If They Only Knew

(One Direction non-famous) Elizabeth is a normal teen living the life with her father and mother. When Liz stumbles upon the truth about her father, new friends, and old ones she wont like at all.


10. The Building



          Luckily before they left they took the restrains off my wrists so I could get changed. I lay my old clothes neatly on the table and change into a nice black jump suit that's fitted. How did they get my size? You know what I probably don't even wanna know. Then I put on a pair of long black boots and slide my wrist band on the upper part of my arm and put my hair up in a bun.

           I walk around the room getting used to the feel of my new outfit when  the door opens and the two guards from before enter with Mr.White. I realize the guards have the same outfit on as me and their own wrists bands with their made up names. The one with the black spiked up hair and brown eye's name is Needle and the one with black buzzed hair and brown eye's like Needle his name is Skip which i think is the one who got me the water earlier.

"Grim these are Skip and Needle they will be showing you around and informing you on everything you need to know to 'survive' here in the building." Mr. White explains gesturing around him when saying building.

    Once Mr.White leaves Skip comes up to me and puts a hand on my shoulder.

"I'm sorry for what happened." he says with big eyes looking down at me.

"Thanks." I barely reply getting choked up, actually realizing what has happened to me the past the few hours.

     Needle clears his throat getting Skips attention.

"Please come with us Grim." Skip continues speaking and gesturing to the door.

     We walk out of the room to the bare hall way lined with more doors.

"Past these doors are just more rooms like the one we were just in." Skip explains as we move to another hall way with a door at the end of it labeled 'artillery'. My eyes widen at  the thought of me using a gun on someone.

"Don't worry you won't use any of this stuff on the field quiet yet." Skip continues in a reassuring tone as we enter the room topped to the brim with, well artillery. We look through some of the guns and I shoot a 9mm and an AK-47 at a shooting range in the room. We then move to a room where a few people are learning weird signals and Skip tells me that's for when your on 'missions' not anywhere else. We visit a few rooms like that one but with people teaching other things like how to do hand to hand combat, shoot a gun, use cool gadgets, and do sick moves.

"Now this is the cafeteria where you can come and get some food before a mission, after a class, or after a mission." Skip explains as we enter a huge room that reminds me of my High School's cafeteria except with less colorful posters everywhere and a lot of kids wearing black suits a lot like mine. My eyes wonder across the room filled with black bodies when I spot Danny out of the crowd hanging with James and Tess.

"Well you can grab something if you'd like at the counter over there." I hear Skip saying pointing to a counter filled with food and a few people on the other side handling it.

"Ok." is all I say as I head to get an apple.

   Skip and Needle follow me from behind mumbling a few things to each other which gets me thinking. I haven't herd Needle say a single word. I guess he's shy or something. I bite into my apple, chew, and swallow when I turn on Skip and Needle real quick which takes them by surprise and they almost tumble over me.

"What was that for?" Skip says angry as he and Needle straighten back up.

"Sorry, but why don't you talk?" I say pulling my attention to Needle.

Needle just gives Skip a nervous glance not really answering my question.

"It's a bit personal." Is all Skip says also seeming to get a bit quieter then before.

"Ok well then why are you guys following me?" I ask changing the subject

"Orders." Skip continues.

   I then turn on my heel and walk to a  table and sit down not really sure what to do when Danny with Tess and James come up and sit on the opposite side of the table since I already had Skip and Needle sitting on both my sides with Skip on my right and Needle on my left.

"Hey Skip, hey Needle." Tess says sitting down with Danny to her left and James to Danny's left. Leaving me to face off with Dan. I then do something either really stupid or really bold. I stand up and slap Dan across the face really hard plus really loud. which earns me a bunch of looks from everyone and a stinging hand. I look at Dan or should I say... Chain i read from his wrist band. He has a pink hand mark from my slap. I then run from the cafeteria angry and upset into a hall and lean up against one of the walls when I hear someone coming after me.

"Liz!" I hear Dan. Why is he using my real name? He comes up to me grabbing my arm knowing I'll just run away again.

"Liz." he says quieter.

"Just let me go! Leave me alone!" I start crying now and try weakly to rip free from his grip.

"No I'm not gonna leave you." he says pulling me into a hug.

      He wraps one arm around my waist and puts the other hand on the back of my head pressing it against his chest in a tight embrace. With my fists on his chests also giving up the fight and just crying my heart out. To upset to carry on. To angry for getting myself into this huge mess.

"It's all my fault." I cry feeling like my life is over, just wanting to die right then and there in his arms.

"No it's not. I should have told you about it." he says in a hushed tone, brushing through my hair.

     We stand there for awhile as I cry. Why did this have to happen to me?Why!? Dear God why? I plead for an answer in my head knowing I won't get one.

"Shh." he says breaking the silence after awhile as I start to snivel.

   I pull away wiping my eyes and my nose with a napkin  Dan had from the cafeteria. I look at him and realize the tiny bruise my hit on his cheek had left. I reach my hand up to it and slightly touch it with the tip of my finger.

"I'm sorry." is all I say

"It's ok, but you got a pretty mean hit though for a girl." he says matter of faculty and I let out a little laugh which makes him smile.

    We walk back to the cafeteria. Then my 'body guards' who staid behind to talk with Tess and James tell me to get ready to leave to go home, but "reassure" me I'll be coming back for training.

     As I pack my small black duffel bag with my black outfit i was told no one is allowed to see i check the watch they gave with it and see that it is 5:30 A.M. dang!! I stayed up pretty late. I was changed into my old clothes from before.

     Skip and Needle lead me to a car that is to take me away from this horrible place. As I hop in the back seat I spot this guy in the usual black uniform. The driver takes off right as the man turns around to reveal the  familiar brown eyes and shaggy hair that belong to Liam Payne.

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