If They Only Knew

(One Direction non-famous) Elizabeth is a normal teen living the life with her father and mother. When Liz stumbles upon the truth about her father, new friends, and old ones she wont like at all.


28. Breathless

Elizabeth's P.O.V

"Plasmodium comes from mosquitos which cause malaria." my science teacher droned on as I scribbled little sketches on my book.

     Why were we even doing this I learned this in eighth grade! I sit there in the large class room at the top while Mr.Sherman continued teaching, and us students continue not listening. This was the last class of the day and I couldn't wait to return to my life.

"I'll see you guys tomorrow." Mr.Sherman says dismissing us with a smile.

      I quickly get out of the class room and decide to ask White when my next mission is. I walk down the halls looking at my watch. It was already three forty in the afternoon. As I reach the door I'm about to open when I hear muffled voices behind the door.

"I can't do this anymore." was John's voice saying sadly.

"Do you want to be tortured also?" was White.

     Why was he threatening John with torture? What was John unable to do? This and more questions entertained me as I listened in for more.

"No..." he mumbles"No! Find someone else! I'm not doing that to her!"

"You don't have a choice!" White yells and I can tell it's with a smirk.

     I then hear screaming. John's screaming. I put my hands over my mouth as small tears slide down slowly. I could tell what kinda scream that was. It sounded like mine when Satan turned the nob sending floods of the pain through me. So I'm not the only rebellious one out there. What was John talking about doing it to her though? Doing what? To who? The screaming then stops and I hear panting.

"Now Trigger, will you do as I tell you to?" I hear White smirking.

"Yes." John's shaky voice responds.

"Good. You can go now."

     I'm not quick enough to react. The door opens showing a slightly sweaty John coming out and shutting the door behind him quickly as he sees me.

"Liz." he whispers."Follow me." he tugs on my hand making me run with him through the halls.

      We reach his dorm and he closes the door behind him carefully. He turns to me hugging me.

"Liz you need to leave." he whispers into my hair.

"I can't. What about the nano bots?" I whimper, scared on why I had to leave.

      He curses himself and comes out of the hug. He paces, then turns to me.

"White wants me to get you to like me. Like more then a friend." he states.

     My eyes widen as I look at him in shock.

"So that's why you kissed me last night?"

"Y-yes and no. But he wanted me to earn your trust then torture you some more loosing that trust so that the only person you had left was him. Then you'd be wrapped around his finger never wanting to leave him. The thing was that I do like you, a lot, and I can't just do that to you." he says sadly.

"Really?" I didn't know what to say.

      John just basically told me he loved me. I wasn't to sure how to respond to that. I haven't really had time to sort out my feelings for him yet. But I guess I will figure them out soon.

"Yeah, but that doesn't matter. He's going to kill me if I don't do it to you. I've already decided I'm not."

      I walk up to him and grab his hand looking up into to his eyes.

"He's not gonna kill anybody."

"Liz I've been injected. He controls me now. I have no choice, but to follow and I've decided I'm not going to betray you like that." he strokes my hair with his free hand.

"I can't let him do that to you. I won't let him."

      He gives me a small comforting smile before I give him a big hug. I couldn't lose John even though he was my torturer. He was most likely forced to do it.

"Liz you've changed me in a way I don't think I could repay you. You've changed me for the best. I love you for that." I feel a tear hit my shoulder.

      I pull away to see that it was John. I realized that he must really think he's gonna die. No.

"No John." I shake my head."You are not repaying me with your life."

       He leans in and softly connects his lips with mine with his hands on both my cheeks. They begin to move up and down my sides. I bring my hands up to around the back of his neck as I kiss him back. His hand goes under my shirt rubbing around my waist. I quietly gasp and break from the kiss, breathless.

"I'm sorry." he breathes while our foreheads touch.

      I wrap my hands tighter around his neck. I shake my head.

"No. It's fine." I smile and feel him smile and I look at him and he looks at me as our foreheads break apart.

"I really do love you." he pushes.

      I might regret this or not later, but the feelings running through me were to much. I smile up at him widely.

"I love you to." I pull him into another kiss.

     I'm pressed up against the wall as John's hands run over the scars on my back, but they don't go to my bra. I kiss him harder then before not wanting to let him go. I hold him tighter also with our bodies against each other. We break apart for air. I begin smiling again as John chuckles.

"You hungry?" I ask feeling my stomach grumble.

"Yeah let's go get something." John pulls me by the hand out of the room.

      I've never been down this part of the building before so everything was weird and different. We get to the cafeteria John and I get some chicken and rice with a couple sodas and sit down to eat. We don't talk about the delicate subject, but instead we talk about how I'm doing in the shooting range.

"No!" I yell.

"Yes." he pushes even further.

      John always thinks that girls shouldn't fight especially with guns. Because we weren't compatible to it, and that we should just do womanly things like go shopping. He made an exception for me though. But I needed to defend my fellow girls out there.

"I'm ok with you shooting so just let it go and be happy." he jokes.

"No not until you say all girls can shoot!"

"Oh they can shoot and a lot of the times there aim is pretty good," he winks, once again being dirty this time I'm not even to sure what he means, you know what I don't think I wanna know."But Liz I'm talking about guns, and girls just simply can't use them."

"Ugh! I give up!" I say throwing my hands up and putting my head down on the clear table in-front of me.

     John laughs at my reaction as he finishes my dinner I couldn't bring myself to eat the rest of.

"Hey you want to stay at my dorm tonight?" John asks finishing my food.

"Sure." I say with a smile looking at him.

     We walk back hand in hand to his dorm. We enter his room and sit on his bed as he turns on the TV on the far-side of the wall to a movie that's already in the DVD player, Iron Man 3.

"Oh! I haven't seen this yet! Can we start from the beginning?" I plead looking up at him.

      He chuckles pecking my nose.

"Sure, I wasn't even that far into it." he grins.

      I get comfortable with putting my legs on John's and my head on his shoulder. His arm is wrapped around my side as we watch quietly at the movie.

"Wow! I did not see that coming." I say as the movie ends.

"Yeah, same."

"Hey I don't have any PJs, so do you mind if I borrow a few

"Yeah, here I'll get you some." he says getting up and grabbing a pair if sweat pants and a baggy blue Tony Hawk T-Shirt.

      I walk into his bathroom and get changed letting my hair loose to fall down my back out of it's clip. I walk back into his room and he's in blue and green checkered pants and a white shirt that's slightly see-through. I run and jump on the bed and John climbs in after me. I remember my necklace and decide not to wear it tonight. I take it off and lean over, placing it on the night stand. John turns out the light and settles down beside me and I place my head on his chest. I slowly fell asleep to the beat of his heart.

"No!!!!Stop!!!" I yell at Satan.

       The pain was horrible, I could barely breathe! My chest hurt! I needed to get him away from me and escape.

"Liz! Calm down!!" he says holding my arms, sending pain through me where my wounds were.

"Let go of me!!" somehow I break the ropes around my wrists and begin banging his chest, well trying to.

"Liz!! Please! Stop!"

       Wait how did he know my name? I stop fighting and realize I'm sitting in bed with John holding my arms. I curl up as he holds me tightly, stroking my hair.

"It's ok." he whispers.

"No it's not. You were hurting me." I whimper, trembling.

"That's all in the past. Don't worry about it. Just keep this on you," he says putting the necklace around my neck," it will get rid of those bad dreams."

      I nod as we lay back down and I curl up against John under the covers. I hesitantly fall back to sleep wary about the nightmares.


soooo sooo sry for not uploading!! writers block is a pain! well plus school :/


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