No One To Trust * A Louis Fan Fic* (Finished)

A girl named Cameron had awful parents that had been to prison more then once. Her friends all left her because they thought she wasn't cool enough for them. Cameron tried to trust people but every time she did they would only let her down. Will she ever be able to trust some one again? Or will she live her life hiding in a corner in her room trying to cry away her pain? Will her parents ever care about her? Or will they continue to ignore her and beat her? Please read to find out!!!!


19. He's... Back?



         Camy's P.O.V.


                  After the movie I fell asleep snuggled up to Louis. I woke up to a frantic knocking at the door. I got up and anwsered it. It was Emily, but she had a worried look on her face and I could tell she had been running. "Daxton. Is. coming. you need. to hide. he. said. the. stuff. as. a trap. he wants to. kill. Louis." She asid have a hard time talking sense she was panting. I got really worried all the sudden. I knew he was up to something! "Were is he right now?" I asked her. "He's coming around the block." She said. "Ok, you get out of here I'll take care of it." I said. I ran over to Louis. I started shaking him away. "Louis get up!" I yelled. He opened his eyes and looked at me. "Yah?" He asked. "We have to get out of here." I said. "Why?" He asked. "I'll explain on the way just get up!" I shouted. "Ok, ok". He said. He stood up almost falling back over from sleepiness. He help him steady himself. We woke everyone else up and ran out the door but it was to late. Daxton, Josh, Dayton, Zack and seven other random boys. Daxton smirked at me. "Did you really think I was going to let you go that easy?" He mocked. I gulped. "Guys just go back inside, I don't want you get's getting hurt because of me." I said. "I'm not letting this happen to you again." Louis said standing right next to me. He held my hand but I pulled away. He looked at me confused. "I'm sorry Louis, Daxton get's what he wants, and I'm not letting you get hurt. He'll take me ether way." I said. "Camy." He said. I hugged him. "I love you. I'll find you someday." I said with a tear fall down my cold cheek. "I love you too." He said. I hugged the other boys quickly. I looked at all of them. "I'll come back someday, never forget me." I said. "No ones going to forget you." Liam said.  I smiled at him. I walked down the stairs towards Daxton. "Come on boobear, I missed you." Daxton said rapping his arm around my waist. "But I didn't miss you." I sassed. "You know I don't like it when you sass me." He scolded. "Sorry." I said. He leaned over and kissed my cheek. "You stay here with the boys I have something I need to take care of." He said. He walked back towards Louis' house. "LOUIS RUN!" I screamed. Louis ran off and luckily he was a pretty fast runner. Zack put his hand on my mouth. "Because of you Emily is gone." He said angrily. He took his hand of my mouth. "She deserved to be free!" I demanded. He looked at  me with anger in his face. "You don't deserve to have a girlfriend like her, ether!" I said. He pushed me to the ground. "You little brat!" He yelled. He kicked me in my side. He punched my cheek and I felt it throbbing. He grabbed a dagger from his belt. He pushed it into my arm and ran it down all the way to my wrist. I screamed as loud as I could. My arm had a searing, burning, dreadful, pain. The gash was deep and was bleeding badly. "ZACK! YOU CAN KILL HER FROM BLOOD LOSE THAT WAY!" Daxton yelled. He yanked Zack away from me and looked at my arm. Daxton stood up and looked at him angry. Daxton pulled a gun off his side and pointed it at Zack. "Any last words?" Daxton asked Zack. Zack looked at him shocked and to scared to say anything. Daxton pulled the trigger and Zack fell to the ground with blood staining the sidewalk. Daxton put his gun away and turn back to me. "Let's get you back home." He said picking me up. I was crying from the pain. It was awful. This had happened to me before, but not this deep.

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