If They Only Knew

(One Direction non-famous) Elizabeth is a normal teen living the life with her father and mother. When Liz stumbles upon the truth about her father, new friends, and old ones she wont like at all.


27. The Missions

Elizabeth's P.O.V

"Shh." I hush the noobs behind me as we crouch behind the stone wall waiting for them to arrive.

       After that day Satan put those nano bots into me I gave up. I knew I wasn't getting out if this one so I followed orders and this is my sixth mission carrying around with me these noobs who are under my control to do what I say. White has been extremely pleased with the results of my work, training the new kids in the field. It actually makes me feel good. I haven't herd from Liam, no ones bothered to come for me which also convinced me to just do what White says. I felt extremely hurt with every day that went by. I loved Liam and I had thought he loved me, but it didn't seem like that anymore. He lied to me, he said everything would be ok and everything has just gotten worse. I push those thoughts from my head, I don't like to think of Liam at all anymore. I have now lived in the building with my own dorm for a little over two weeks. Believe it or not, but Satan and I hangout now. When we aren't talking about the past or torture he's....normal. I don't see Skip, Needle, Tess, Danny, James, no one. It's almost like they've vanished. This helps me not think of them. When I used to ask White where they had gone he'd always tell me 'they were deployed to America to work there from now on'. I never left The Building, I had no life other then this place. Plus I had everything I needed here, food, clothes, a job, and school. Sometimes I'd go and shop, considering the money I got from White was still coming. I didn't like to though. It reminded me of the boys to much. I have thought about going to one of their houses, but remember the things inside me just waiting to cause me pain.

      My squad and I begin to stand up as I give them the signal to follow my lead. The black SUV pulls up in the ally way and a black man in an outfit similar to the color of the car comes out with a suit case and three other men. I tug on the end of my mask I wear over my head as some of my squad puts the boxes in the car and two stand beside me with there guns ready to shoot. I trusted them, they were the only experienced ones out here besides me, but this guy didn't know that which always made me smirk. I rub my arm against my side slightly to reassure myself that I didn't forget to bring my pistol. I feel the sheath of the knife rub against me at my ankle as it sits half way down my boot. The man glances at my people putting the cargo into his car and pulls his attention back on me.

"I see you've delivered well." he says with a deep accent making him sound like he's gargling marbles.

      I nod not wanting to let him know I'm a girl. They usually act all cocky and stand a bit taller once they know that, which always ticks me off.

"I guess this is yours then." he gargles bringing up the suitcase unlatching it to show me the money.

      I flip through the bundles to get a good estimate of how much is there and it seems like the right amount. I give him a quick nod again and take the case. I whistle like a bird making my squad hurry up and finish packing up and come running behind me. I make a motion with my head telling the man to leave. He scowls at me probably angry for me telling him off, but he goes and drives off with his men. I let out a sigh. I've herd way to many stories of dealings gone wrong to always be on the edge during one. Luckily so far none of my missions have gone wrong. I move my hand in a certain motion showing my guys to follow me to the cars for us to leave.

*Back at the Building*

"Grim!" White spreads out his arms for a hug that I willingly take with a smile I knew he couldn't see.

      White walks to other side of his office desk and sits down as I lay the case on the desk flipping it to show him. He takes it into his hands and I rip off my mask and my hair flows down my back as I brush it out. He opens the brief case and sees the amount of money, and is pleased.

"You did good again Grim." he smiles.

      I nod with a smile of my own on my face. I hear the door open behind me and I turn around whipping out my pistol all in one fluid motion to see Satan stand there in mid stride with his hands held up. I could have easily shot him, but I put my gun back in it's holister.

"Hey you made!" Satan cheers giving me a hug smiling, once I put the gun away.

"No thanks to the noobs you guys sent with me again." I joke, they were really fine.

"Were they really that bad?" Satan jokes with me as White keeps to his money not really paying attention, I think.

"Nah, they were actually better then usual."

"I did that on purpose." he smiles at me.

"Right. Well I better get ready for bed I'll see you guys later."

"Here I'll walk you to your room." Satan well, John offers.

"Good night Grim." White says as John and I walk out of the room and into the halls.

      My room wasn't far from Mr. White's office so before we can actually spark up a conversation we are at my door. John and I had exchanged names like little kids as If they were secrets when we became friends. He leans up against the door frame shoving his hands into his pockets looking at me with those dark eyes of his. They scared me and they made me laugh they hurt me and they comforted me. I didn't know which part of them I should believe, but right now I loved the caring side of them. I've realized that his eyes were the biggest I've ever seen which gave him a cute appearance especially when he looked at me the way he was now. I smile letting out a giggle. I put my head down.

"You know you're really cute when you do that." he says looking at me normal now.

       I lift my head up only a bit to look at him. He quickly pecks my lips and his face turns a full on blush as my lips part, shocked.

"Good night Liz." Is all he says before walking away.

      I watch his retreating figure. Did he really just kiss me? No you couldn't really call that one a full kiss. Maybe a half kiss? I catch myself staring to long in the direction he went and head into my room. I don't know if I like him like that. But he sure made me feel real. Instead of feeling this empty void of loneliness every day.

     I change my black clothes into some fluffy pajamas, but before I put them on I take a shower then head into bed with my PJs on. I set my pistol White gave me for my birthday next to me and I fiddle with the necklace John had given me for my birthday also. It was a broken heart with bares giving it shape as it try's to mend itself as thinner bares connect between the gap of the two halves. It was something about this necklace I loved and was why I always wore it. As soon as I began wearing it the nights became easier for me to sleep. I flick off the light as the moon brightens up the room a bit. I close my eyes and fall to sleep with a smile on my face.


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