If They Only Knew

(One Direction non-famous) Elizabeth is a normal teen living the life with her father and mother. When Liz stumbles upon the truth about her father, new friends, and old ones she wont like at all.


7. James and Tess


"Oh my gosh. I cant eat anymore." Liam groans pushing his plate while holding his stomach. I just laugh at him which makes me feel like I'm gonna puke.
"You know who would love your mom?"
"Niall." I laugh in agreement to his statement.

        Bing! I hear my phone.
Danny:Want to hang out?

Me:Sure!how about at my place in like two hrs?

Danny: yeah ok! Mind if I bring a few friends?

Me: Sure! C ya then! xx

"Who was that?" Liam asks from beside me.
"Oh it was Danny, an old friend who lives here in England."
"Oh." I really couldn't wait till Danny got here for me to meet his friends! But I hope it won't be awkward.
"Well I better be going."Liam says.

          We walk to his house in silence, still digesting our food. I hug him good bye on his porch. There was tons of snow but surprisingly it was already plowed on the roads. I then went to my house to get ready.

*2 hours later*

       I had on some cute sweat pants and a sweater that went over the shoulder. Ding dong!
"I got it!" I shout opening the door.
"Hey Danny!" I say hugging him and letting him in through plus two other people.
"Hey Liz! This is James and Therese."
"You can call me Tess" Therese cuts in while standing really close to Danny.
"Nice to meet you" I say with a smile.
       I invite them into the living room and we all talk about college which I really just let my parents decide where I went so i guess will be a surprise when I start. James and Tess are both 18 and two months apart. Tess had strait brown hair and brown eyes that sparkled when she laughed. James was a broad shoulder 5.9 tall kinda dude with brown shaggy hair and eyes that were brown and blue that melded together making them look green near his pupil that really fascinated me. They both were really nice but Tess laughed at everything you would say, a lot like Niall. James was usually the one she was laughing at though, he was just so funny he had me in tears quiet a few times from laughter. He felt like a little immature brother and I loved it. Tess, James and I exchanged numbers and I found out they were both cousins which explained why they looked alike with the same color of hair and the same smile. Once they left I went up stairs to take a nap.



SO sry for the short chapter, but don't worry the next one will be better maybe not longer, but better :) ~ <3 ya

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