End It

Do you know what its like yo have your world crumble before your eyes... KC does. This 17 year old is thrown into a world where nothing will ever be the same... Korea has sent an attack on north America. But it was something that nobody could have ever seen coming.. People are mutating and killing each other... KC's town being one of the 21 that the government saved.. And even within the walls of her town things are starting to crumble, and nobody is as they were... She is developing weird things that can not be explained.. And now everything is being taken away?


9. Your Nothing

I hated being like this, especially to Craige, but I would much rather space out then hurt him. I could hurt him, and I wouldn't even mean to. I changed out of my wet clothes, and hopped into the shower. The water was warm, and sent pleasant chills down my spine.

It was late out now, and I couldn't see anything outside. The sun was completely gone, and the stars were out now. .They seemed to be one of the only things that stayed the same.

It may sound stupid, but I always pictured this one star that was brighter then the other as Jesse. I made myself think that it was him watching over me in some weird way, but it kept me calm, and gave me hope... hope... something that I was starting to run short on.

I got out of the shower, and wrapped myself in a huge brown towel. It was brand new, and still had that nice soft feeling to the touch. I grabbed another towel, and started to dry my hair with it. I didn't bother to brush my hair right now, I just let it flow in any way that it wanted to.

I washed my face at the huge shop sink that was placed at one of the corners of the shop. It was cold in here, but I liked the cold way more then I liked the heat. Atleast I could warm my self up if I was cold.

I put on a pair of boxers, and a tank top, and curled up in my bed. I closed my eyes craving to have that dream. The only thing that kept me sane, and gave me a glimmer of hope.

I felt the tear fall down my cheek, and then down to my lips. It some how got through the cracks that were on my lips, and the tear reached my tongue. It was salty and warm, but it made me know that I was actually crying. Crying was the only thing that I seemed to do anymore, but it let me know that I still had emotions. Normally I felt numb, you know when your arm falls asleep and you can't feel anything but those small tingles in it. It was something close to that, but instead there was no tingle, it was just pure numbness, and coldness.

My eyes closed, and I felt relief.

Bang! I heard at the door, and my eyes burst open, and were searching all over the room. I realized the noise came from the door, and picked up the pistol that was on my bed stand.

"Who's there?" I asked loud enough that I knew whatever it was outside could hear me. I got no reply, and then I got a grip on the door knob, and slowly started to turn it. I took one last deep breath, and swing the door open, and stepped outside in one big motion.

I looked to my left, and saw nothing but black, and then I looked the other way. I didn't even hesitate to shoot, the bullet had left my gun before my brain could even send the message.

"What the hell!?!?!" A screaming voice cried out.

"You could have shot me!!!" The same voice yelled again, and that is when I realized that it was Jayce.

I put the gun down, but didn't lose drip of the trigger just in case he wanted more trouble.

"What do you want?" I asked annoyed. I tried to make it sound like I had just woken up.

"I wanted to apologize.. the way that I acted today" He said but I couldn't hear more lies then were already there.

"You were showing off for your group of friends, its not the first time you have done it, and it won't be the last" I said looking around behind him to see if anyone else was around. I couldn't see anything, but that was obvious.

"I know" He said. He was actually swallowing his pride, and apologizing. That or it was just another joke that him, and his stupid basketball team was playing.

"Leave it, you are the last person I want to see right now" I said turning around, and grabbing ahold of the edge of the door. I went to close it, but it stopped right before it could close, and I felt a hand on my upper arm. The grip was tight, and it startled me.

"You know what" He said loosening his grip a bit, but not letting go of my arm.

"No you listen to me, you have no right to talk to me after what you did" I said my voice was raising its volume.

"I thought I was helping you" He said trying to act innocent, he was trying to act sweet, but that wans;'t what he was.

"You know what you are? You are some trigger happy moron that some how got a hold of a gun, and killed some one. You killed someone who didn't deserve to die, someone who meant the world to me, and you saying sorry will never make up for what you did. Sorry doesn't bring him back.. sorry doesn't stop that bullet from going back into the barrel.. he is gone, and it is because of you..." I said, but now the tears were flowing from my eyes.

"I don't know what to say to you" He said, he actually sounded sincere this time, but I wasn't going to fall for it.

"Stop it, I know you don't care.. don't act like you are sensitive, and caring, you are an ass!"

"I seen a tear start to form in the corner of his right eye, and for a second I doubted his tough guy image.

Then I smelt the liquor that was taking over his breath, he was drunk. Now everything made sense.. There was no way he would just come here sober.

"You are drunk.. go home"

"I can't go home.... My home is gone.. my friends are gone.... my girlfriend is gone... my family, my mom, my dad, my little brother they are all gone... don't stand there and tell me about how I don't know how you feel"

I was surprised.. not by his outburst, but his emotions. I could normally read people like a book, but he was different. Something about him intrigued me, and something about it challenged me.

He was so hurt, and he was right maybe he did know how I felt, but it wasn't going to change anything.

"I don't have a home anymore" He said, his eyes were not focused on me, but they soon turned their attention to me.

"I'm sorry" I said looking down at the ground, I couldn't bare to face him right now.

He was looking at me, but I couldn't tell what he was thinking, and that drove me crazy.

"What are you thinking?" I blurted out not being able to control myself.

He paused, but he never stopped looking at me, he was looking into my eyes. "I am thinking about the one thing I have wanted to do since the moment I saw you" He said, and I knew what he meant.

"Wait----" I said but it was to late, he leaped forward. His lips were pressed against mine within seconds. I was shocked, and startled, but I didn't pull away. His lips slowly left mine, and he was breathing heavy. He was nervous, and it was cute. I pushed him away, "You are drunk go home now" I demanded. I could tell he wasn't in the mood to argue with me, he just starred at me for a few more seconds, and walked away.

I knew that I had strong feelings about the kiss, but I didn't know what the feelings were yet. I couldn't like it, there way no way that it was possible. The more I thought about it.. the more it became a possibility.
I placed two of my fingers over my lips thinking about the kiss, and I remembered the feeling I got. It was a mixture of feelings that could never be described. I part of me liked the kiss, and another part of me hated myself for liking it.

I turned over in my bed, and faced the picture of Jesse, and me from my birthday, It was in a frame, and was placed so I could see it from my bed. "I need you here" I mouthed just as if he could of actually heard me.

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