If They Only Knew

(One Direction non-famous) Elizabeth is a normal teen living the life with her father and mother. When Liz stumbles upon the truth about her father, new friends, and old ones she wont like at all.


19. Missing You

Elizabeth's P.O.V

   The next few days were torture. Trust me I know what it's like! Ok maybe that's over exaggerating, but still come on. Liam wouldn't let me do anything on my own and the boys would always come over to give me treats and gifts like get well things. So all I did was sit/lay around and eat things while snuggling with cute little stuffed toys. It was all very kind of them but still I'm not totally incompetent with all these injuries.

    Things between Louis and I haven't changed much except I seem to not be able to stop staring at him and he stares right back making funny faces always making me laugh. So yeah I guess we've both have become a bit closer to each other.

   But right now I sit in "my room", really the guests room in Liam's house eating sugar cookies, my favorite kind, cuddling up with a huge fluffy carrot that has a smiley face on it that Louis got me. I had on a huge T-Shirt of Louis' he brought over that read "The Fray" on the front in gray lettering and black in the background.

"Knock, knock" I hear Louis say, slowly poking his head through the door.

"company!" I cheer while throwing my hands in the air "ow" I say bringing my arms down again.

"I see you like my carrot" Louis says walking in with more sugar cookies.

"ooo gimme gimme" I say reaching out for them.

"Ah ah you have to work for them" he says holding up his finger in disapproval.

"You know Doc. Isn't gonna like me moving around."

     After Liam had patched me all up we had started to call him Doc., Doctor Li, and more the list was endless. Especially If Louis was speaking. But I really was grateful for what he had done for me.

"Nope, these are the docy's orders"

"Really!?Ok that's cool with me"

    I start to sit up. So far so good. Then I stand and my legs feel weak from the sudden weight and Louis is at my side in an instant holding my arm.

"Hey, you ok?" he asks concern shown on his great features.

    His eyes sparkling with it his mouth curved with the sign of him being concerned about my pain. It makes me smile up to him reassuringly. But he still doesn't let go of my arm which I'm glad for.

    I stand up fully and look down at my legs. They had a few scares from cuts I received in the room plus a few nasty bruises. It looked like I wasn't wearing any pants because of my big T-Shirt that hung over them.


"Don't worry Lou I have shorts on" I say lifting up to reveal the light gray, short soffe shorts underneath. We continue to walk like this until we reach the down stairs where we take a brake, Louis sitting me on the counter space and him sitting right in front of me on the stool.

"Where's Liam?" I ask looking around the house that you could see from my point of view looking out at the living and dining room.

"Oh he went out to meet up with your dad and asked me to keep an eye on you."

   I almost burst out laughing. Liam is so clever sometimes.

"Oh, well you wanna go outside? Im sick of being cooped up in here"

"Well I think you're going to need some pants"

"Eh, I've suffered worse then a mild chill"

   Lou just looks at me and chuckles, but helps me off the counter and we head to the door. We stop shortly for socks and shoes.

"You sure?" he asks as we reach the door.

"Yeah... it'll be fun."

    We step outside my legs already feeling a bit stronger so we were only hand in hand. The wind pulls on my hair ruffly. It felt good to feel the ice cold wind against my skin and through my hair once more. I see out of the corner of my eye Louis looking at me. I turn to look at him to see if he was actually staring at me.

"What are you looking at?"

"Nothing" he smiles back and looks away.

"Anywhere in-particular you want to go?"he asks

"No, not really. Wanna just sit on the swing?"


   The cool thing about Liam's porch was that it was big enough to fit this huge love seat like swing on it. It had a nice cushion on it. A thin blanket and pillow sitting on top, right in the middle, all containing the colors white and navy blue, a theme seeming to run through the house. Louis and I cuddled up on the seat with the blanket on top. The weather outside was mild winds and sunny. The grass was all brown and practically all the leaves on the trees were off.

   It was such a beautiful day. Probably the reason for Liam letting me out. I'll have to thank him later, definitely. My head rested on Lou's shoulder with his arm wrapped around my shoulder making me warm. My feet were kicked up on the seat having enough room to do so. I look up at Louis, the light on his face making it glow bright. He tilts his head slightly down to look at me and smiles. I don't smile back, but just look at him moving from his lips to his eyes. He stops smiling and leans closer into me. Just as I thought he was about to kiss me,

"I've missed you." he whispers into my hear softly.

"I've missed you to." I say sweetly holding onto his left hand tighter while curling up against his chest.


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