Safe and Sound

A cruise to New Zealand for school! Could life get any better for the adventurous teen Tess?!

A 2 day cruise on the Pacific Pearl with the rest of the year 9's in her school was going to be a blast! So much to do and see, Tess and her friends couldn't wait!

But disaster strikes on the first night of the cruise, an unexpected storm creates massive waves which eventually causes the ship to capsize. Most of the passengers on the boat are flung into the raging water, including Tess.

Tess awakens on the sandy shore of an island, exhausted she lays there half dead, shivering.

What feels like a blanket is suddenly layed across her, she forces her eyes open and looks up. A boy, not too much older than her looks down at she dreaming?! "The name's Jackson," he says, eyes as blue as the ocean on a perfect sunny day. "but you can call me Jack if you like."


5. Jackson

'm cold, so dreadfully cold! I can feel my body violently shaking. Am I dying? I wonder as I try to open my eyes. My pajamas and jumper are still drenched. With my eyes open I can see sand. okay, I'm lying on what looks like a beach. My thought is confirmed as I hear waves crashing onto the sand, and seconds later, re-drenching me as the last little bit of foam reaches land before dragging itself back into the ocean. 

Knowing I'm somehow alive, I try to sit up. But I'm so exhausted I can't sit up even if my life depended on it. So I lay there, getting colder and wetter by constant waves. All I can do is think. With sudden realization of why I'm lying half dead on a beach comes back to me I would have screamed if I had the energy. The cruise ship! Emma! Jett! All the year 9's! Everything comes flooding back. I feel a tear roll across my face and onto the sand. I am cold, exhausted, and alone.

Well at least I think I am.

My eyes close again and I listen to the ocean while I continue to shiver violently. Suddenly, what feels like a blanket is layed across me. Startled, I force my eyes open and look up, standing over me is a boy, not too much older than myself. "The name's Jackson," he says, his eyes the colour of the ocean on a perfect summers day "but you can call me Jack if you like." he adds with a grin. I just lay there, blinking. The blanket almost instantly starts to warm me up. "Can you speak?" Jack asks, kneeling next to me. 

I try to reply, "ye-yea-y-' I give up. Talking takes too much energy.

"Wow, you have really been to hell and back hey?" Jack says as he rolls me over. "You can't even talk to me!" And with one swift movement he picks me up, blanket and all, and heads across the sand to  the scrub. I try to get away, managing to slightly push against what I realize is his bare chest. If I had the energy I would go redder than a sun burnt tomato. "Hey! I'm trying to help you here, the least you could do is stay still." Jack exclaims, ducking under tree after tree as he walks deeper and deeper into the thick scrub.

A slight breeze picks up and I start shivering again. "I think you might have hypothermia or something." Jack says looking at me in his arms with concern. "It's alright, I should have stuff for that back at home."

Back at home? I wonder. Who would I then realize I don't even know where here is! I could have washed up on any old beach! I look up to study Jacks face while he continues to carry me, trying to determine his nationality. His tanned skin and bright blue eyes aren't that much of a help. His curly dark brown hair is blown slightly to the side by the gentle wind, which isn't much of a help either. I'll ask him when I build up the strength. I tell myself.

Finally, Jack sits me up against a small log which is facing a lit fire. "I'll go and get some more wood for the fire, stay there." Jack says disappearing into the trees. I manage to turn my head as I take in my surroundings. Everywhere I look is just dense bush land, although the odd little track has been cleared probably by that Jack boy. Should I trust him? I wonder. This guy could seriously hurt me if he wanted to! But all he has been is nice, and I can't exactly run away at the moment. 

Minutes later, Jack comes back with an armload of driftwood. "Good, you stayed put." he says chuckling to himself. 

Oh laugh about my exhaustion now but when I gain strength it will be a different story. I think to myself, and I can't help but smile. Jack looks over at me, "hey! you're smiling, good to see!" he says as he stokes up the fire, then comes and leans against the log next to me. "I haven't had company for awhile now, it's good I finally have someone other than Dean to talk to." Jack says, his eyes full of emotion. I manage to make a confused facial expression at the mention of Dean. Jack just laughs. "I'll introduce you to Dean tomorrow, he's a great...umm....friend." 

This boy was getting weirder and weirder by the second! First carrying me into bush land and sitting me down at a random fire, then talking about some "friend" called Dean? I don't know what will be next!

The fire warms me up and I no longer shiver, although exhaustion still lingers. Jack remains next to me, staring into the fire. I feel myself falling asleep and let my eye lids close. 

When I wake up the sky is a lot darker and the sun has almost completely set. I realize my head is leaning on a sound asleep Jacks shoulder and I jerk upright with embarrassment, making Jack wake up too. "Holy...I was only going to sleep for a second, must have been like 3 hours or something!" Jack mutters getting up. "Can you walk yet?" he asks.

I try to stand, but it's helpless. I feel like a baby, just learning to walk and talk. "Well, I better carry you again." Jack says grinning as he picks me up gently, the blanket still draped over me.

Jack carries me for what seems like ages, I fall asleep in his arms as he is kind of cradling me. At any other moment I would be too embarrassed to fall asleep in a guys arms but right now sleep sounds too tempting. The only thing that wakes me up is the sound of a door opening.

My eyes flutter open, I see that Jack has carried me into some sort of house arrangement. On the right there is a kitchen like set up, with a sink, stove, oven, everything! In the middle there is a cream coloured couch with a coffee table and lamp, and on the left there is a doorway which leads into another room or two. 

"This, is my house." Jack says as he carries me through the doorway, down a short hall and into what looks like a bedroom. "You can sleep here," he says putting me down on a small bed. "Dinner will be ready soon." he adds as he walks out.

DINNER? I think. Which reminds me of how hungry I am. This Jack boy might be starting to make up for his weirdness! And sure enough, Jack comes back with what looks like a bit of cooked fish, along with some green plant that looks like seaweed, and a cup of water. "You reckon you will have enough energy to feed yourself? Or do I-" he doesn't even bother finishing his sentence as I quickly sit up on the bed and give him a quick smile. Jack laughs, "Getting better already!" and with that he walks out, leaving me to scoff down the food like a pig, not that I really care! I actually didn't realize how famished I was. Soon, the food is all gone and I lay down and fall asleep, the empty plate and cup still beside me.

I'm awaken hours later by Jacks presence, "sorry to wake you, just come to get your dishes," he says grinning. "Goodnight." he adds as he carries my plate and cup out of the room.

"Night." I manage to mumble as I almost instantly go back to sleep.


Are these chapters too short? Or are they okay?

Hope you are enjoying my story :) any likes....dislikes...??

Ahhh good old Jack! Helping the somewhat helpless Tess out! :)

I wonder who Dean is....heh heh.

xx Jess

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