Safe and Sound

A cruise to New Zealand for school! Could life get any better for the adventurous teen Tess?!

A 2 day cruise on the Pacific Pearl with the rest of the year 9's in her school was going to be a blast! So much to do and see, Tess and her friends couldn't wait!

But disaster strikes on the first night of the cruise, an unexpected storm creates massive waves which eventually causes the ship to capsize. Most of the passengers on the boat are flung into the raging water, including Tess.

Tess awakens on the sandy shore of an island, exhausted she lays there half dead, shivering.

What feels like a blanket is suddenly layed across her, she forces her eyes open and looks up. A boy, not too much older than her looks down at she dreaming?! "The name's Jackson," he says, eyes as blue as the ocean on a perfect sunny day. "but you can call me Jack if you like."


8. Previous Life

"Tell me about your life Tess." Jack says as he stares into the camp fire, a small piece of driftwood gives way slightly, sending twinkling sparks straight up into the stary sky.

"As in what?" I say, "be more specific."

Jack chuckles, still staring into the fire. " Well, what kind of person were you before you came here, and how did you get here?" 

I sigh, letting the memories push through my walls of gief and helplessness. Then I begin.

"Well, before I got here I lived in Australia. With my Mum, Dad, and my brother Luke, "I pause, realizing how homesick I was, but pushed on. " I went to school with my friends like Emma, Jett, Stevie and Tyler, they are all so awesome, we are just always there for one another," I notice Jack is still staring into the fire, but continue. "So we were all going to go on this big cruise ship for a school camp over to New Zealand, but an unexpected storm somehow got the ship to tip over, "I shudder at the thought. "all of the year 9's from school had followed the Captain out to the side of the ship in the storm, just trying to get the the lifeboats. But by the time we got there, the ship had tipped over so much the lifeboats were unreachable. As we prepared for the capsize, these freak waves washed most of us off the ship and into the water," I'm so wrapped up in the memories that I hardly realize the tears rolling down my cheeks, Jack finally looks at me, and as he puts a comforting arm around my shoulders I keep going. 

"-I remember realizing my friends weren't next to me on the ship anymore. They had been flung into the water below the ship. Then the same happened to me seconds later, all I could hear was the raging waves against the ship, screams from other people in the water, and the thunder. It was pitch black, but when the lightening lit up the sky, "I held back a sob. "I saw the ship was on its side, people were floating around it, some alive and screaming and others dead. The current was too strong, so soon the screams faded. Next thing I know, Im lying on some beach and...well you know the rest."

As we sit there infront of the fire, I let myself cry. Jacks arm remains around my shoulders. "It's alright Tess, you're okay now." he says softly.

"But am I really okay?" I say inbetween sobs. "What about my friends? My Family? I just feel so helpless."

"I don't know what to say Tess," Jack says sadly, "I wish I could do something."

"I'm just so scared." I say, letting my head lean against Jacks side.

"I know, so am I." Jack says.

"Why would you be scared? You know where you are, you know what you're doing and where you belong." I say doubtfully. 

Jack smiles sadly, it makes me feel like something inside of me is about to break. "I haven't told you about me yet," he says, like he is holding back tears now. " I don't want many things in this life Tess, but do you want to know what one of those things is?"

"What?" I say, as we both stare into the fire, his arm around me as I continue to snuggle into his side.

"A reason to hope."  




Another short I haven't published something in forever im sorry! 

NOT that many people are actually reading this I dont think, but im sorry to even that one person that is reading this. I'm thankful for you. :)

I hope this was alright??

Yeah, hope to publish alot more these days. Life is starting to get busy....great.

xx Jess

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