Urusei Yatsura: Gods and Generals

In the years of 1868-69, the Boshin war was beginning of end for the Shogun. Our favorite characters including OC charcters are in history of the making. It is epic story of war, love, and adventure. Will Ataru return from Boshin war to reunite with Lum? The story has been cancelled. It was originally supposed to be a three stories, but due of life events I have no choice.


7. Picture Problem

In the December of 1867, the snow covers Kyoto in a wonder sight. It seems for Jackson would be enjoying Christmas, alone with Wallace. "It looks like Christmas will be lonely for us." Jackson commented.

"Why is that, lad?" Wallace responds. "Did the men are drilled today?" Jackson asked. "Well, yes in that blasted cold. I thought Scotland was colder than this. Japan has wonderful surprises, isn't it? Then yes, laddie." Wallace commented.

"Well, give them a week off." Jackson ordered to Wallace as he left the camp. It seems for the snow falls on the tents of the corps along with other troops who are loyal to the Emperor. Until a simple messenger arrive with Erik. "Oh, Jackson. I have come with message to join with Saigo in the meeting." Erik said. "My comments for the General." Jackson said to Erik and the messenger as they left his tent.

It seems for Jackson knows that boiling tension between the Shogun and the Emperor reminded of him back home when it happen. It has occurred to him so many years ago that the Southern states have left the Union all of a presidential election. The South threatens to attack the Union fort in Charleston.

When war was officially begun, Jackson joined the army in age of 18 as he was constant drilled. But those days have stuck him as he remembered. He was among of the newly fresh volunteers to put down the rebellion.

The men he joined were like him and some older than him have barely finish their training compared the Japanese he trained. What cannot noticed that he admired the Samurai who constant train their selves to fight, but somehow there are no wars to fight since the Shogun of Tokugawa has proclaimed peace for last 250 years. He hopes that the war between Emperor and the Shogun will end in bloodless result.

He has seen enough of war in his lifetime. He was in it for the money or there was something else bugging him. Why he offered the condition to command? Why he demand to lead a brigade?

Wasn't glory of command he wanted? Or he admired Confederate brigade commanders lead the brigades in battlefield exposed? He shouldn't be in the rear watching as observer?

Why he cannot do that? Why he asked himself to do what's demand he wants? Was it desire of command or to repay the loss of men in the battles of the war he fought? He will never know.

Maybe coming to Japan felt to regret by Jackson who cannot explain why he accept the job. At least he and his brigade have one more year to serve. Jackson exits his tent and walks across the camp to see various Japanese boys and men around 17-30 to do various things.

Donning his old Union Colonel uniform, he fixed his kepi along the way. Until he spotted a rowdy group is fighting over something. As Jackson sighed and walked over there and what to know what happen now who started this.

Earlier before Jackson appeared, Ataru was freezing cold in the tent. They were eating the usual rations that they give out in western armies. "Man, I am so hungry." Ataru whined. "what's wrong with the stew?" Kosuke asked.

"it just it's kinda raw for us to eat. What kind of idiot who cook this? You know, I have an idea." Ataru said. "What are you doing?" Megane asked. "Getting some noodles" Ataru says as he grabs noodles which he actually stole when on day off not mentioning girl hunting. "I want to have it with noodles." Ataru said.

"Where did you get that?" Chibi asked as Ataru poor the noodles in his bowl of the stew. "None of your business. I just happen to found it." Ataru answered. "Don't tell me you stole it?" Perm remarked.

"Yeah, so. I was tired eating the same thing. I hope this works." Ataru said as he tries it which it actually tastes good to him. "So, how did it taste?" Kosuke asked which Ataru kept eating. "Actually it tastes very good. I like to call this a beef bowl." Ataru said as he kept on eating.

"Man, I want to try it too." Chibi said. "Hey, get your own." Ataru said. They mumbled as Ataru ate his beef bowl until Megane spotted something on his pocket. "What's this?" Megane.

"Hey, give it!" Ataru yelled as he holds back by Kaguari. "Hey, Ataru has a picture of a girl. "Really?" Perm asked. They all looked at the picture with amusement. "Wow, she's a keeper all right."

"HEY, GIVE THAT BACK!" Ataru shouted as they throw the picture around. It was started to annoy Ataru very much that he is determine to get it back from them until Shuutaro appeared. "What's going on?" Mendo asked.

"Hey, sir. Look we got got! Our buddy has a picture of a girl." Perm shouted out as he hold back Ataru. "Pffh, a peasant like him would have a…" Shuutaro said as he about to grab the picture. "A oni girl? A like a daughter of Rajin." Shuutaro says with amazement.

"Hey, don't you ever think about it!" Ataru shouted. "Oh, that's worry about that, Private. If you died fighting, I will take good….care of her." Shuutaro said. "You son of a bitch!" Ataru shouted as he punched Mendo in the face.

"How dare you! Punching a Samurai in the face would result death! Prepare to die!" Mendo replies with anger which he has been insulted. He drew his katana towards Ataru which with amazing speed catches the Katana with his bare hands. "Argh, cheap ninja moves. But I wouldn't give up on my honor!" Shuutaro said. "FAT chance." Ataru said.

"ENOUGH!" Jackson shouted. They all turn around to see Jackson walking towards them. "What happen, here?" Jackson asked. That was strange for a foreigner to speak Japanese except for Ataru.

"Sir? He has insulted my honor. By Law, he must die." Shuutaro told to Jackson. "So." Jackson reply. "What you mean sir?" Shuutaro asked. "Just because your law demands his blood will make your life any better? I was from a farmer once and joined a war around your age." Jackson told to Shuutaro.

"Exactly, what happen?" Jackson asked to the group. As they stood silence as Jackson spotted the picture. "Give me that!" Jackson shouted to Shuutaro who was holding it. "Here you go, private" Jackson said to Ataru as he handed the picture back to him.

"Thanks, sir." Ataru replied. "Shuutaro, make sure you restain the men or I will lower your rank to Lt. if you do that again. Are we clear?" Jackson told to Shuutaro. "Yes. Sir." Shuutaro told to Jackson.

"Good. You all better not do that. Again!" Jackson said to them as he left the camp to the meet he is heading. After that incident, it has never occurred again. On the other hand, it has taken effect on Ataru who decided to take care of the picture of Lum.

On another peaceful winter day, Ataru just his girl hunting with no success. For another week, he has kept doing it until one day. He just had gotten bored all sudden.

Author's Notes: Sigh, I have to come up with this. I made the ideas for the battle scenes on historical battles on Fall of Samurai, but to connect the story is really hard. The second volume will deal in Battle of Anizu and Third will deal Ezo Republic Campagin. Reviews will be nice.

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