If They Only Knew

(One Direction non-famous) Elizabeth is a normal teen living the life with her father and mother. When Liz stumbles upon the truth about her father, new friends, and old ones she wont like at all.


6. Questions


        My mom and dad had gone off to bed leaving us alone in the TV room sitting on the couch.

"Sorry you have to stay here." I say

"It's fine. It just gives us a better time together to know each other."

"True, so how old are you and the boys?"

"Harry is 19, Niall, Zayn, and I are 20, and Louis is 21."

"Wow do Louis is the oldest?I would have never guessed."

"Yeah."he chuckles.

"How old are you?" Liam continues.

"My birthday is November 16th and I'm 19."

"Wow your birthday day is only in a week!"


       Liam and I talked like this for awhile until we practically knew everything about each other. He was such a great guy and really easy to talk to which was really nice. I mean I guess I didn't tell him everything, but we told each other a darn lot of stuff. For example, I told him about my other family and he old me how he moved out of his family's place and got one of his own. Stuff like that. Which explained why his parents weren't ever there the two times I had been at his place.

"Hey do you have The Jungle Book."he asks.

"Yeah! I have like every Disney movie."

"Want to watch it?"

"Heck yeah!"I say excitedly.

        I put it in and sit next to Liam under our blanket. I was so cold! My teeth actually started chattering and Liam pulled me closer to him as we enjoyed the movie. Liam had fallen asleep half way through. It was getting to the end and I was also getting tired so I laid my head on his shoulder. I slowly fell to sleep snuggled up to Liam's chest with his arm slung around me.

       I woke up to the sound of giggling and snapping. I open my eyes to see my mom with her iPhone above us. I almost start yelling at her but then realize I'm laying practically completely on Liam and his arm was still around me.

"Mom what are you doing!" I hiss at her.

"Updating my twitter." She says showing me the picture of Liam and I sleeping together.

       What if the other boys see it?! They would so take it the wrong way. Dear Lord!

"Mom please take it down!"

"But you guys look so cute together!"

"Mom please!"

"Liz you're over reacting it's just a photo."

       Great. I'll just have to pray to God they won't see it. My mom leaves still giggling. Well I'm glad you found it funny mom! I try to stealthily get off of Liam but one of my legs were under home. Don't even ask how that happened cause I have no idea. I then end up falling off of Liam and home rolling on top of me. Oh gosh this boy weighed a ton! Especially when he lands on you. He wakes up on top of me. My face was red from blushing and all the blood going to it.

"What happened?" Liam asks.

"Can't- breathe!" I squeeze out crushed under his weight.

"Oh sorry." He rolls off of me.

        I take in a deep breathe and we both sir up facing each other.

"No but seriously what happened?"

        I explain everything to Liam since when I woke up to us sitting on the floor.

"So she won't take the picture down?"

"Yeah!" I say worried.


"Yeah, you want some breakfast? I'm sure my mom has already made something."

"Yeah I'm starving." he says as we get up.

"You won't be in a second" I mumble so he can't hear me.

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