Urusei Yatsura: Gods and Generals

In the years of 1868-69, the Boshin war was beginning of end for the Shogun. Our favorite characters including OC charcters are in history of the making. It is epic story of war, love, and adventure. Will Ataru return from Boshin war to reunite with Lum? The story has been cancelled. It was originally supposed to be a three stories, but due of life events I have no choice.


9. Battle of Toba-Fushimi

The Emperor has decree that the Shogun's rule was invaild. But the Shogun was willing not giving up his rightful rule over Japan as he moves his army of 60,000 men to Kyoto. However, the Imperial faction's army was force of 20,000 men is outside the gates of Kyoto which they are preparing to face them in the first battle.

In January 27, 1868 the Armies of Shogun and the Emperor are about to take the collision course. In the area of Toba-Fushimi, the Shogun's army is moving as the Imperial army has arrive with latest firearms and cannons while the Shogun was mixed of modern and traditional units. When Jackson heard the news, he gathers his brigade to defend the eastern bridge.

"I want 1st regiment in the front while 2nd on the left flank to safeguard the 1st's left flank. I want the 3rd and 4th regiments in reserve." Jackson calls out. "Mister Jackson, what we do? When we attack?" Shuutaro asked who wanted the action now. "Easy, it's good to be dandy up, but discipline wins the day. I want to you to keep a sharp eye on your regiment. Is that understood?" Jackson asked to Shuutaro.

Shuutaro went back to his regiment where Ataru and the Others are uneasy about the upcoming battle. "Oh, man why it has to come to this?" Megane asked. "I bet they run and let us go home." Ataru smirked until cannon fire. "This is it, boys." Jackson calls out. A wave of 15,000 shogunate troops are attack in three sides as a force of 3,000 are heading to the brigade.

"At the range of 125 yards, wait for your orders." Jackson shouted out. The 3,000 shogunate troops are heading towards the brigade mixed with Samurai, levy, and infantry which they never seen in large numbers. They came in range of 125 yards, the first two regiments fire in their two man line formations have pour lead on shogunate troops with devastating results. They reload, fire, reload, and fire as the Shogunate samurai units are getting closer until they routed until Shogunate line infantry form a line.

"Reload! Don't waste your shot on those samurai, aim at their line infantry." Jackson call out as Shogunate line infantry fire which several men on the two regiments fell to the ground. Somehow it horrify Ataru as he sees about 18 men are hit to the ground wounded or dead. "Reload!" Shuutaro shouted in order. Ataru reloads his weapon as the others did. They weren't preparing for this despite of training.

"Take aim! Present! FIRE!" Jackson shouts as the men take aim and fire at the Shogunate infantry as they lost more men as both sides took each other damage until the Shogunate's line infantry broke. "Jackson-san, we should charge when they run!" Shuutaro said to Jackson.

"No, they will bring more. If we move now, then we have bigger problems. Now then, I want you to move 3rd to cover 1st's right flank and put the 4th in reserve. We can get them in three sides." Jackson said as he sees more Shogunate forces are coming in greater numbers as second wave numbered around 20,000 along from 1st wave who regroup.

"They just keep coming!" One of the older soldiers cried out. As the Second wave came in wave about 15,000 line infantry in column have open fire on the two man line which fell as the cherry blossoms. It was war all right to the eyes of those eyewittness first hand as men on the ground are screaming in pain and dying. But Jackson stood still as it remind in battle of Bull Run has affect him which how the Confederates defend and won against all odds. The Satsuma troops fire and reload as the other side it, but the troops Jackson trained were very good than the Shogunate troops.

Ataru reloads his weapon jerky until he drop a mine ball on the ground as the bullet flew over his paper hat. Now, he begins to regret to join the army, "I don't die here in this place!" Ataru shouted out. He sees the non-infantry samurai are charging towards the regiment. "Suppression FIRE!" Jackson shouted out as the regiment fired at the Samurai in large numbers. Second wave left and reform along new fresh troops to form the third wave.

This time, the numbers of the Third wave is around 32,000 men. The number of Regiment where Ataru belongs are numbered around less than 150 men and standing with the dead and the wounded in agony. A rider comes to Jackson, "Jackson-san! I brought news that the Shogunate troops are beaten in all fronts, but they keep coming back." As rider said to Jackson.

"I want you to tell the General I am ordering the Bayonet charge which I hope it will drive them back. Make sure I want cannon support on our charge. Is that understood?" Jackson explains to the plan. 'But the Lord ordered everyone to stay on defense position. I can't…." Rider worried replies. "Just do it!" Jackson shouted at the Rider.

The rider rode out with the message as Jackson rode around the brigade. "20th Brigade! Send the 3rd and the 4th to join the 1st and the 2nd regiments to form a line. Fixed Bayonets! When they come in 125 yards! When you run out of ammo! We will charge! I have discovered the secret to our victory! I witness it first hand in battle. The Confederates have their Yell! Soon, you will yell like Onis of your tales!" Jackson rallied the Brigade as they quickly form as a line about a force of 790 men.

The Shogunate troops attack them as they fire at will. Several minutes have pass as men on both sides are falling like leaves on the tree of the Autumn season. When the 20th Brigade has run out of ammo until Jackson ordered the Charge. They charge into the Shogunate troops with yell as the Shogunate were surprise by this. The Satsuma armstrong cannons have rip the Shogunate units to shreds.

As Saigo is witnessing what he is seeing, "Is he attacking with less than 800 men?" It seems Jackson ordered the charge with amazing speed. "But the enemy flees from the bayonets? No matter! Counter Attack!" Saigo ordered to all his officers. The Shogun's forces were routed as Satsuma troops have won the day.

The Emperor has sent more troops to support Saigo's forces. At the battle present were only 10,000 Satsuma troops holding against force of 60,000 Shogunate troops. Another 10,000 have arrived to aid the Satsuma troops for another day of combat. The cost of lives were 1,425 Shogunate troops have lost while Satsuma lost 305 lives. The wounded of the day were 620 Satsuma lives and 2,000 Shogunate troops.

The next day have come as two forces were ready for battle plus battered units of the one who fought yesterday before. Jackson forms his brigade to face the Shogunate troops once more. They form up in their ranks to pour lead on the Shogunate troops. "Steady, aim, fire!" Jackson ordered the Regiments as they open fire.

The Shogunate did once as they did, but poor results do of lack of training. Until they brought up the Elite Shin-sen-gumi who went up against Jackson's Brigade. The results between them were horrible as Shin-sen-gumi have better aiming skills than their brethren's, but artillery support have force them to leave.

The battle went on for hours as until the Shogunate forces were routed which they lost the will to fight. It was a great victory for the Imperial forces. But the results of bloodshed was that the Shogun has lost 2,280 dead and 4,880 wounded while the Imperial forces lost 768 dead and 1,840 wounded. Now, it is time to pick up the dead and bury them.

Jackson walks on the aftermath of the Battlefield along with Shuutaro and Wallace. "It seems we pay a high price for victory." Jackson said as Shuutaro speak up. "General Jackson, we won today for the Emperor! Why you aren't you glad?" which it puzzled him. "I shouldn't be here. Why?" Jackson was sadden in grief. Normally it went prefect, but the lives he command were 58 dead and 156 wounded was the price of having a command. He sees young shogunate men young as 17 like his men on his regiments.

"Are you ok, laddie?" Wallace asked Jackson. "Maybe I should have died in Bull Run. I lived while brave men died for what?" Jackson answered. As Jackson walks around with them until he witness one of men are picking up the dead which it was Ataru. "Why I have to do this job? Maybe the Colonel should do this stink job." Ataru complained as he faced Jackson. "Sir! I did…." Ataru stood as he was statue to Jackson. "You can leave now." Jackson said to Ataru. "What? Sir?" Ataru questioned. "How's your first battle?" Jackson asked to Ataru.

"Sir, I did what I have to do. But there are times I want to run for my life." Ataru answered. "You miserable peasant! Why run away from our victory!" Shuutaro drew his katana. "Put that sword down! Right now!" Jackson ordered Shuutaro to put his Katana away.

"I see much worse in my last war. Compare to what? Shiloh, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, Vicksburg, Atlanta, and the Carolinas. I seen much death and destruction. You are relieved, private. Spent the night as a man before we move out. Also you are getting your uniforms by the morning. " Jackson said. Ataru left the scene.

Soon he left the battlefield, he went to the city of Kyoto for girlhunting. But the strange part was he didn't do much to girlhunt. He just walks around to eat certain food and sightseeing. "I wish Lum was here. Wait! What I am doing? Why I want her here besides she will probably fry for…." Ataru said as he looks at a night sky. "Lum, I hope you are alright. It just I beginning to regret to join the army." Ataru said as he went back to the camp.

He just went to his tent as every guy was cheering and partying for the victory they won today. Ataru just didn't join their little party. He just lay down on his tent floor as he stares at the tent. Until a paper and a pen were there, he grabs it and writes something. He stops, but he grabs the picture that Lum gave him and starts writing; "Dear Lum, You were right. But the battle I fought today was horrify. Men were dying and screaming in pain. I never felt so scared of my life. I followed orders and I didn't stab no one despite shooting at him. I feel hurt on the inside. Why I join the army to die on battlefield? When I was on the battlefield, I felt lonely without you. I hope the war will be over soon as possible. May my parent take care of you. Now, I heard we are marching to Osaka Castle. Plus we are getting new uniforms. May the gods spare me from death. From Ataru." As he finished his letter.

He sneaks out of camp to deliver to a mail post which travel to nearest railroad which carried to a port and the mail got on the ship to Satsuma province.

Author's Notes: WOW, I am done with the Battle chapter. I am going to write about the Osaka Siege and the Battle of Ueno. Review this how it is going.

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