If They Only Knew

(One Direction non-famous) Elizabeth is a normal teen living the life with her father and mother. When Liz stumbles upon the truth about her father, new friends, and old ones she wont like at all.


11. Was It All A Dream?

             I wake up in me bed with my covers wrapped all around me. I look around the room wondering how i got there, the last thing I remember was closing my eyes in the black car from last night. Was it all a dream?Bing! I hear my phone and look down at it. Nope it wasn't i sigh sadly as i pick it up to see the message sent from "Sir".

Sir: Your dad will bring you to the building at 7 tonight. Be ready girl.

            I don't even bother replying. I get up and hit my feet against my black bag i decide to hide under my window seat considering that there is a hidden compartment under it. I then take a long shower with memories from last night flashing through my head. I let out a few more tears and get out drying myself off with a white fluffy towel and get changed into black skinny jeans, a white scruffy sweater with my black and white mouse flats. Yeah you might have realized I like to go with the whole black and white color. I also let my curls loose with a bit of makeup to the face.

          As I walk down stairs I remember seeing Liam last night and decide to text him, maybe get a few answers out of him. I whip out my phone and text him considering I got all the boys numbers from Lou.

Me: Hey wanna hang out?

            I walk to my kitchen waiting for Liam to reply and realize my mom wasn't there but spot the note on the fridge and read it.
Note: Went out to lunch with some ladies. Be back later in the day. You can heat up some of dinners leftovers. Love you!

             I crumple up the note and throw it in the trash. I can't believe it's already noon. I grab some pizza my mom made and heat it up in the microwave. Bing! Oh good Liam! I was getting pretty bored with just the pizza and me.

Liam: Sure mind if all the boys come now?! I don't really want to leave them by themselves at my house.

Me: Yeah! that be great. Can't wait!!xx

Liam: Warning Harry is in a happy mood and Lou isn't in a good mood.  

            I brush it off not really thinking it to big of a deal. I heat up the rest of the pizza thinking the boys might be hungry. My mom made like five pies for some odd reason so i pop them all in and the boys barge in right as I'm taking the last one out.

"Liz!" i hear Harry say very loudly.

"Do I smell pizza!!" i hear Niall and turn around to see him stuffing his face already with three slices.

"Hey guys" I say smiling at all of them, then giving Harry a hug.

            But as I turn to look at Louis he looks upset like more upset then just a stomach or head ache upset which is what i was thinking Liam was talking about and I give Liam a questioning glance and he just gives me a look that says I'll tell you later. Well we all walk into the living room most of the boys carrying food and we all take a seat.

"Where's your parents?" Liam says

"Oh my mom's out and my dad is at work" i reply a bit quieter at my dad's at work part.

"So what do you guys wanna do?" Zayn says obviously bored

"Hey you guys wanna play hide and seek?" i say brightening up at one of my favorite games even if it is a bit childish.

           We all agree on the game and Louis ends up being the seeker as we all hide in our places. I grab Liam and pull him into a small place wanting to talk about why Louis seems down and the other boys go off in other directions. We were in the laundry room's closet as Louis started counting to one hundred.

"What's wrong with Louis?" i demand

"Well when I got home yesterday the boys except for Lou were all looking on the internet at a picture. As i leaned over I saw that it was the picture your mum took of us asleep on your couch." Liam pauses

   I widen my eyes. How did they find it?

"How did they find it?"I voice my thoughts

"Apparently Hazza became friends with your mum on twitter. And as i started telling them to exit out of the picture Louis over herd and looked over and saw the picture before Harry could exit out. Louis got pretty upset afterwards but denied my explanations on what happened stating he didn't care and that it wasn't a big deal." Liam finishes with a sigh

"Well what do i do. I mean I don't like you! Now Louis and everyone else probably thinks something happened! I mean i don't like you in that relationshipy way" I say fast not realizing how high my voice was getting and someone opens the closet door revealing me with a flushed face and Liam looking down at the ground but not anymore. We both stare at Louis who's at the door looking at both of us with a confused face.

"Found you guys" he says smiling
             Oh good I thought he was gonna think something else. I let out a sigh i make sure no one else realized. Louis finds everyone else and now apparently it's my turn since Lou found Liam and I first and Li doesn't want to do it. I cover my eyes with my hands but Hazza doesn't allow that stating I could cheat so he puts his scarf over my eyes and runs off to hide. I giggle as he runs off it was so weird that I couldn't see anything!
  "...99, 100! READY OR NOT HERE I COME!" i say really weird while taking off the scarf. I walk around the house checking in all the hiding spots the boys used last time then coming around a corner and apparently Harry thought it would be a good idea to scare me.
  "BUAHHH!" i hear him say from behind and grab my shoulders real hard
  "AHHHHH!!!!" i scream at the top of my lounges legit scarred but carryout the scream a bit longer to ward off the attacker.
  "God Liz! I think you broke my eardrums!" i hear Harry backing away.
  "MUHAHAHAHA!" i laugh triumphantly and considering no one came out of there hiding places to see what happened i give them a message.
  "Today Harry has learned the lesson to never scare Elizabeth Amaro! I hope you all have also learned from his mistake!" I yell making sure everyone herd no matter where they were in the house.
              I start walking off again proud of my piercing scream that even got to my ears making them ring now and laugh at Harry's reaction as i look for the boys. I hear a moan as I pass my dining room. I go in there and check the cupboard and see Niall all curled up looking very uncomfortable. I giggle at his situation.
  "Uncomfortable much?" i laugh again
  "I don't like this game" he complains
  "We don't have to play much longer bud" i smile laughing
                 I then leave Niall to get out on his own and to go find the others. I found Lou under my mom and dad's bed eating carrots, strangely. Where did he even get them? What ever. I then find Liam in the closet of the downstairs bathroom under the doubled sinks. Man these guys had strange places to hide. Now i need to find Zayn. Where could he be? I walk into my room as i hear some banging in my secret compartment in my window seat. Oh no! I quickly open the hatch and see him in there all curled up. I back away and sit on my bed really upset. I hear Zayn get out of the compartment and walk over to where I was sitting on the bed.    "Liz what is all that stuff in there?"   "I don't think I can say" I reply sadly                 I then see Zayn reach into his jacket from the corner of my eyes cause I was still looking down. But what he pulls out was not what I was expecting.   "I have one to" he says showing me a black wrist band with the word "ghost" on it.          My mouth drops, I wasn't expecting that. I can only imagine how big my eyes were.   "How did you..." I start trailing off   "I know what your going through Liz" is all he says before hugging me tight.                  How are there so many people I know in this...gang!! Not really sure what to call it, but I'll just call it gang for now. I let out a few tears before pulling away and wiping them away. We just sit there in silence. Zayn in the gang and Liam!? Are all the other boys in it also? We decide to go down stairs but to not talk about it.                    All the boys didn't really realize our absence. So we all just went to the living room and played a few games like Life, Splat, and Twister which was quiet funny when Niall was on top of Harry and wasn't long enough to reach a red dot and ended up having Harry fall with Niall on top. The boys then left around six o'clock after I told them I was doing something later and needed to get ready. Zayn gave me a questioning look when I said that and I just nodded my head telling him that it was time for me to go to the building.      
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