Urusei Yatsura: Gods and Generals

In the years of 1868-69, the Boshin war was beginning of end for the Shogun. Our favorite characters including OC charcters are in history of the making. It is epic story of war, love, and adventure. Will Ataru return from Boshin war to reunite with Lum? The story has been cancelled. It was originally supposed to be a three stories, but due of life events I have no choice.


5. Bayonet Training and shipped to War

They finished with firearms drill as they head to bayonet training. But this time, they were trained by Yari Samurai sensei who keen interested of western firearm as a spear. The bayonet drill was less labors since they have to learn basic spear techniques.

"Man, this kinda of easy for me." Ataru remarked. "Not easy as you think, we have to thrust and stab." Kosuke. "Oh, please. I think I have it worse."

"When we get fancy uniforms?" Ataru said. Meanwhile in another unit, there is a black bear unit is under bayonet training as two of them are arguing. "Why I am here in the first place?" Ryuunosuke complained since she is a only woman in the unit.

"I should stay behind and take the restaurant for once. The men are the ones are dying here." Ryuunosuke has pointed that all the women stay behind and the men do the dying. "Why, son? This is a great honor for us and with the money we save, we can rebuild our teahouse." Ryuunosuke's father comments on the drill.

The long story short, Ryuunosuke's mother died in childbirth and her father wanted a son, so he conditions her to be a boy. He brainwashed and lies to his daughter in the outside world. They tried to open the teahouse, but it wasn't successful to say that every fight has destroyed it.

Now, the westernization has brought them opportunities which none affect them. When the Mendo clan offered opportunity to join the army for pay. They have put up in the harsh military training by Wallace himself to push the newly recruits of the Black Bears regiment for the upcoming battles to come.

Nothing has come for them to last for training which they have three year service which means they are stuck together for a long time with endless arguing which dub them as, "Angry Bears". It has been a long training for them which it has taken at least year to know the basics.

The training was in fact lasted for at least a year that lasted in 1866 to 1867. The Satsuma troops were nothing from ragtag corps into a well-trained force. The uniform was drastically changed from recruiter's hats was.

Not only that, the Shogun has French advisors, but somehow a confederate exile wiggle his way into power to train an elite corps. But he have hand-picked the men who are loyal to him. He requested to train 100,000 men to put down rebellions for the Shogun.

The Confederate exile was given force of 100,000 in the Northern areas which he train them, but he decided to create his own version of Confederate army to recapture the South after he claimed the North cheated them out of victory. However, He slowly brainwashed the army which he was supposed to trained is his own personal army.

In Satsuma, Jackson was very proud of the brigade is much drilled and very taught in basics of modern warfare. They can move in columns and form a line in heat of battle. Amazing, he has seen how the young boys and young men are trained to fire and reload properly.

The best results were D Company, once it was lagging behind until it has produced amazing results. Especially Ataru who was once the trouble of the company into a simple soldier, but immature he is. The other men with Ataru are fine with him.

But Jackson comments that how Ataru mocks Mendo who is their regiment commander ended up their silly antics. It has never stop amazing Jackson as how Ataru can stop the blade with his bare hands. Wallace also he likes the men as they were like sons to him, but he shaped them up for the upcoming battles.

There were simple farmers and transform into soldiers as Jackson comment it remind how Roman Republic's Poor into well trained legionnaires. In the short run, they expect no war will occur. But Jackson in the other hand knew there is a conflict going between the Emperor and the Shogun. He guessed it corrected.

In Kyoto, the Emperor is discussing plans for revival of throne from the Shogunate. Saigo Takomori was there. "My lord, I have reports of one of my corps commander have finished their training." Saigo told to the Emperor Meji. "Good, I am very pleased that the southern areas are supporting true rulers of Japan. But I do worry about the Shogun's reaction of mine actions. I fear a civil war which it has not occurred 200 years will tear the country." Emperor Meji reply to Saigo.

"But My emperor, you are the true of ruler. The Shogun has failed to expel the foreigners even we have use them to drive out the Shogun. Then what?" Saigo worried. "What we got to lose?" Emperor Meji told to Saigo. The Emperor is gathering allies to take on the Shogun who proved to be a threat to Japan itself.

A rider comes to the training camp. "News from Kyoto" Rider told to one of the men who were awake in the sunset. This happens to be Ataru who comes up the tent of Jackson.

"Hey, dude." Ataru shouted as he sees Jackson asleep. "Dude, wake up. We got mailed. CAN YOU WAKE UP!" Ataru shouted as Jackson panicky woked. "Not so loud! What you want?" Jackson asked to Ataru why he wakes him up in the first place.

"I think we got mailed for us. I was going to read it, but…" Ataru was about to say until Jackson grabs it and sees it. "I think I take this to General Mendo himself." Jackson told to Ataru. When he is about to leave until…

"Hey, when our part of the deal ends?" Ataru said. "Oh, that. Well, Here. Keep to yourself." Jackson told to Ataru as he gives the picture contain Lum back. "She must be very lucky to have you. Don't remember." Jackson said as he leaves.

At General Mendo's tent, Jackson gives Mendo's father the letter which he took it. As he read it, a smile came to him. "We are leaving to Kyoto, Jackson-san." Mendo's father said to Jackson. "Frankly, the men are ready. But I was worried how things for the Emperor?" Jackson asked to Mendo's father.

"Sigh, I was hoping we can finish training for the rest of the corps in Kyoto. That brigade you trained has taught our newly trained officers to build our corps. When do we leave?" Mendo's father asked assume how they do when they march in his time. "I think we leave at sun rise. They need to get their sleep." Jackson has told Mendo's Father that the army needs their sleep for the big day.

When they announce they are going to Kyoto, they cheered to go to Emperor's Capital which excites Ataru the most. They break up camp which they did it without avail as the real deal came when they form up into columns with new uniforms. "Everything ready, Wallace?" Jackson asked to Wallace.

"There is nothing like a good day to march, sir. Aright, Forward! March!" Wallace shouted as the entire corps marched out as their officers commanded. They march in the countryside to reach the port to reach Kyoto by sea. When they got on the ships, they see marvels of modern naval fleet and never saw the sea before with amazing.

Simply, it was only the beginning of adventure of a lifetime for them to enter a world different from Satsuma province. Meanwhile on the home of Moroboshi, the family was eating their usual dinner except Ataru is not there. "Man, I am so glad he is not here to enjoy it." Ten commented how peaceful dinner was.

But the only one was not happy was Lum who stare into the night sky on the roof of the house until Ten came. "Lum-chan, what's wrong?" Ten asked to Lum. "Oh, nothing Ten." Lum reply. "Are you thinking of that moron. Forget it, he might dead or desert to leave you anyways." Ten rudely.

"Ten, how times I have to tell you, don't call him a moron!" Lum angrily shouted Ten. "But he is, all he does treat you like crap and doesn't give a damn to anybody. I bet he is Kyoto chasing Skirts by now." Ten said which it has made things worse. "Just…..Leave me alone. Ten." Lum answered as she flew away. "LUM-CHAN, Wait I'm sorry what I said." Ten shouted out.

"What I do to deserved this?" Ten questioned to himself. Lum has gone to continue the nightsky crying. "Remember me." Lum said as she continues the night sky. Meanwhile on the ships to reach the main Island of Japan, Ataru stared at the night sky hold the picture of Lum.

"Worry about her?" Jackson told to Ataru. "So, you love her?" Jackson asked to Ataru. "No, of course not it just she just barge herself into this." Ataru said as he denied it. "Don't be a fool, I remember if you denied yourself about fall in love with someone meant you are not worthy to her. Why is that?" Jackson asked to wonder why.

"You just don't understand what I been though. My life has been chaotic and hell for me. You have no idea what I been though." Ataru reply to Jackson. "Ataru, I have been in a war once. Believe it was truly hell on earth. Four years was terrible. More terrible than what you imagine war will look like." Jackson told to Ataru how the Civil war was to Jackson.

"But I did fall in love once. But she died in the horrors of the war I been though." Jackson remarked. "How you meet her?" Ataru curious asked. "She traveled to the North once and entered to my life when I was your age. She was from Georgia and her father was a lawyer and a slaveholder. She didn't believe in slavery like I did." Jackson told to Ataru.

"Then what happen to her?" Ataru asked again. "She just died during the war." Jackson comment. Ataru stared at Jackson's eye which has tears in them. "Now, get to bed. I won't punished you for staying awake, you going to need that sleep." Jackson ordered to Ataru. "Fine, sir." Ataru grudge reply.

Author's Notes: I have official announcement to make. I will create three volumes of the Boshin war of Urusei Yatsura and will be the final Urusei Yatsura fanfic. It just I grew basic tired of it. But it will not be final fanfic I do. I have final work which it is a working process, but I will finish uncompleted fanfics after this one. But no worries, I have official retire from this because I have official run out of ideas. Reviews will be nice and enjoy that review even they will claim this story will suck. I have a hard time to bring an idea out. It just that gaming multiplayer which it is draining my time to write this story and not giving me ideas at all. I have a very hard time to get those chapters out. So, just enjoy the story. And Make sure to review.

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