If They Only Knew

(One Direction non-famous) Elizabeth is a normal teen living the life with her father and mother. When Liz stumbles upon the truth about her father, new friends, and old ones she wont like at all.


4. Truth or Dare

                   I wake up and see it's eleven in the morning. Dang! I practically slept half the day. I usually don't do that. I check my phone and see a text from 'SUPERMAN!' I start laughing knowing it was Louis and open the text.

SUPERMAN!: Good Morning love, the boys n I were wandering If u wanted to come on over Liam's tonight to hang out. Harry's bringing Carol. I'll come by to pick u up at 7?

Me: Sure c ya then! xx

              Ok good that gives me time to go to the mall. I've realized that England is much colder then America so I'm gonna have to stock up on sweaters and jeans. As I walk down stairs I see my mom making a big breakfast. Oh great.
"Um, mom I'm going out shopping!" I say trying to get away before being forced to eat a meal that could feed an army.
"No your not Missy you're going to eat first so sit down."she commands
" I will eat!...this apple."I pick up an apple.
"Liz you get in here and eat!"
"ok." I say giving in.

      On my way to the mall I felt like I was going to barf! I definitely ate to much this time...ugh.

      When I get to the mall I go to forever twenty one, hollister, the limited, and aeropostale. I was loaded with bags when I exited the mall I felt like my arms were gonna break. I go home and start getting ready for tonight. I pull out a sweater with a British flag on it and I get a pair of navy blue yoga pants. I do my hair strait and add bits of makeup.
"Liz there's a really cute boy here!" I hear my mom yell up the stairs.

Oh poor Louis. Poor Louis? Poor me! Why does my mom have to always embarrass me?!
"Thanks mom." I say sarcastically coming down the stairs. But I wasn't Lou it was Harry standing at my front door instead.
"Where"s Louis?" I ask.
"Oh he's running late so he asked me to come and get you." he says with those adorable dimples  on his face.
"Ok, let's go." I say with a smile.
"Have fun kids!" I hear my mom call after us and I just let out a sigh.

"Your mom's really nice and pretty." Harry says looking down at me as we walk.

"Thanks Harry it runs in the family." I say flipping my hair back and start strutting down the street but stop quickly.

He chuckles, "You can call me Hazza, it's one of my nicknames the boys gave me."
"Ok Hazza." I say emphasizing on his nickname.

                 When we enter the house someone tackles me with a hug from behind.
"I missed you!" I hear Carol yell.
"What the heck took you so long!?"she continues.
"sorry carol Harry's a slow walker I say laughing
"I am not!" Harry yells.
"What ever." I roll my eyes.

                Everyone was in the living room talking about food cause we were all hungry especially Niall.
"How about we order some pizza!?" I say after my stomach growls for like the twentieth time.
               'oks' sound throughout the room. We ordered like five large pizzas with practically everything on them. Niall and Zayn were fighting over the last slice when I picked it up and shoved it in my mouth with two huge bites. They starred at me with their mouths open. But Niall started smiling probably happy someone was just as much as a pig lik him.
"So I'm just a little bored" I say sarcastically
"Well what would you like to do Lizzy?" Lou says stretching out the "izzy".
"How about Truth or Dare!" I say loving the game.
"Ugh Louis always wants to play that game" Carol says
"Oh well we're gonna play it so suck it up!" I say sticking out my tongue and laughing.
"Fine, but I'm not going to play." she says laughing at my childishness.
"Ok...truth or dare Liam?" I say with an evil grin already planning my genius dare.
"Truth." darn you Liam! I stop smiling, ugh I hate when people do this.
"Fine!Um...what's your worst fear?" I ask quiet curious.


                Well that's real manly...not! I start cracking up.

"Shut up." he complains pretending to be upset with me. 

               After my fit of laughter was over Liam dares Zayn to keep his hair messy for tonight and tomorrow. Wow Liam was that the really your best? But apparently it had caused quiet an affect on Zayn cause his face went white and he seemed really upset as he messed up his perfect hair, and I just let out a giggle. These boys were so weird.

"Truth or dare Liz?" Zayn says now with a smirk.
"Dare!" I say confident.

"I dare you to kiss Lou." Zayn says now laughing like and evil genius. Oh great! Seriously Zayn? "Ok Bradoford Boy." I say.

               I lean over to Louis cause I was sitting next to him. I place my lips on top of his, but I'm surprised when he kisses back, his soft thin lips push up against mine.

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