If They Only Knew

(One Direction non-famous) Elizabeth is a normal teen living the life with her father and mother. When Liz stumbles upon the truth about her father, new friends, and old ones she wont like at all.


2. Crazy



                 I woke up with a really loud grumble and realize I never had dinner. Oops...so I decided to go to the shopping center near my house and see what cafes they have there. I was almost twenty so I just left a note for my parents saying 'I went out' . I got out a short black ruffled skirt, a white sweater, black tights, and white flats. I look in the mirror adding mascara to my crystal blue eyes, but that's it cause it's only eight in the morning so not many people will be out. I let my wavy amber hair loose and walk out the door with my purse in hand. By the time I get to the shopping center I see a bagel shop that's open and walk in. I order some tea with a cream cheese bagel. As i sit down to eat it at one of the tables five teenage boys walk in laughing. I don't pay them any attention and just eat my bagel. I look up to see the one with the really curly hair looking at me and i quickly look back down. My hair covering my view of the curly haired boy and his sea green eyes. I just sit there stirring my tea when I then hear footsteps coming towards me. I look up and all the boys sit down with me. Curly, the dark haired dude with dark eyes, skin, and perfect cheek bones, and a guy with a stripped shirt, brown hair, and striking blue eyes sit on the opposite side of the table while a blond with baby blue eyes and someone else i can't see sit on my side of the table. I sorta stair at them all with a confused look.

"Hey I'm Harry Styles this is (he points to his left going down the trail) Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, (then points to the blond) Niall Horan, and Liam Payne." he introduces his little posy.

            They all say their hellos while i just sit there not talking. Usually I am quiet out going, but a gang of boys have never just come up to me trapping me in a booth. Hopefully they weren't meaning to be this creepy.

"You new here love?" the blond says.

           Aw he called me love and he has the cutest little Irish accent ever! I decide to answer,

"Maybe maybe not." i say trying to pull off my best British accent.

"I could have sworn you were American." Niall says still in his Irish accent.

"Oh really, now what gave you that idea?" I reply with an Irish accent sorta mimicking how he sounds. All the boys chuckle and laugh at my response.

"Well i can reassure you I am American, i just moved here, and my name is Elizabeth, but my friends call me Liz." i say in my own voice smiling.

"Really?So you've never been to England before?" Liam questions from behind Niall's head.

"Uh, yeah" I say trying to remember if i had ever visited England before.

"Well boys now I think we need to show this young lady around" Louis says with a cheeky grin I really don't like.

              I get a bit worried but Niall pats my back.

"Don't worry love we wont let him hurt you, but he's right I do think we'll be having to showing you around." he says reassuringly.

"Well I guess that could be fun!" I say straitening up with a smile.

"Great!Come on lads let's go!" Louis says excitedly rubbing Zayn's hair.

"Hey!Watch the hair!"Zayn says trying to protect it while getting up.

                  You're probably thinking 'stranger danger', but they were really nice and didn't seem like the kinda people to kidnap a young girl like me, plus I just moved here and how else am I gonna make friends here?

                    I was the last to scoot out of the bench and me being a klutz at times, trip letting out a squeal embracing for impact. But someone catches me so I look up to see it was Liam. Wow, so that's what he looked like, and those big brown eyes staring back at me. He starts smiling.

"You ok?" he says lifting me to a standing position and letting go.

"Yeah, thanks." I say then turning my attention to the boys.

                   I quickly pay my bill and head out of the shop. I nervously start playing with my hair as the boys all file into the car I assume is Harry's cause he's in the drivers seat with Louis in the passenger. I slowly sit down next to Zayn and Niall.

"So where are we going?" I ask a bit excited myself.

"Well we were thinking about showing you the best ice cream place ever." Louis said

"I love ice cream!"I squeal

"Well then you'll definitely like this place." Zayn says still trying to fix his hair.

"Here." I hand Zayn a mirror from my purse.

"Thanks." he says with a crooked smile, I had to admit it was pretty attractive.

                 When we reach the ice cream shop we see a girl with golden hair and brown eyes at the cash register.

"Hey boys!" she says smiling at the guys.

"Hey Carol." Harry says kissing her cheek from across the counter.

                  I just look at Liam with a confused expression on my face. He sorta leans over and says, "Harry is dating Caroline, a girl from our college".

                  I just form an 'o' to let him know I understood. She was very pretty and you could tell she loved Harry. They looked so cute together.

"Carol this is Liz, Liz this is Carol my girlfriend" Harry introduced.

                 We both say "hi".

"Well what can I get you guys today?" All the boys got different kinds of ice cream flavors and I just settle for the normal vanilla, being convinced by Liam it's the best and plus I love vanilla!

"When is your shift over babe?" Harry asked Carol.

"In about forty minutes why?"

"Well we're showing Liz around so I didn't know if you would like to meet up with us at the mall later after your shift?" Harry asked.

"Yeah totally! I'll see you there!" she says happily.

                   We left the shop with our ice cream in hand.

"So we're going to the mall now?" I ask.

"Nope we're going to the park then the mall love." Harry says with a grin on his face showing his little dimples.

"Aw you're so cute with your little dimples" I say while grabbing his cheek.

"No!Not my dimples!" Harry yells turning away and covering his cheeks, the boys laugh.

"You don't want to mess with Harry's dimples it's the only way he gets the ladies."Louis says smiling.

"Hey don't forget his lovely locks." Niall says laughing so hard he's holding his stomach and I start laughing.

                   It's just something about Niall's laugh that makes the joke twenty times funnier.

"I wonder Mr.Styles what you would do if I were to cut all your hair off." I say with a cheeky grin while running my fingers through his hair. He then backs away.

"Keep her away from me boys!" he says.

                   All the guys start laughing again as we climb into the car to head to the park that was just down the road basically. There was barely no one at the park.

"Oh my gosh there are seesaws!" I say running to them excited to play on my favorite thing at the park.

                  The boys take the other two seesaws beside mine and Louis jumps onto mine. After we were done on the seesaws we all start walking to a big tree I had told them we should climb.

"As long as you don't fall." Harry said.

"Don't worry I got Lou with me." I said holding on Louis' arm and he smiled big.

"I'll race you guys to the tree!" Lou yells already running and we all chase after him.

Once we reached the tree,"I won!"Louis says in my face.

"Only cause you cheated!"I reply sticking my tongue out at him.

I start climbing the tree and after half a dozen branches I look below and see Liam's shining brown eyes looking up.

"Um Liam? I just realized I'm afraid of heights." I say hugging one of the branches.

                 He laughs at my attempt on making a pouting face.

"Hey come on we're almost at the top."he says.

I look past him to see Harry, Louis,and Niall climbing, but Zayn is just sitting on the lowest branch.

"No I'd rather join Zayn he looks like he's having fun." I state.

"Here I'll help you." Liam says coming to my level.

                 I slowly start up the tree again listening to what Liam says to do. But I accidentally step on the wrong branch and it snaps and falls. Luckily I was holding onto something. I stopped and held onto that branch with my eyes closed when I felt Liam beside me rubbing my hand so that I would loosen up and keep going.

"You ok?" he says sounding concerned.

"Liam?" I say opening one eye.


"I'll beet you to the top!" I say with a grin on my face and heading up the tree.

               Once I got up there my mouth dropped, it was better then my window seats view.

"Hey, you're just as bad as Louis you know that right?" Liam says poking his head up beside me now.

"Yeah, yeah." I say brushing it off.

"What are you looking at?"Liam asks following my gaze out at Wolverhampton.

"The view from here is amazing." I say smiling.

"Oh and look you can see my house from here!....Sorta." I say slightly putting my head up against Liam's so that he could see exactly where I was pointing.

"Really?!My house is like five houses from there." Liam says pointing to his now.

              I turn my head to him smiling as he turns to look at me to.

"Hey guys we should be heading to the mall now to meet up with Carol!" Harry yells up to us.

              I slowly lower my gaze and look all the way down and widen my eyes. Why did his tree have to be so dang big!?

"You first."I say to Liam and he looks down.

"Why me?!" he complains.

"Cause if I fall I'll fall on something soft."I say smiling at him.

"Now descend servant!"I continue in a commanding tone but start giggling immediately.

"Yes master." Liam replies bowing down to me, and he starts down the tree.

            The drive to the mall was Louis and I trying to beat the other at singing the loudest to the radio. Everyone looked pretty irritated by our childishness especially Zayn.

"Oh come on Zayn you know you wanna join." I yell over Louis' yelling/singing.

"No thanks." he says brushing it off.

"Oh please! I'll buy you...some hair product at the mall!" I beg him.

"Fine." he gives in and starts singing to the music.

              I just stopped and starred at him.

"You're really good Zayn!"I say amazed by his voice.

"Hey what about me!" Louis complains.

"Oh you to Lou." I say smiling at him.

              When we got to the mall Zayn brings me to this store with loads of hair supplies in it and I buy him like five different bottles of hair product and gel. I giggle while looking at Zayn's smile on his face as we all walk through the mall. Harry gets a text from Carol saying she would meet us at the cafeteria.

               Hanging out with Caroline, well Carol, was so much fun! She was so much more girly then me though, with glimmer all over the place like on her phone, purse, and what not. She looks like she could be a model, and I do have to admit that I was pretty jealous. Don't get me wrong I was skinny and pretty, well so I'm told, but it would be great to be as pretty and skinny as Carol. 

              It was like ten where I used to live so I was starting to get tired from the long day. I then got a text from my mom.   Birth Giver:Hey hun Danny called home wanting to talk.                              I had a huge smile on my face and realized Louis looking over my shoulder.   "Who's Danny?" he asks.


"No one." I say a bit harsher then meaning to and press my phone against my chest while still smiling.

  "Ok" he says putting his hands up giving up.                        We had gone back to Liam's place and were all just sitting around doing our own thing. I then text Danny telling him to meet me at my house later this evening in a few so that we could catch up. Danny was an old friend who had moved to England a long time ago. And we had been best friends when he left and we were both around 16. I couldn't wait to see him!
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