Urusei Yatsura: Gods and Generals

In the years of 1868-69, the Boshin war was beginning of end for the Shogun. Our favorite characters including OC charcters are in history of the making. It is epic story of war, love, and adventure. Will Ataru return from Boshin war to reunite with Lum? The story has been cancelled. It was originally supposed to be a three stories, but due of life events I have no choice.


4. Rifle training

As the company D has manages to catch up to reach with other companies for the regiment to get their own enfield rifles. They never had seen a rifle before which they were used to their pitchforks and farmer's tools. All of them were curious what they were.

"This is your weapon! You will need it in the heat of battle. Enfield rifles are among rifles in the world, but not better than the Springfield rifle. You will drill how to use them and how make use of them properly." Jackson explains to the recruits. "What a strange weapon? What it can do?" Megane asked as he looks at rifle with admiration. "It looks different from a samurai bow? And the matchlock?" Kosuke asked to himself.

They wanted to try them out until Wallace appeared. "Did the lads got their muskets?" Wallace asked to Jackson. "Yep, they got them this morning. Care to be their training officer?" Jackson told to Wallace who begins to love his job.

As Wallace takes the Enfield as he loads it with the miné ball and prepares to aim. With suddenly suspense, the recruits watched how he works. Then, Wallace fires the Enfield with a large bang.

"How amazing, more powerful than a matchlock?" Ataru said. That has taken interest of the regiment to know how to fire the weapon. But firearms drill will take time.

Training only lasted for 36 months for them to know to march which they managed to perfect. They have to serve 3 years in service which they have few months of firearms training to do. What it has awaited them of the embroiling conflict of Emperor and the Shogun will come.

Meanwhile in Edo, where the mighty Shogun resided in. Their army is being trained by the French, but they have other plans. "My lord, the army is being raise to handle those rebels in the Southern regions." One of the retainers said. "My lord, I have reports that the Emperor is gathering support of the southern areas. I am afraid that Kyoto is a threat to us. It is wise to send troops to keep check on the Emperor." One of the retainers said.

Suddenly appeared, Lord Mizunokoji who is most powerful daimyo who is under the Shogun's court has come for urgent matter. "My lord, I have news that the Satsuma province is rising troops by an American advisor." Mizunokoji said. "Impossible, they were supposed to have a civil war by this year?" Shogun said. "It what it seems to be I have one of the suppose Confederate hero has offer himself to train my army." Mizunokoji remarked.

But someone has entered the court as the Confederate exile has appeared before them. "It seems you have bigger problems like those Yankees, but I heard the French lost the Mexican campaign did they? I know everything about war." As he spoke with name no than, Jeff Johnston. "How you dare to barge into a meet like this! Where is your honor?" One of the Retainers shouted at Johnston.

"Relaxed, my friends. He is willing to train our army for free." Mizunokoji said to the council. "For free? I don't trust him, Mizunokoji. Your family may be influence to the Shogun, but you do irrational intentions. Can we allow this foreigner to train our troops when we have the French support? Then the American training Satsuma troops while Saigo Takamori is at Kyoto to appease the Emperor to start the rebellion." As one of the Retainers told to Mizunokoji the gravity of the situation.

The meet has turned a heated debate as Johnston watched with smirk on his face. "I didn't come here for your pitiful country. I came here for that Yankee; soon I will have my revenge what he did to my sister. But in one of those times, I will make them to make me leader to relive the Confederacy. Their army I will train will be out of action so I can use them for liberation of the South. All I have to do is to delay them and make up excuses to allow me to slip away from them. Soon, the Confederate States of America will be reborn!" As Johnston thought to himself was planning to betray them soon. All he has to do was to be patient and wait for the perfect moment to strike.

Johnston left the court of nobles arguing about the Shogun's position. "How's the spy?" Johnston told one of the Ninjas. "The spy is with the regiment in Satsuma province. But he has brought news that the American you seek for is named, Thomas Jackson." One of the Ninja told to Johnston. "Thomas Jackson? Good, get word from our spy and wait for my orders." Johnston told them.

The Ninjas left the area as Johnston watches the sea with evil grin. It was a matter of time that the revenge will be his. All he has to do is to wait for the perfect time.

Meanwhile on the training, they have line the recruits up in two man line formation which they have to deliver a volley of lead. "Present, Aim." Jackson shouted out. The rifles are lowered to aim their targets.

It was very silent for the recruits as they hold on with the rifles as the rifle butt is felt on their shoulders. They wait for their command even their officers are learning how to learn the commands effective. It is very important for the officers to do in the heat of battle.

"Fire!" Jackson shouted as Mendo translated the command. They all fire their weapons at the target which only a few are hit outside the bull's eye. "I see confederates do better than that. Try it again." Jackson comment how poor the accuracy it was. They all have to reload their rifles in which one of them has reloaded quickly than others which surprise Jackson.

Jackson comes up to the one who reloaded his rifle quickly. "I am very surprise to reload the weapon quickly." Jackson comment. Mendo has comment on Kosuke whom did a remarkable job to reload, but in the other hand. "But try to aim, by looking down on the sights. Like this." Jackson told to Kosuke to know how to aim properly.

As Kosuke aims his weapon to the target, he fires and it did hit the center of the target. "See you could do it. Now, reload." Jackson said to Kosuke as on command. "But this time, faster than what you did. A good man can fire three accurate shots in less than a minute." Jackson explaining as Kosuke reloads. It is a test for Kosuke who reload his weapon the fastest as he can.

"Now, I can motivate you to faster. When I fire this, and then go!" Jackson commented as he fired his revolver. Kosuke fires the first round, reloads faster when Jackson fires the 2nd round, almost finished to reload Jackson fires the third round, finishes as he fires the second round until he reloads, Jackson fires the 4th round as Kosuke goes even faster than what he did before, he fires the second round until Jackson fires the 5th round as Kosuke goes even faster to the point that he has made it. A minute has passed that Kosuke fires three rounds.

"Wow, I didn't know we could do that." Ataru remarked. "Beats me, how we can do that fast." Chibi said. The company was amazed by Kosuke's record. "I hope my reloading skills can help to live long." Kosuke told the others.

"As long we can move faster than the other side can. I mean, it can tough to reload these things. Much better than those guys." Kaguari remarked. "At least, we can aim properly. I rather to take my shots steady, not wasting my ammo." Megane. "Who asked you?" Ataru comment.

As they return to learn how to fire and drills to know the enfield rifles. Jackson hopes the company D can do a great job to fire and reload the rifle as training is making the recruits better for day of heat combat will come for them. Unknowingly to them, that war will never come will come to them for worse to come.

Author's Notes: I am terribly sorry for this delay. I am trying my best and I think for the best of my story to go through. But I love my story is going through. The last chapter of the training is the Bayonet training. So, don't give me that crap that in Fall of Samurai, they didn't use bayonets instead of swords which I call it bullshit (sorry about that). I have increase the army size from real life by 4 times while the death and wound rates are 8 times for artistic reason. Reviews will be nice for me to go where the plot goes.

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