If They Only Knew

(One Direction non-famous) Elizabeth is a normal teen living the life with her father and mother. When Liz stumbles upon the truth about her father, new friends, and old ones she wont like at all.


23. Liz!

Elizabeth's P.O.V

         I began to sleep in my own room after awhile, but the dreams became worse. Liam insisted that I should sleep with him and I unwillingly gave in. There was no way I was going to deal with the nightmares on my own. Even when I didn't sleep with him he would come running in once he heard me and stay with me for the rest of the night; singing to me till I fell to sleep.

"Hey Liam?" I ask walking into the kitchen.

"Yeah?" he responds while turning off the burner that held the bacon for breakfast.

"Can the guys come over?" I beg placing myself on the stool of the kitchen counter where Liam had fixed me up.

         I really wanted to see Louis again. Plus I missed the boys and their company.

"Uh, their busy."

"Doing what?"

"Their not available."

       Ok now he was trying to hold something back from me. I could tell by how he wouldn't look at me when talking.

"Liam?" I begin walking over to him.

         I turn him to face me and look up at him with pleading eyes. I saw his eyes soften a bit.

"They're at The Building."

Liam's P.O.V

       Right as I said that her entire body visibly trembled with fear showing in her big blue eyes. Each night because of the dream she became more and more afraid of that place. She was as broken as ever, but only showed it at night yet now I see it again in her eyes. I felt... responsible.

"Liz..." I whisper."...that's why I didn't want to tell you."

"W-" she squeaks and clears her throat,"Why?"

"Liz you are visibly shaking." I say raising my voice grabbing her hands to show her.

       She pulls away from me hugging herself turning from me.

"No I'm not."

"Yes, Liz." I sigh, tired of her always pulling away trying to do it on her own.

       You'd think she'd learn from her fail attempt to sleep alone. Even then she put up a fight. I guess I had only seen her give up to me one time, the first night she screamed and that was the last I'd see of it.

"I'm fine." she whimpers with her shoulders trembling.

       I knew she wouldn't like it if I tried to comfort her, but I had to. I can't just stand here as she cries.

I begin walking up to her,"Liz..." is all I say before she runs out the house in her pink pajama pants and black tank, but grabbed a big jacket on the way out.

"Damn it!" I hiss running outside.

"Liz!!" I yell as I stand on the porch looking for her.


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