If They Only Knew

(One Direction non-famous) Elizabeth is a normal teen living the life with her father and mother. When Liz stumbles upon the truth about her father, new friends, and old ones she wont like at all.


22. The Dream


Liam's P.O.V

     I lay there in the dark room on my bed with my arms wrapped around Liz. She had fallen asleep a little bit ago on my shoulder. I could hear her deep breaths reminding me she was asleep. I had my left arm draped protectively on her small form. I look down at my legs entangled with hers. She had her left arm on me laying there moving up and down when my chest did.

     I hear her breathing hitch as her legs start moving.

"No." she mumbles in the crook of my arm.

"Liz? You ok?" I ask looking at her.

"No." she says raising her voice as I see tears creep from the corners of her eyes and land on my shirt.

"No!" she yells pounding her fist against my chest as she begins to scream and wiggle around.

"Liz!Liz!" I yell trying to wake her, I pin her arms to the bed.

     Her body stops moving and her eyes snap open to meet mine right above her.

"Liz you ok?" I ask moving to shift all my weight on my left elbow so that I wasn't all up in her face.

       She sits up putting her head in her hands then turns to me.

"Yeah I'll be fine. Just a little nightmare." she says with a fake smile plastered on her face.

"Liz that wasn't just a little nightmare you started kicking and screaming at me."

"I'm sorry Liam." she tries holding back tears.

      I sit up as she tries to cover her tears so I wouldn't see, but I saw. I grab her arm.

"Liz what was it about?"

"It's nothing Liam!" she says crying and pushing me away.

     I grab her arms trying to bring her back to me. She gives in and rests her head on my shoulder again, but this time she's crying and her shoulders begin to shake.

"I was in a dark room with a man. He was holding a bloody tool, and I felt it Liam." she says looking up at me with those big blue eyes of hers.

"You felt what?"

"The pain."

      I was shocked. She was having dreams of being tortured? Even when she was safe and sound just a few minutes ago she could still be hurt and there was nothing I could do about it. I begin rubbing her back which seems to help her a bit. Only a bit. I wanted to do more to help her not feel this way. I NEEDED to do more.

"How long have you had these dreams for?"

        No answer.

"Liz! How long!" I demand.

"Ever since I got back." I hear her mumble.

       I was so angry right now. Why didn't I find out sooner.

"Why haven't you told me!" I say clearly showing how pissed I was.

"I didn't think it was important."

"Liz this IS important. How come I haven't heard you screaming before?"

"They've been getting a bit worse I guess."

         I start holding her tighter. Why her? Why did this have to happen!

"Well I guess you should try and get some sleep." I suggest hoping she'll feel better after a good nights sleep, if that's even possible for her anymore.

        She begins to slide off the bed and walk down the halls.

        I lay there in my bed on my side facing away from the door, thinking about Liz's condition. I cared about her, I couldn't decide if it was more then a friend and if it was I was screwed considering she likes someone else, i think. When I hear little footsteps in the hall and someone plop on my bed. I turn around to see Liz changed in her PJ's holding onto her pillow.

"Mind If I sleep with you?" she asks hopeful.

"Sure." I smile sliding over a tad for her to crawl under the duvet with me.

        She ends up not using her pillow, but my chest instead as we both drift off to sleep.

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