Urusei Yatsura: Gods and Generals

In the years of 1868-69, the Boshin war was beginning of end for the Shogun. Our favorite characters including OC charcters are in history of the making. It is epic story of war, love, and adventure. Will Ataru return from Boshin war to reunite with Lum? The story has been cancelled. It was originally supposed to be a three stories, but due of life events I have no choice.


14. Aftermath

After the battle of Ueno, the Imperial forces suffer heavy losses around 6,390 men due of Saigo's frontal assault but Jackson's attack was a successful that forces the entire Shogunate forces to surrender to the Imperial forces.

It was a great victory for the Imperial army for the Emperor. Ueno gave away the power which Saigo and Jackson with remainder of their force to Shogunate's last garrison forces in the castle. In few days later, they surrendered to the Imperial Forces.

All hope is lost for the Shogunate forces. Except for the Anizu Supporter, most of the Shogun's followers fled away and meanwhile in Mizunokoji's lands. The Gray clad army under Johnston is indeed ready for action, but little touches to be made.

"The Shogun has lost Edo? What have happen? Can we reclaim the Shogun from the Imperials?" Mizunokoji Damayio wonders.

"This the time to attack the Imperials. Our Adviser is delaying the army for no good reason!" Tobimaro said.

"But I do hear that one of shogun's supporters you know him. He has a plan to form a Republic with our French Advisers. And he has purpose if he is defeated, then we have no choice to talk with Imperial court to allow us to live our way of life in the Republic." His father responds to his answer.

"A republic?" a voice shouted out which surprises the nobles. Johnston overheard what they were saying.

"It seems you need help to build your Republic? What if the Imperials don't want you to live in peace? Like those Yankees done to my country?" Johnston told to them.

"What you mean? If we offer peace, then they can agree to this. We can be allow to live what we want to be." His father reponds.

"What's happening, dear?" A soft voice is heard. It was the matriarch of the Mizunokoji, she is a true noble blood while her husband was a lowly samurai.

"Dear, our army is ready to go. But there is no battle? There is something that Johnston-san is up to something?" Tobimaro's mother asks to Johnston.

"You're right about one thing. The thing is…" Johnston explains until 100 grey clad kepi soldiers came in and surround them.

"They only obey to me" Johnston replied to them. "What is this?" Tobimaro's mother asked.

"You foolish woman! You think you're going to wreck my plans? I am take this army to retake what's rightly mine!" Johnston shouts.

They aimed at the three Mizunokoji family members until a loud crash that they forgotten was Asuka. "What's going…." Asuka stops as they turn around. "EEK! MEN!" Asuka says as she beat up the soldiers with no effort.

"ENOUGH!" Johnston shouts out while holding Tobimaro with revolver on his head. "Why I didn't see her before?"

"Oh, I told every male staff to stay away from her room. She hasn't seen a man for years. It's part of our tradition. Except one flaw." Mrs. Mizunokoji said

"Which is…." Johnston asks. "She is very confused about brothers. She thinks that brothers are lovers. Mess up isn't it? I tried to fixed it, but with no avail." Mrs. Mizunokoji said.

"Why you are hurting big brother?" Asuka shouting to Johnston as he is holding at gunpoint. "Tell her to give up or I shoot this bastard at point blank range." Johnston shouts as he crocks the revolver.

"Asuka! Calm down, we can help you to regain our tradition." Her mother told her. "But mother, I want big brother and to be with him." Asuka told to her mother. "How dare you defied that? It's against our tradition? Do you want him to die?" Her mother angry shouts at her.

Asuka looks at Tobimaro with dispair as Johnston is holding him. "You got 10 seconds to decide his life." Johnston told to Asuka.

She didn't like it and gives up soon as more gray troops arrive to hold the family hostage. "You will do exactly I say. Your Republic is mine. I will use your navy to take the entire army to invade the US and make the Confederacy reborn! I was going to reward you when I finish the job, but you care about your shogun crap. I am going to find that Yankee first and kill him. Then as the first President of reborn Confederacy, I will gain support of the world to allow the new nation that will rival the North forever." Johnston explains his plan.

"You were using us for your plan? What about our deal?" Tobimaro shouted.

"I decided to break that deal after the Osaka Castle. You allow the Yankees on your shores were the worst mistake ever. Allow open your doors to the Yankee was the cause of the Imperial war. You, shogun's followers are the biggest fools I have ever seen. Private armies? Hah, I used to own at least 100 slaves and commanded a brigade hotshot. I personally killed hundreds of Yankees with every weapon available to me. But Georgia I lived, my home was destroyed and my sister was killed by that Yankee is leading the 20th Imperial Brigade. I desire revenge against him. Soon, I will find him and killed him. Take them away!" Johnston said to the family.

The grey troops take the family away. As Johnston steps in the baloney to see the night sky. The moment was right for him.

"Soon, they will embark soon. I will join them and take their government. We will sail to take back the Confederacy, but first I want the Yankee's head on my trophy wall." Johnston manically laughs.

"Oh, Jackson, this is only the beginning. I will make you pay what you done to my sister. You betray her. And I will avenge for her." Johnston swore.

Author's notes: This is the last chapter for the story. I am doing a last of the stories I am currently suppose to do. During the Fall Semster, the second volume will be more focus on Lum than the war because it will take place during Battle of Anizu. In the Third Volume, it will be the final volume as waning days of the Boshin war begins. I have announced to do a Lord of the Rings Parody with Pokemon Adventures characters. The casting is really the hard part to do. Anyways, reviews how this is going.

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