Urusei Yatsura: Gods and Generals

In the years of 1868-69, the Boshin war was beginning of end for the Shogun. Our favorite characters including OC charcters are in history of the making. It is epic story of war, love, and adventure. Will Ataru return from Boshin war to reunite with Lum? The story has been cancelled. It was originally supposed to be a three stories, but due of life events I have no choice.


11. Siege of Osaka

After hearing the defeat in last battle, the Shogun decided to leave to his personal ship, but didn't want to leave from Osaka. It seems the Shogun was beaten, but not defeated to encounter the Imperial forces are coming. What they can force the tide can be turn against them or his ancient family honor will be doom?

"My lord, Imperial forces have broken our forces. We have suffer heavy losses. We have to reconsider this. We must retreat to Edo! And then, we can organize our forces which it will give us the advantage in numbers." One of his Advisers said. "Then what? We lose our symbol of the Shogun's family rise to power?" One of the younger Noble retainers named Tobimaro. "Then what, Mizunokoji? The Imperial forces have greater firepower than we imagine. It is necessary to lose something in order to win this conflict. Those Imperials are the one who cause the tragedy that inflicted our people." One of the Older retainers shouted.

"Your father has put you to lead the Elite Shinsengumi, but you know nothing of these Imperial forces. They are way more advance than we have thought." One of the Retainers told to the Shogun as he glares at Tobimaro. "Where's the courage and honor of the Samurai you have?" Tobimaro shouted at the retainers. "These are the facts. We lost over 2,000 dead and over 4,000 wounded compare to the Imperial Losses." The Retainer told them. "What you purpose?" One of them asked to the Retainer.

"One thing they strive on. Battle. My point is not to fight them at all. Yes, they have an advance army. But every army has a weakness. We can set up ambushes and fight them where they can't deploy their army very effectively." the Retainer told to the council. "Those tactics are for Cowards! Not Samurai! Where is greatness of Samurai glory to die for honor?" Tobimaro told to the Retainer.

"I rather have my army which I am from Anizu. I will have my troops ready soon they finish their training. We will delay them once and for all. Prepare the troops to leave." The Retainer as the council finishes. They were about to leave the room as Tobimaro is at rage over the decision of the council.

"What nonsense is this? Leaving Osaka to the Enemy! This is dishonor." Tobimaro said. "Don't worry about it?" A voice said to him.

"Who said that?" Tobimaro asked. "Relax, I am under your wimpy dad's payroll." The voice said as Johnston comes to the picture wearing his Confederate uniform. It seems his father's client is here to discuss business with him.

"I got spies to deal with these so-called Imperials. But I can make a deal that your father have entrusted me to train the army he personal hired me to do so. I need your assistance. I will handle over the entire corps to defend your Castle. I hope these men I trained are very effective at their duty." Johnston explains to Tobimaro.

"What if they failed?" Tobimaro questioned the quality of the troops he trained. "OH that, it will be a phase that it will test how strong really are. There is a great job for you to lead a greater glory like say…Conquer the Southern States from the Yankees." Johnston told to Tobimaro.

"That explains why none of my father's troops weren't there and what's your idea about conquer your so-called Nation?" Tobimaro asked. "Oh, that. It just I have sworn revenge on the Yankees who destroyed my home to free the slaves who they were rightly ours! I was once a man of status like you, but my sister fell in love with a Yankee until he betrays her to steal our family plantation and free those damn darkies. It cost us a vast fortune." Johnston explains to Tobimaro who is shocked about his civil war story.

"You believe that Yankee is leading the Imperial forces?" Tobimaro questions since he have heard an American leading an Imperial Brigade. "Oh, yes that Yankee is the one I wanted to kill ever since. I got a spy where he is. And then I can move for the kill." Johnston said to Tobimaro.

"Are you sure about this?" Tobimaro asked to Johnston. "Yes, I will leave the corps to you while I must return back to your domain and take the army with me." Johnston said to Tobimaro. "What you mean; take your army?" Tobimaro asked wondering why he said that.

"Oh, I am sorry. I mean your family's army. I love your country how you an raise your private armies." As Johnston leaves the room until he reach outside on the snow. "My army with my confederacy gold" Johnston said as he evilly laughs.

The most of the Shogun's army have left the Castle except for Tobimaro's troops as he told the Shogun it was security reason to provide cover in case of Imperial Attack. Until it was far too late, the Imperial Army under Saigo Takamori with the famous Imperial 20th Infantry brigade led by Jackson. Even the entire army is loading up the docks, Tobimaro's forces was ready for a fight.

"Jackson-san, what you say about this?" Saigo asked Jackson. "I think we must attack now or else the war will never end. We could end this by February." Jackson told to Saigo as he left to led his brigade. The siege begins as Imperial troops attacked the castle as Shogunate troops have put up a fight as Imperial forces sweep the town by 20th Brigade.

"I want 2nd regiment take point while 1st Regiment will provide flanking protection. Is that understood?" Jackson explains to Mendo. "Yes, Jackson-san." Mendo reply as he rode on. There is firefight between Shogunate troops and 2nd regiment who are taking losses as the 1st is forming a line.

"Form as a line!" Onsen-mark shouted in order as the troops is forming in rank as Ataru is struggling to form up. "I don't want to die without a good reason." Ataru said. "Shut up! I am worry about staying alive to enjoy the fruits of youth." Megane said.

"Quiet on the ranks!" Onsen-Mark told the two. "Take Aim! Present! Fire!" Onsen –mark ordered them to support the 2nd Regiment as the Shogunate troops fell in large numbers until they are routed. The 2nd regiment pushed forward along with the 1st as until surprise fire from more additional Shogunate force.

"Huh, that's strange? Send the third and the Fourth to help them!" Jackson ordered the officers to support them. "What' going on, Jackson-san? Those men can push forward." Mendo told to Jackson. "Those Shogunate troops are too well-trained unless…Shuutaro, I want you to cheer the men and don't be on the horse. Do you understand?" Jackson asked to Mendo as he responds with yes as he left Jackson alone as he went to Saigo.

Saigo is witness the siege as Imperial troops are taking the Osaka Castle in a diffcult pace. "News to report, Jackson-san?" Sagio asked to Jackson. "I think those Shogunate's troops are well-trained compare what we faced before. Just like….." Jackson pauses which reminded of the Confederates at Fredericksburg as wave after wave of union troops are cut to pieces by Confederate artillery.

"Saigo, pull back the troops and commence the artillery attack! And just do it" Jackson exclaims to Saigo. Saigo listen to Jackson as the Imperial troops have pull out as Imperial cannons have made a short work of Shogunate troops. With the reminder of the Shogunate troops, the Imperial troops made a counter attack at the shogunate troops who fled in a routed.

The Shogun who was witnessing the routed that the troops were protecting his army which nevertheless he manage his army loaded. They sail away leaving the scattered troops behind. The remainder of the army surrenders to Imperial Forces. The losses of the Imperial Forces were moderate compare to Shogunate forces.

After the siege, the Imperial forces move out to take regions that give up without a fight. The war continue as long the Shogun maintain his large army, but his order to harass the Imperial forces ended in failure. The War will never be the same.

Author's Notes: I hope my story is going according to plan. Review if you think about my plot so far.

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