Safe and Sound

A cruise to New Zealand for school! Could life get any better for the adventurous teen Tess?!

A 2 day cruise on the Pacific Pearl with the rest of the year 9's in her school was going to be a blast! So much to do and see, Tess and her friends couldn't wait!

But disaster strikes on the first night of the cruise, an unexpected storm creates massive waves which eventually causes the ship to capsize. Most of the passengers on the boat are flung into the raging water, including Tess.

Tess awakens on the sandy shore of an island, exhausted she lays there half dead, shivering.

What feels like a blanket is suddenly layed across her, she forces her eyes open and looks up. A boy, not too much older than her looks down at she dreaming?! "The name's Jackson," he says, eyes as blue as the ocean on a perfect sunny day. "but you can call me Jack if you like."


4. A Great Creak

The storm seems even more severe than before as we all follow the Captain to the life boats. With heavy rain pelting down on top of us and thunder now even louder than a speeding train, adrenaline is pumping through my veins like crazy. Still holding on to Emma's hand, I copy everyone elses' actions and cling to the decking rail. 

Wave after wave crashes against us and the ship, I can feel it tipping under me. The rushing ocean below gradually getting closer and closer the more the ship leans. The group suddenly comes to a halt. "THE SHIP IS ALREADY TOO FAR INTO THE WATER!" The Captain yells. "THE LIFE BOATS CANNOT BE REACHED, MOST OF THEM WILL ALREADY BE DESTROYED FROM THE WAVES!"

"WHAT DO WE DO?" A boy called Tom yells out.

"FIND THE HIGHEST PART OF THE SHIP AND PREPARE FOR THE CAPSIZE!" The Captain answers, and I'm sure I could hear a slight wobble in his voice.

As we turn around to head back to a safer part of the ship, the biggest wave yet smashes into the side of it, 4 girls are swept off the ship from the force of the water and they plummet down into the raging waters below. Emma screams as the girls hit the water. I cover my mouth in utter shock, tears streaming down my face, reflecting most other looks of the kids and Captain around me. "COME ON!" I yell, dragging Emma by her arm to the front of the crowd. 

With lightning still lighting up the sky every few seconds, Emma and I lead the rest of the crowd towards the other side of the ship, which will give us greater shelter from the rain and killer waves. More and more waves smash against us as we all climb the decking which is now a slippery slope as a result of the ships dangerous angle. "GRAB ONTO THE RAIL AND DON'T LET GO!" I yell, mostly to myself. But everyone else obeys my instruction. 

As a massive lightning bolt lights up the sky, I see a massive wave building up in the distance, another lightening bolt, and again I see the wave is getting dangerously high and coming straight towards us. Emma's screams and I know that she sees it too. I cling to the rail, trying to prepare myself for the massive blow of water that is about to hit us. Time seems to slow down and I can't help but squint because of the rain. Everyone is drenched now and either screaming, crying or both.

I catch Jetts eye as I look over everyone, as more lightening flashes I see he is crying too. "Tess!" he yells.

The wave finally makes impact. I feel as though I have been hit by a bus, but I manage to hang onto the railing. I look beside me and realize Emma, and around 50 others aren't clinging to the rail anymore. "EMMA!" I scream over the thunder and rain. But she was gone. With a massive creak I feel the boat tip completely over. Even though I cannot hear myself, I know I am sobbing. A gigantic splash of water and a great creak from the ship confirm it has capsized and is now sinking. I try to make sense of what is going on around me. All I can hear is screaming from below me from the kids that have been swept off the railing and into the water below. Another unexpected wave crashes against the ship and scream as I too, plummet into the water below. It is freezing, and pitch black, I can feel a current carrying me further and further away from the ship by the second.

This is it. I think. I'm going to die.

"EMMA! JETT! ANYONE?" I scream as I gulp down large mouth fulls of salty water, just trying to stay afloat. No one answers, and if they did I could not hear them over the raging water.  My jumper feels heavy on my shoulders as I try to paddle away from the ship, not wanting to be dragged under. I feel dizzy, not knowing which way is which in the darkness. A sudden flash of lightening lights up what feels like the whole world, and my eyes take in the capsized boat and few bodies floating around it. I scream again, even though I only saw what was around me for a split second, it was enough.

I soon get tired and feel myself slipping in and out of consciousness. "Emma...Jett" I whisper, shivering. Then everything goes black.


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