If They Only Knew

(One Direction non-famous) Elizabeth is a normal teen living the life with her father and mother. When Liz stumbles upon the truth about her father, new friends, and old ones she wont like at all.


1. Starry Night

"Liz!Are you ready yet?!" I hear my mom yell as I come out of my room with my suitcase rolling behind me.

"Yes mom!" I yell back to her as I reach the top of the stairs.

"Good we're leaving in 10 min. and will you please tell your father to hurry up!"

"Yes mom!" I yell as I start to my dads room and catch him on his phone texting, most likely one of his clients.

                  You see my dad was a man who owned many business and in turn was always busy.So I just lean up against the door frame knowing nothing I say will get his attention. As I look around,  my dad looks up at me from across the room.

"Oh right I'll be right there." he says.

"You better or mom's gonna have a fit if we're late for the plane." I say laughing.

"I know."he continues looking at his phone.

                  I then hear my mom coming up the stairs in a hurry.

"John put your phone down we need to go." she says now entering the room with a sigh.

"Ok, ok I'm coming."

                We all head out to the car with our luggage in hand. It was Saturday at 6 in the morning, I was exhausted. But we had to wake up early to get to England at 12 the next day. We were moving to England because of my dad's job. It was pretty tough moving a lot. But this was the first time my family had to move to another country. As we get on the plane I seat myself down with a loud humph next to my dad.

"Don't worry this will be the last time we have to do this."he says with a pat on my leg and I just give him a half heartened smile back.

                You know how many times I've herd that? More then I'd like to count. But for some reason it really did feel like the last time. I put my headphones on and start listening to some of my favorite music and fall asleep.

                By the time I woke up if was 4 in the morning. Most of the people were still asleep. I was really bored so I took out my iPhone and started taking pictures and playing games on it. It felt like forever since we would get there. But, we did and it felt so good to finally stretch.

"So now we only have to drive to Wolverhampton now." my mom says.

"Then off to our new house!" I practically yell with so much energy that I just wanna let loose.

               See this is what happens to someone as energetic as me when you stick them in a plane for nearly two days. I feel like I could run all the way to my new home.

"Liz calm down sweetheart" my mom says in a hushed tone.

               By the time we got home it was about noon, as planned. This house was huge! Way bigger then our last one definitely. As I walk through the door I see a bunch of unpacked boxes.

"It's perfect." I hear my mom say behind me with a sigh.

               I slip upstairs and immediately find my room. Well, the one I want. As you walk in on the far-side of the room is a window seat that I instantly think I can read my books on. On the left wall there are two doors. I walk to them in a hurry, open the first one and see a walk in closet. I had such a big smile on my face so that when I opened my own bathroom with a jacuzzi in it. I just started screaming while jumping up and down. I then herd running and my mom and dad burst in.

"Is everything ok?" my dad says worried at first but then sees the smile on my face and one grows on his and my mom sighs with relief while putting a delicate hand on her chest, to calm herself down.

               I just role my eyes at their reactions. The rest of the day was unpacking and setting everything up in the new house. It felt so nice and homey once everything was set up. I was so tired from the days work. So I went to my room, we had bought a white padding for my window seat, and white pillows that have black floral designs on them. My bed was on the opposite side of the wall and I had a long book case next to the window seat, instead of heading to the bathroom to get ready for bed, I go to my window seat looking out at England to see what it looked like at night. It took my breath away. That night I stared out at the starry night until I fell asleep.

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