""wait.... are u my carrot boy?????""

hi my name is carole and i am very pretty i go to university and one day i met a boy named louis and this is the story of how our love came to be with so much drama and death and sadness in between!!!!!!!!!!! this story is rated 18 + pls dont raed if your not because their are senes that are inproprite for little children!!!


1. meeting louis

hi my name is carole and i really like carrots because they sound like my name and also because of louis tomlinson! He is like my idol.

i have lusious blond curly hair and shiny blue eyes that look like the oshean. I am tall and skinny and i like sports and im really smart which is why i am in university. people tell me that i am beautiful enough to be a model, but i don't think so because i am really insecure. i am always worried that all of my friends make fun of me behind my back because i am so ugly and stupid but they say they dont so i believe them. i am nineteen years old and go to university. this is me <3

today i went to university. i was late though, because i forgot my books and had to go back and get them. i got into the class in the middle of attendance. i look around for my spot.

"ah, who is this late person" the teacher says and the class laughs nervously.

"My name is carole. like carrots" i sigh, looking around for a spot.

"carole..." the teacher looks at her clipboard. "you have been assigned to that seat right there. now go ahead."

i sit down and she continues taking attendance. im not really listening until the door opens up and the most beautifulest boy i have ever seen in my life steps in.

'another late student" the teacher says and he nods embarrassedly. 

"my name is louis tomlinson."


why is louis tomlinson in my class?!?!?

"ahh, your spot is right next to carole." the teacher wrinkles her nose like she hates us. "carole like carrots"

louis sits down and unzips his backpack.

"hey" he smiles with his cloud white teeth. "you know i like carrots, right" he winks and i blush all the way to my toenails. 'no i take that back, I LOVE CARROTS and you are really pretty"

wow this is turning out to be the best day ever <3

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