No One To Trust * A Louis Fan Fic* (Finished)

A girl named Cameron had awful parents that had been to prison more then once. Her friends all left her because they thought she wasn't cool enough for them. Cameron tried to trust people but every time she did they would only let her down. Will she ever be able to trust some one again? Or will she live her life hiding in a corner in her room trying to cry away her pain? Will her parents ever care about her? Or will they continue to ignore her and beat her? Please read to find out!!!!


8. At the hospital again



                  Cameron's P.O.V.


                           After they rapped my head and my arm they made me go back to the hospital still. They said they only rapped my head and arm to stopped the bleeding. They put me on a stretcher, I don't know why, my legs were perfectly fine, and they drove me off to the hospital. I wasn't thinking about what was going to happen to me I was just so worried about Louis. He is the only person I trust, the very first person I can trust! If he dies I don't know what I'll do! I love him, I care about him, and I know he cares about me. Now sweet heart you need to stop crying every thing will be alright we will take care of you. I heard the nurse say. I know I'll be ok, I'm just worried about Louis. I tolled them. He will be fine. The nurse assured me. They took of the bandages and rubbed weird stuff on them. I didn't know what they were doing but I trusted that they knew what they were doing. I guess I trust more then just Louis but he is the only one I trust to be around all the time. Even around the doctors I was a bit nervous. They gave me a shot and I was soon asleep. (Next day)-> I woke up and saw I was in another hospital room. This is really starting to bug me. I thought to myself. I looked around they room and saw Zayn sitting there. Moring Cameron. He said. Good morning. I replied with a rough morning voice. I sat up. I remembered Louis. I started crying again. Hey what's wrong? He asked. Is Louis ok? I asked him. Yah he is ok I guess. He is in the other room still sleeping. But ya he will be ok. He said. I calmed down a bit. I guess I kind of trust these boys. The have only been nice to me. I smile at him. He smiled back. How are you feeling? He asked me. Good. I said. I don't get why I have to stay in a hospital so much. I said. Lets just hope this is the last time. He said. I don't know I'm kind of a magnet for trouble for some reason. I said. He laughed a little. Can I go see Louis? I asked. Let me go ask the doctor. He said standing up and walking out of the room. He came back a minute later. He said yes as long as your in a wheel chair. He said. How come? My legs are perfectly fine. I said. Because you got hurt so many times and they drugs they gave you will make you super weak. He said. I nodded me head. He brought a wheel chair over. He picked me up and set me in it. He pushed the wheel chair out of the room. He pushed me down the hall way a to a door mark 279. We went inside and all the boys were there and Louis was on the bed. Hey guys! Liam said. Hi. I said. Zayn pushed me over to Louis's bed. I put my hand on top of his. He was laying there asleep. Zayn went and sat down with the other boys. I put my head down on the bed and started crying. This is all my fault! I said. It's not your fault. Liam said walking over to me. He patted my back. If I would have looked across the street first this never would have happened. I said. Its not your fault ok. Liam said comforting me. Louis started moving. I looked up at Louis. He looked at me. Hey camy. He said. Hi Louis. I replied. Are you ok? I asked him. Ya why? What happened? He asked looking around. Why are we in a hospital? He asked. You got hurt. I said. That's a change. He said laughing. So what happened? Why are you in a wheel chair? He asked confused. I was walking across the street and a car almost hit me but you pulled me out of the way and when we hit the ground you hit your head against the gutter. I said. So that's why i have a head ache. So what happened to you then? He asked. When we hit the ground I got road burn on my arm and my head slightly hit the curb to. I said. Well at least were together. He said with a smile. It's all my fault Louis I'm sorry. I said. It's not your fault. He said kissing me on the head. I smiled at him. I love you. He said. I looked at the ground and blushed. I love you too. I said looking up at him. Your so cute when you blush! He said with a laugh. I was so happy to see him happy.

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