Emperor made a deal with my fellow countrymen. I won't assume they hired an American vetern to train a division?" Harry tells to Jackson who is very anxious to see the recruits they got. "Harry, I would the Emperor has a good reason. Besides we were in a civil war and nearly destroyed our country. Now, I begin to regret this." Jackson sadly said.

"What is wrong, lad? You should be happy when you got the job." Wallace responds. "But I get to interview with the Mendo clan. One day, we should meet again. It's a great time to meet you, "Colonel" Jackson. Oh, good luck to train and lead your brigade." As Harry left to interview the Mendo clan and Jackson awaits for the day to come.

In one night, simple household as the poor farmers are dealing the usual like always every day in their days. Ataru is eating his rice while Lum stare at Ataru as he eats. Jariten, like always annoying Ataru which results a fight. But it wasn't til the breaking point of Ataru's Mother.

"Will you please stop fighting on the dinner table! I am sick of tired of this nonsense!" annoying Ataru which resulted a fight. But it wasn't til the breaking point of Ataru's Mother.

"Will you please stop fighting on the dinner table! I am sick of tired of this nonsense!" Ataru's mother roared. "Dear, we have a rough day. At least we got dinner on the table." Ataru's father replies sheepishly. "Oh, shut up! Our ungraceful son does all day laze around and causing trouble that embarrassing our family even our families have rejected us! All because of him!" Ataru's mother explaining angrily.

"That's fine with me. Besides I want do things what I want." Ataru said. "Yeah, a moron likes of you." Jariten call out. That furiously hit Jariten in the head with a rake and causes a fight until Jariten lands on Lum. "That jerk is trying to hit me again." Jariten said.

"Darling, don't be like that. I was thinking we should get married soon as possible." Lum replies. "Nope" Ataru said. "Why not? We had been together for at least a year now." Lum said to Ataru. "She's right, Ataru. It just to reconsider this as a man to take care of his actions." Ataru's father replies.

"My actions? What is wrong my joy of my youth? And what if I don't want to take care of my actions? All of this restriction, reputation, and all of crap. I want to be a free as the wind." Ataru says. The dinner has become a heated argument until a knock at the door.

Ataru's mother opened the door to see a group of samurai. "Be at the village in the morning, we have important news." One of the Samurai said. Until morning arrives, the entire village was gathered around to see westerners and samurai officials.

Jackson came to see the village. "So, this all people they gather?" Jackson asked. "Yep, they all came. What's your first order of business to train them? I will help you translate for them." Erik said. "I hope the job is worth it, laddie." Wallace said.

"OK, let's do this." Jackson said as he went to the coward. "All right, my name is Colonel Jackson from Union army. I have fought a war before. Now, your lord Mendo has hired me to train his army. Now I want all 16-30 years old men to fight. But I want to sign the papers to gather your sons." Jackson explains to the coward as Erik translates to them. The entire village has mixed results of Jackson's speech.

What it seems that a westerner is training an all Japanese regiment to fight a war that no wars are fought. "The Army?" Ataru said. "Darling?" Lum said.

"After your training, our orders are to join the main force in Kyoto." Jackson finishes his speech. "Wait, what? Does he mean…?" Ataru said as he daydreams his adventure of Kyoto to go girl hunting. "I think I know what to do?" Ataru said until he got yanked.

"Darling! What if a war broke out?" Lum angrily says to Ataru who fear that if a war broke out, he might dead in the fighting. "Ah, nothing going to happen, Lum. Besides there are no wars to fight in this era." Ataru explains to Lum.

"It just….I want to stay with me and raise a family that we will….!" Lum said as tanuki statue appeared as Ataru signed up. "Now, I am in the army. Babes, here I come!" Ataru said as he signs his name on the paper until…..

"You are doom, my friend." Ataru turned around to see Cherry who deems to be annoy to Ataru. "Yeah, but I won't have to see you again. Cherry." Ataru said to Cherry. "But it's fate, my friend. Also it's a chance to say good bye." Cherry replies to Ataru.

"At least I won't I have to see your ugly face again!" Ataru said as he kicks Cherry in the sky. "Darling! How could you?" Lum said. "Why? I want to have a adventure and look my joy of youth demands it." Ataru told Lum which she is not fooled by it.

"Will you promise me that we be married?" Lum asked. "What?" Ataru asked. "Will you come back and marry me when this is over?" Lum asked. "Well, I….I…..Ok, I promise when this over." Ataru reply, but he didn't know what awaits him.

"Take this." Lum said as he gives him something. "What is it?" Ataru asks. "It's something to remind you of me." Lum sadly responds.

As the entire male population is drafted to train in their unit. Ataru in the other hand is excited to go only for the women to see in his travels of Japan. They all left their village leaving Lum, Jariten, and his parents.

"I can't believe Darling is going away." Lum said. "Yeah! Now I can do whatever I want!" Jariten cheers. "We won't have to deal with him no longer, but I am going to miss my only child." Ataru's mother replies.

"Don't worry; I hope Ataru is going to be alright." Ataru's father said. The sunsets over the village to see the autumn leaves goes around. Lum stands outside of the house to see the sunset.

"Darling, come back me." Lum sadly responds. She went back to the house to join the family dinner. It's not going to be easy for them as Ataru is away for a long time.

Author's Notes: WOW, I wrote this for at least 3 days and yet longest one so far. But I will guarantee it's getting better as I will write long chapters in my first volume. Yes, it does takes place in 1865 and the story ends in 1868. The war begun on 1867 and ends at 1868. The first volume covers on 1865-1867 and covering the first 3 battles of the Boshin War. The second volume was the Anizu campaign. And final volume is the Ezo Republic campaign. Review what you think of the story so far. Be fair of my plot because I am doing this for fun.

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