No One To Trust * A Louis Fan Fic* (Finished)

A girl named Cameron had awful parents that had been to prison more then once. Her friends all left her because they thought she wasn't cool enough for them. Cameron tried to trust people but every time she did they would only let her down. Will she ever be able to trust some one again? Or will she live her life hiding in a corner in her room trying to cry away her pain? Will her parents ever care about her? Or will they continue to ignore her and beat her? Please read to find out!!!!


15. Run free



                    Cameron's P.O.V.


                              I sat in the trunk crying. I was in so much pain. I felt my eye swell into a black eye. I felt the throbbing of the bruises on my back and my stomach and my leg. I could here them talking in the car. "Go easier on her it's not easy, ok"? I heard Emily say. "Don't tell me what to do". Daxton said. "She has to learn to listen to me or else that's what's going to happen to her". Daxton said. "Just ease up on her a bit". She replied. "I said don't tell me what to do"! Daxton said. "Ouch"! Emily said. I was worried what he did to her. I heard a bit of a thump and then I heard crying. Then I was really worried. The car came to a stop and I rolled around a bit. The trunk opened up and Daxton tolled me to get out. "Stay away from him and that shouldn't happen again". Daxton said strictly. Emily got out of the car. Her lip was bleeding and swelling and she had an awful cut on her forehead. She was crying in pain and she limped behind Daxton and I. I left Daxton's side to help Emily. She put her arm around my shoulder and I helped her walk into the house. I haven't known her for long but she was already like a sister to me. All the boys walked in the house and me and Emily went in last sense we were both beat up pretty bad. Daxton opened up the door to the awful gray room. Daxton put the chain on my ankle and Emily was chained up also. "Emily your going to stay here for the night". Zack tolled her. Daxton walked over to me. "Hey, I don't care how much you love that Louis kid, stay away from him"! Daxton said firmly and strictly. He leaned in and gave me a long kiss. "Love you Boobear". He said. The boys walked out of the room. Me and Emily sat there and talked and cried. We looked at each others bruises and cuts and we were able to help each other out. She fell asleep on my shoulder and it made me laugh because she talks in her sleep. She kept mumbling about random things. After a while I fell asleep also.




                                                                  (next day)


                Cameron's P.O.V.


                            I woke up and looked around. Emily was still sleep on my shoulder. I got up, gently putting Emily's head on the floor. I looked out the small window in the door of our room. I looked out and saw all the boys asleep. I instantly got a plan. I ran of to Emily trying not to make to much noise with the rattling of the chain. "Emily, Emily get up". I whispered shaking her awake. "Emily, you want to get out right"? I asked her. "Of course". She said. "Then give me one of your hair clips". I said holding out my hand. She had a couple bobby pins in her pony tail. She handed me her clips and I quickly unlocked the chains on our ankles. "How did you do that so fast"? She asked. "When your parents lock you in your room for days you pick up a couple things". I said with a smile. We stood up and ran to the door. I unlocked the door and we snuck out of the awful dull room. "Run"! I whispered. We headed for the door and Emily ran when the door was open. Before I ran out with her I turned around to make sure The boys were still sleeping. I turned around Daxton was standing right there in front of me! "Going some were babe"? He asked with a smirk. I started crying. I was so close to being able to go back to Louis. Emily walked back in. "Come on we have to go". She said. Then she looked up and saw Daxton. She froze in fear. "Emily run"! I yelled. We both ran out the door but Before I got to far Daxton grabbed my wrist. "Keep running Emily I can take care of myself"! I yelled when she turned around to look at me. She kept on running. "Babe, your not leaving me again". He said grabbed both my wrists. I couldn't help but cry. "You really want to escape that much"? He asked with sympathy in his voice. I nodded my head yes. "Ok, you can go". He said with sincerity in his voice. I thought he was joking. "Is you think I'm kidding think again". He said. I couldn't believe he was letting me go! "Really"? I asked him. "Look I'm sorry ok just get out of here before the boys wake up". He said. I couldn't believe I was doing this but I hugged him. I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and ran. I was so excited I could go back to Louis. I was finally able to run free.









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