Urusei Yatsura: Gods and Generals

In the years of 1868-69, the Boshin war was beginning of end for the Shogun. Our favorite characters including OC charcters are in history of the making. It is epic story of war, love, and adventure. Will Ataru return from Boshin war to reunite with Lum? The story has been cancelled. It was originally supposed to be a three stories, but due of life events I have no choice.


6. Enter Kyoto

As the warships carrying the troops have entered the port of Osaka, Jackson sees Osaka's castle with wonder he never saw. It is very strange for him to enter the Kansai region. Their orders now are to enter Kyoto by hidden roads set up by Ishin Shishi.

He have the men to disguise as original men, but the weapons are hidden which they have to avoid detection from Shogun's guards. They manage to slip them undetected. Until they reach outskirts of the city.

"Jackson, this is Himura Kenshin. He will guide the men to Kyoto safety." Erik told Jackson as he shown a red hair samurai. "I can guide your men to safety. The Shogun has set up checkpoints in the main roads. TO avoid that, we must take secret roads used by Hattori ninjas since Sengoku Jidai." Himura Kenshin explained to Jackson whiule Erik translates to Jackson. "Thank you, Kenshin. We have to avoid any attention." Jackson said as they leave out.

"Wallace, I want the men to go without the rifles loaded, no bayonets, carry necessary equipment, stragglers will be caught, and we must march in an thirty minutes." Jackson told to Wallace as he did his orders. "Amazing is it, Jackson?" Erik asked Jackson as they see the forest around him with wonder. "Yeah, it remind of home back on Michigan. The forest looks the same like the ones on home. I wonder. Erik, stick with me. If anything go wrong, we have to fight out way out. Understood? Jackson told to Erik as he nodded.

"Man, I wanted to ask the babes in Osaka. Why we have to sneak out for?" Ataru complained. "Like what? Getting us killed?" Kosuke remarked. "I didn't ask your opinion, Kosuke. Besides, there is always Kyoto." Ataru said.

"QUIET!" Onsen Mark quietly shouted. They change their clothes to their uniforms and gather their weapons and march slipping into the roads. They are marching to Kyoto.

The entire corps is moving out into the forest which set up by Ishin Shishi. But for Jackson who sees the Kansai region with wonder. But they avoid the main roads as Shogunate forces controlled the main roads based on Himura Kenshin's information.

It has taken them for at least a week to reach Kyoto. For Ataru meant to go on girl hunting spree on his spare time. For Jackson who sees Kyoto as a city of wonder, but he has important matters to do. But someone has stopped Jackson…..

"Wait, Monsieur! I have a favor to asked!" as the Frenchman coming to him. "Who are you?" Jackson asked. "Ah, yes. My name is Michael. I am a photographer for Paris News. I am here to take photos of Kyoto. I have been here for 4 months. I came along with Military advisors. What brings you here?" Michael asked to Jackson.

"I am an advisor to Satsuma troops you see." Jackson replied. "A veteran, I see. Then you must already finish with the Civil war you Americans have. I admire those Confederates, but you union boys did the job." Michael comment. "Can, I take photos of the men you trained?" Michael asked.

"Be my guest, I have go to meet Saigo Takamori." Jackson said as he left the camp. "Merci, Monsieur." Michael thanked Jackson to take photos of the corps. Michael entered the camp to see the entire corps in their tents minding their business until upon a group.

"Man, I can't wait to see all the babes in Kyoto. I am dying for this." Ataru said. "Tell me about it, we have just arrived. I hope that a war never happens." Kosuke said. "Relax, man. I hope the Shogun will step down and hand power to the emperor and we all go home." Perm remarked.

"I hope so. I don't end up die in a field. I mean dying pointless." Kosuke. "Hey, where did Megane go?" Chibi asked. "Don't worry; he said he has errands to do." Kaguari answered. "That's funny, I have a funny feeling that Megane is up to something." Chibi said.

"Like what? He has poor eyesight or something." Ataru said. "I bet he's homesick and can't bear without his mom." Ataru said. "Ataru, you shouldn't say things like that. He may be light strange, but he's one of us." Perm said. "Pfffh, yeah right."

Outside the camp, Megane is waiting for someone or somewhat. Until a Ninja appeared to Megane without anyone looking. "Tell the boss, we have arrived in Kyoto." Megane told the Ninja with the message. The Ninja took the message to deliver it.

Soon Megane went back to the tents. It seems the Ninja travelled in great distance which delivered in series of mail routes. The Mail has reach another camp in Northern Japan in couple days later.

"Johnston-shan, we have report from our ninja spies." One of the Samurai told to Johnston. "Read it to me." Johnston said to the Samurai. "It has said, that the American has arrived in Kyoto with Corps and are join with Saigo's forces." As the Samurai read.

"What's our plan of action?" One of them asked. "Nothing, we wait." Johnston told them. "What? This is the perfect time to attack. More we wait, they become stronger." One of the younger samurai cried out. "NO, I need to know where they are going to attack. But we will to wait until the Shogun loses his power while we slip away to Satsuma to capture their naval base and leave to America." Johnston explains his plan.

"What? Where is your loyalty to the Shogun? Where is your sense of honor?" One of the older samurai said. "Honor? What is honor? Being lapdogs to that? That American Yankee destroyed my home and my family? What honor is that? Life is not fair and war don't have fair rules. Destruction will never end. I will make him pay for this. But If I conquer America with you, I will restore your shogun in power. Is that understood?" Johnston explained to them.

They just stood there being silent. "Then you are dismissed." Johnston ordered. They left the tent as Johnston sat down on his chair. "I swore the day I will have my revenge on you. Jackson." Johnston angrily smeared.

Author's Notes: I have a rough time to come up with this. But I love to do the battle scenes which they are coming up in couple of chapters. They are still in year of 1867, the real Boshin war begin on 1868, which it was I referred as Dragon Year War. Reviews will be nice, but I have the idea during my retirement to revision this story with longer and durable plot. This story for now is like the first version.

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