No One To Trust * A Louis Fan Fic* (Finished)

A girl named Cameron had awful parents that had been to prison more then once. Her friends all left her because they thought she wasn't cool enough for them. Cameron tried to trust people but every time she did they would only let her down. Will she ever be able to trust some one again? Or will she live her life hiding in a corner in her room trying to cry away her pain? Will her parents ever care about her? Or will they continue to ignore her and beat her? Please read to find out!!!!


11. Trapped



                Cameron's P.O.V.


                                 He took me out to his car and drove us back to his house. Once we got there he picked me up and tossed me over his shoulder like I was a sack of potatoes. "Put me down"! I shouted as I weakly punch his back. "Now if I did that you might run off". He said. I was still crying. He took me inside and put me in some old gray room. "I set the room up for you". He said with a smirk. It was a small gray room with a hard concrete floor with nothing but a blanket a small pillow and a chain. Just then I new he was going to chain me up. He set me down and grabbed the chain. He locked the cold metal cylinder on the top of the chain to my right ankle. " Why are you doing this"? I asked. " Because your MY girl. Your not aloud to love anyone else but me! You can't kiss another boy, you can't date another boy, and you will never love another boy but me! if you ever even talk to another boy that boy will die". He demanded with anger clear in his voice. He walked out and I was left alone chained up in the cold concrete nightmare of a room. A while later I heard voices. I couldn't make out what they were saying. I sat there a while listening to distant mumbles. All the sudden I saw the door open. I flinched and curled up in a corner. I looked up to see who it was. It was Daxton and his friends.  I tried to shrink up and be as small as I could. "Come here babe". Daxton said. I shook my head no. He walked over to me. He put his head next to my ear. "Don't tell me no". He whispered to me firmly. I stood up. " Babe this is Dayton and Josh". He said putting his arm around my waist again. "Hey girl". Josh said walking over to me. He leaned over to kiss me. "Back off man"! Daxton said pushing him away before he could kiss me, and for once I was happy about something Daxton did. Dayton walked over. "Hey". He said holding out his hand for a hand shake. I didn't do anything to respond. He pulled his hand away sort of confused. Dayton had brown hair that was spiked up and he had green eyes. Josh had black hair that was up in a Mohawk with purple highlights. And then of course Daxton with his dark brown hair that was spiked up like Dayton's and brown eyes. "Guys this is my girl, Camy".  Daxton said with pride in his voice. "She's a hotty that's for sure". Dayton said. I had a feeling that these boys were just like Daxton. "Ya she is, that's why she's mine". Daxton said. I moved a bit and the chain rattled. "Keep her chained up huh? Smart move". Josh said. " Hey babe the boys and I are gonna go out steeling tonight and you get to come with us". Daxton said. I flinched and tensed up. "Why so tense babe"? He asked. "First you make me break up with Louis, then chain me up, then your going to make me break the law that's what's wrong Daxton"! I yelled at him with a burst on confidence. I punched him in the cheek as hard as I could. I slowly backed way after I realized what I just did. "Oooohhh". Josh and Dayton said. Daxton looked at me with anger. He grabbed my wrists as tight as he could and pulled me closer to him. "You know I don't like it when girls don't cooperate"! He said strictly and firmly. "I'm sorry". I said looking at the floor. "Look at me". He said. I looked up at him, he looked me in the eyes and leaned in and kissed me. He pulled away and smirked. I tried to free myself of his strong grip on my wrists but he was too strong. He pushed me away and I slammed into the wall. I fell to the floor and put my head in my knee's and cried. All of the boys laughed and walked out of the room locking the door behind them. I sat there crying. I felt a pain in my head. I put my hand on my head and saw it was bleeding. When I slammed against the wall it must have hurt my head even more from the car accident.

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