No One To Trust * A Louis Fan Fic* (Finished)

A girl named Cameron had awful parents that had been to prison more then once. Her friends all left her because they thought she wasn't cool enough for them. Cameron tried to trust people but every time she did they would only let her down. Will she ever be able to trust some one again? Or will she live her life hiding in a corner in her room trying to cry away her pain? Will her parents ever care about her? Or will they continue to ignore her and beat her? Please read to find out!!!!


1. Meeting Louis



              Cameron's P.O.V.


                          I am 18 years old blonde hair and blue eyes. My hair is a little longer then my shoulders and is usually pulled into a pony tail. My arms are spotted with bruises and my stomach is the same but a little worse. My legs have scars from being broken so much. I'm about normal height and I'm super skinny from very little food. I quite school because I only got hurt more. I mostly live on the streets and I hide from my parents. My parents beat me almost every time they see me. They don't want me they never have I was born on accident. I don't hate myself but I hate my life.  I was walking down the street when I saw my old friends Cambree and Annabell. The poor little baby still hiding from the people she calls parents. Cambree said mocking me. I'm not a baby and I'm not hiding. I replied weakly. Oh sure and I'm Harry Styles girl friend. She said laughing. Have fun finding food in the trash! Annabell said as they walked off. It started raining. I ran to a near by store and sat by the door. I wasn't aloud inside. They said I looked to gross to be around there fresh food. I was a pretty girl If I didn't have my bruises. I sat there by the door crying wondering if my life will ever change. A guy walked pasted me to go inside the store. He backed up and looked at me. Are you ok? He asked me. I looked up at him. He had brown hair and green eyes. I uh um. I didn't know what to say to him. I knew I wasn't ok but I didn't want to tell him that. I was still crying and I knew he saw that. He held out his hand. I put my hand in his and he pulled me up. What happened to you? He asked me. Um n-noth-ing. I said stuttering. That's not nothing. He said looking at my purpleish blue bruises. I looked at the ground and cried harder. He hugged me. I'm Louis. He said. I'm Cam-Cameron. I said under my crying. Will you please tell me what happened? He asked me. It wa-was m-my parents. I said. Why did they do this to you? He asked me. Because they hate me. I said. I backed away from him. He is going to ask me things, be my friend for a day or two, then leave me and mock me like everyone else. I thought to myself. I looked at him. You can trust me. He said to me. There is that word again, trust. I won't hurt you. He said with worry in his eyes. Why does he look worried about me? No one worries about me. Do you want to go back to my place and warm up? He asked me. I didn't know what to do. I took a step back. I um I don't know. I said to him with my crying lowing down. I promise I won't hurt you. He said. That what everyone says. I said to him. But I can't trust anyone. I said. Well can you give me a chance and trust me? He asked me. I guess. I said. I took a step over to him but I was so weak and cold that I fell forward. He ran over to me and picked me up bridal style. He walked over to his car and set me down inside. He closed my door then walked to his door. He started the car and he started driving to his house. Why do your parents hate you? He asked me. Because I was born on accident. I said. Oh I'm sorry I asked. He said. No It's ok It's only they truth. I said. There was silence for a while. Were here. He said as we pulled up to this HUGE house. I don't deserve to enter a house like this. I'm to beat up I'm just a waste of space. I said. Your not a waste of space. I would rather you come in then stay outside. He said. I opened the door and I took a step out. I closed the door and I saw Louis walking around the car over to me. I walked forward but fell again. He ran over to me and picked me up bridal style again. He carried me in his house. Louis did you get the chicken!? I heard some yell. Louis set me on his couch. No! He shouted back. I guy came in the room he had dark brown curly hair with green eyes. How come? I thought that was why you went to the store? He asked Louis. I know but. He said then pointed to me. Who is that? He asked Louis. Her name is Cameron. Oh ok. He said walking back out of the room. Louis came and sat my me. So why were you outside of the store instead of home and warm? He asked me. Because if I go home I get beat. I tolled him. I'm so sorry! He said hugging me. I hugged him back. Do you have a place to stay? He asked me. Um sort of I usually stay in an alley by a store. I tolled him. That's no place to stay. He said. Want to stay here tonight? He asked me. Um no thank you I would just be ruining your nice house. I said. No you wouldn't. He said. You'll stay here tonight. He said. Ok. I said with a smile. Louis get in here!? I heard someone yell. It didn't sound like the same voice of the curly haired boy. How many people live here? I wondered. Coming!? Louis yelled back. I'll be right back. He tolled me standing up and walking out of the room.

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