If They Only Knew

(One Direction non-famous) Elizabeth is a normal teen living the life with her father and mother. When Liz stumbles upon the truth about her father, new friends, and old ones she wont like at all.


29. Screams

Elizabeth's P.O.V

      I woke up to the sound of muffled screams. I look right next to me and see John and feel his chest moving up and down under me. He was still asleep, not bothered by the noise. I strain to see if I could hear more and don't, but a big bang as if a door had been slammed. I cautiously and carefully get up and off the bed. I exit the room and slowly make my way down the cold halls in my bare feet. I hear groaning coming from behind a door I pass, and stop. Turning to it I slowly twist the handle and go through to see Louis hanging there. I gasp putting a hand to my mouth which draws his attention to me. He tilts his head looking quizzically at me. I walk over to him. He was so bruised and battered and sweaty.

"Louis what happened?"

"Liz?" he groans.

"Yes, what happened?" I push for the answer, but if he were anything like me when i was in this situation, I probably wasn't getting an answer.

"Tortured." he states.

      I nod and stand up. How was I gonna get him outa here? I knew I couldn't just leave him either. Though, I definitely wasn't strong enough to carry all his weight.

"Louis can you stand?"

     He gives a slow nod. Well I guess I was gonna have to hope he was telling the truth. I grab a knife off the bloody table and cringe at the sight of all the red liquid dried on it. He flinches as I raise the knife, but relaxes once he realizes I'm cutting the ropes. I catch him as he falls by not having the ropes hold him up. Dear Lord we weighed a ton! I groan and he begins trying to stand. He's unable to stand on his own so I support most his weight on me. I slowly start walking with him. I don't know what I was doing. I could get in so much trouble for this. No I WAS gonna get in trouble. I take a few rarely used hallways so that no one would see us. I felt a bit guilty about leaving John, but if you consider the circumstances I had a good reason. As we enter my room I realize just how out of it Louis really was. I lay him on my bed so he can sleep while I go into the bathroom to change into some light grey sweats and a black T-Shirt with a small pocket on my left breast. I decide to give Louis John's clothes when he wakes up. I grab my first aid kit and dump it out on the table in my sitting area that was right before my bedroom, separating my room from anyone who would burst in so that they would only see the sitting room (which is what I called it). I grab all the bandages and medicine creams where one is used to calm down the inflammation on a cut and the other is to drive out infection, healing it. I grab a bowl and a spoon from the mini kitchen I have that is open to the sitting room and begin mixing the two salves together. I hear groaning in my room again. Louis must be up already. I finish mixing and go into the lit up bedroom to see him looking up crazy eyed at the ceiling. Man the pain must be really bad.

"Louis? You ok?" I whisper, walking to him.

"Just peachy." he says through clenched teeth.

     Yeah he just cracked a joke by saying the exact same thing I did and I should be laughing. No. It was not a time for laughing right now. John could be on his way to my place right now wandering where I went and he'd discover this, Louis the one I used to like, lying on my bed with no shirt on.

"Right, sorry." I apologize for asking, biting my lip."Now Lou I need you to help me get you in the other room so that I can treat your cuts." I say cautiously.

     He gives a small nod. I walk up to him, and have him use me to help him sit up and then have him lean on me as we begin to walk into the sitting area. I have him lay on the couch and begin to apply the ointment to his chest and move on from there. He would clench his jaw when the cold medicine hit his hot skin and then sigh as it settled in and made it feel better. I began to wrap the bandages around him and pin them together when finished.

"Here you can put this on." I say handing him John's shirt I had slept in and the sweat pants.

"Thanks." He takes the clothes and starts getting dressed right in-front of me.

      I turn around to give him privacy and start rocking back and forth on my heel as I wait.

"How did you find me?" I hear him question as he gets dressed slowly.

"I um...herd you screaming and a door slam and came looking for you. Then voila, I found you." I state simply.

"Oh." is all he says before I feel him turn me around to face him.

      Dang! He was already on his feet? Is what first went through my head, then the fact that he looked supper hot with his hair tousled and with a bit of dirt on his face. I look up at his eyes. They seemed to show something that once never was there, sadness and pain. He still had that warm glow about him, but it had changed now that he had experienced pain and sadness to their extent. I look up at him sadly, sorry for him. Then it hits me.

"Lou why were you being tortured?" I ask sharply.

     He let's go of me and turns away from me.

"They took me as I was walking through the halls. I didn't know why. Trust me if I knew I would have fought back, I would have escaped before it was to late."

"They just took you?"

"Not only me, but the others to."

"The boys?!" I shriek.

      Before I can react Louis' hand is on my mouth and a finger on his lips singling me to keep it down. I nod.

"Sorry." I whisper.

"It's ok, and yes they took us and separated us from each other into different rooms for...you know."

"Yeah I know, but why? Why did they take you guys?"

"They found out. They found out we helped you."

"That's it?" at least they didn't find out they were the hackers.

"Yeah, luckily...I guess." he shrugs.

"Well they still have the boys. What about them?" Lou asks worriedly.

"We'll have to get them out."

"How? Liam's not here, he's usually the one to plan these kinda things. Plus, we are really short on man power."

"Well then I guess we'll just have to get some more men." I smile knowing a few.

"Like who?"

"A few of my friends, but I don't know exactly if they'll help yet."

"Liz what happened to you?" I was sorta taken aback.

     I was so used to people other then John calling me Grim. It was weird to have someone else say it. Not to mention the sudden strange question that popped out of no where.

"I-I've changed. White injected me with something, something I try to forget about. He controls me now, and once you guys never came I started to lose hope in ever leaving or being free from the things inside me. I had no choice but to go on missions. I had no choice but to listen to what I was told to do. I had no choice." I harshly whisper the last part. "So I began to cope with what I had to do, and I began to like it and get used to it and believe the things I was told until I realized it was all a lie. I realized this once it was to late and now my friend's life is in danger." I start to tear up thinking about John.

     I needed to get back to him. I needed to keep him safe. I needed him with me. Lou sees me tearing up as he's leaning up against the table. I begin hugging myself and I force the tears to stop. I haven't cried in awhile so I'd like to keep it that way.

"What's his name?" Lou asks solemnly.

"John." I say sadly, but how did he know it was a guy? "How did you know it was a guy?" i voice my thoughts.

"I could just tell."


"Is he one of the men you were talking about earlier? One of the men who will help us?"

"Yeah, I think he will definitely help with the fighting, if needed."

"So he's a fighter?"

"Shooter." I correct. "You'll address him with 'Trigger' unless he tells you his real name personally."

"Ok. Where is he now?"

    I check my watch and realize how early it really is.

"Well considering it's only three in the morning probably still in bed."

"Right. Does he like you also?"

     I bite my lip and nod.

"Yes." I respond with a small smile. "Well I gotta go. You should get some sleep, you can use my bed." he gives me a small nod before heading into the bedroom a little unsteadily.

      I begin walking back to John's place to see if I could sneak back in bed before he noticed. I go in his dorm and enter his room and see him move around in his bed, probably from the sudden noise. He opens his eyes and looks down at where I should be and his eyes widen.

"Liz? Liz!" he looks up at me and relaxes after his little heart attack. "What are you doing up?"

"Sorry to freak you out, but I had to pee." I lie.

      He chuckles and waves his hand over for me to come back to bed. Once I'm back on the bed he wraps his arm around me tightly. Luckily he hadn't realized the change in clothes.

"You know you're not the only one with bad dreams." he whispers into my ear as we lay there in the spooning position.

     I hold on to his hand and snuggle up against him turning around facing his chest as I close my eyes. I feel him kiss my cheek before i fall asleep thinking about how happy i was that he was still alive.


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