Urusei Yatsura: Gods and Generals

In the years of 1868-69, the Boshin war was beginning of end for the Shogun. Our favorite characters including OC charcters are in history of the making. It is epic story of war, love, and adventure. Will Ataru return from Boshin war to reunite with Lum? The story has been cancelled. It was originally supposed to be a three stories, but due of life events I have no choice.


13. Battle of Ueno

On the day before battle, it was confirmed that the Shogun have resign his position which anger his own court. It was in July 3, and Jackson remembered how Gettysburg was to him when he was there when the Confederates charge at the center.

It seems that the day before battle is a perfect time for Jackson to make the speech for his brigade. He tells young Shuutaro Mendo to call up the Brigade which the bugler is up for the Brigade. The brigade's number is around 868 men which is good numbered for the 20th Brigade.

"20th Brigade, I am proud to raise and train you under my command. You are newly trained citizen-soldiers. It seems your ancestors I have learn they were nothing as cannon-fodder. Not always it seems that there are some who rose in the ranks of Samurai. In this army, you can earn your merits. You are already won this war. But those who wanted retain their position by supporting the Shogun despite his retirement. In this new era for your country you earn. Tomorrow, my country celebrates our independence day. It's the day my ancestors have fought and died to defend those rights. Tomorrow, you will earn your freedom. In the Satsuma army, you are the 20th Brigade. In the Imperial Army, YOU ARE THE 20th Brigade. YOU ARE THE 20th Brigade. You will earn the reputation and become heroes in your war of the Dragon. May your ancestors bring you honor. I hope you can lead hopeful and meaning lives after this war. I know you are all non-christens, but no matter we are all united. Godspeed to all!" Jackson remarked to the Brigade.

The first one who cheered him was Ataru as others followed that they called them, "Jackson-Sama!" Jackson rode out as they continue cheer on with high hopes that they can survive this war. He never felt like this before.

It seems he feels God is directing him to lead them to victory they rightful owns. After the speech was over, they were at ease as it has given them a morale boost as they went back to their tents. In that night, Jackson enters Saigo's tent for the battle plan.

"The Shogun has retired to the Temple in Ueno. He has assembled a force around 8,000 men and more waiting that this castle. I have sent a force to handle the castle. The main plan is to launch a frontal assault. But Jackson-san has proposed to attack them here. What exactly is your plan to attack them?" Saigo asks to Jackson.

"It's simple. You will attack them at the frontal where they will be expecting. However, they are only focus on the front and not in the rear. I will not attack alone with my brigade. I suggest you send some brigades to give us support. I have seen this tactic before….." Jackson continues how the plan should go.

Until daybreak, he tells Shuutaro to wake up the Brigade and forced march around the Ueno. Jackson goes to his tent and takes his flag from home as placed on his horse. It seems the American leading Japanese Brigade is unthinkable for him to carry his own flag.

Soon, they march up as the thick forest is covering the pathways which they don't know. They hired a strange white-haired person to be their guide from the nearby villages. "So, you hired me because….." the white-haired person asks.

"Guide us to this area. We need to know where to go to." Jackson asks the person. "Ok, you should stay with me the whole time." He told Jackson as they follow him.

It wasn't so hard for the brigade to march in the thick forest as Saigo readies his men to launch his attack. He committed his artillery to bombard Shogunate's forces. They pushed the Shogunate's forces back until they were halted.

Meanwhile, Jackson's brigade arrives on time and heard the noise of the battle up ahead. He halts the Brigade to rest for a moment which confuses some of the troops. "What's going on?" Ataru said.

"Shut up! Already, you are giving away our position." Megane scolding. "Quiet on the ranks!" Onsen-Mark told them.

They just shut their mouths for now. Jackson surveys his brigade and heads out to see various Shogunate units are preparing to defend their position. He heads back to the brigade.

"Shuutaro." Jackson asks to Shuutaro. "What it is Jackson-sama or that's what's the men call you?" Shuutaro says with hint of jealousy.

"Prepare the men. Prepare to launch the assault. Fix bayonets." Jackson told to Shuutaro.

Shuutaro just left to tell the brigade their orders are and the brigade did in excellent time. The regiments formed up and the brigade forms up. "My men are ready to attack. I am waiting if you're in trouble. I have seen Confederates used this tactic before on battle of Chancellorsville. It has routed an entire corps of my fellow comrades. It will work." Jackson's speech in his flashback with Saigo on the night before.

The brigade moves up in the thick forest. They march slowly in the forest to prevent the animals startled. They continue to march until they were in the clear they double quick in a success pace.

Shogunate reserve troops are waiting for orders don't know the impeding danger lays behind them. The brigade makes no effort to give away their position and form as a line as they reach firing range against the Shogunate reserve troops including a Parrott battery.

Saigo's forces are making slow, successful assault. It seems the odds are against them it wasn't til the 20th brigade open fire at the Shogunate troops who were surprised by the attack as the 20th brigade bayonet charged at the shogunate as they were routed from the field and gotten caught in middle of Saigo's forces in the crossfire.

As the retired Shogun witness the battle on the temple with all hope he has faded as Imperial forces have won the war. It seems he have failed his ancestor to uphold the shogun's duty to hold Japan together. Now, it is over for him except his followers who will fight for him to the death.

Author's notes: I am almost finish with the story. It seems I am doing a revamped verison of this. You could say the draft.

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