If They Only Knew

(One Direction non-famous) Elizabeth is a normal teen living the life with her father and mother. When Liz stumbles upon the truth about her father, new friends, and old ones she wont like at all.


12. Practice


Once the boys left I took a shower and got dressed in the uniform I was given to wear at the building. My dad and I drive to the building in silence which once would have been filled with conversation. When we arrive Skip and Needle take me to the weird signal class where I learn how to say: guard, clear, follow me, and more.

           I try ti see if I can find Tess, James, or Dan in any if the classes, but so far I was out of luck. Skip hands me a list with the rest of the classes and heads off to do something else, along with Needle.
           Ok so next I have shooting practice. I walk through the barren halls as I reach it and enter finding a huge room with dummies for shooting in one corner, and an area for fighting with a gun in hand where I see a girl roll on the ground, jump on the man she's practicing with and point her gun at his chest, but doesn't fire. They get up right as I realize that the man is Zayn and the girl is Tess.

            Tess sees me and so does Zayn who just keeps on minding his own business, but Tess comes walking up to me wiping her sweat off her brow.

            We talk for a bit, not about this place though Lord knows I hate talking about it. She then had to leave.

"Sorry I can't stay, but I gotta go to my next class, I'll see ya around!" she calls walking away slowly.

"Bye." I mumble with a fake smile.

             Ok so now what? I decide to walk up to Zayn and ask him.

"Hey um....Ghost?" He turns to me."Uh what should I do?"

He chuckles then says,"Here I'll show you how to put together and disable your gn for starters."

               I smile and nod. He takes me over to a wall of guns. It turned out that managing a gun is a lot harder then it seemed. Zayn then takes me to the shooting range to practice.

"No Grim you hold it like this." Zayn laughs.

"Oh so like this." I say putting the butt of the gun against my shoulder unlike before when I had it on top of my shoulder.

"Yeah." He chuckles again."Now aim for the right shoulder." He says pointing to the dummy ahead of us.

                 Zayn told me that I had to only shoot the shoulder or the leg and that it wasn't allowed to shoot anyone in the chest. I had a feeling he was talking about if I were to ever go on a mission.

"Ow!" I yell as I feel the kick from the gun hit me square in the shoulder and most likely bruising it

"Oh yeah, the gun sorta has a kick to it." he states plainly.

"Sorta?!" I question rubbing my shoulder which makes him laugh a bit at me.
               We continue doing this for awhile. Zayn tells me about how all of the kids that go here don't go to school because there's a school and college here for whoever works at the building. Well that's convenient I think to myself. When it's time for my next class I thank Zayn for being the best gun teacher and head off to my next class, hand to hand combat.
               Walking through the halls I hang my head low watching my feet take each step to the combat room. I slam hard against someone and look up to see Liam! He looks at me at with shock to see me as I jump and wrap my arms around him for a hug. He lightly touches my back. I release from the hug and look up at him.

"Liz?" he whispers with wide eyes,
               I nod my head vigorously, happy to see him and his adorable brown eyes shining down at me.

"Did you see everyone else already?" he asks.
               I stop smiling and look up at him questioningly, but then realize what he means.

"Liam who else goes here?"    



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