End It

Do you know what its like yo have your world crumble before your eyes... KC does. This 17 year old is thrown into a world where nothing will ever be the same... Korea has sent an attack on north America. But it was something that nobody could have ever seen coming.. People are mutating and killing each other... KC's town being one of the 21 that the government saved.. And even within the walls of her town things are starting to crumble, and nobody is as they were... She is developing weird things that can not be explained.. And now everything is being taken away?


10. Try Hard

My eyes opened, but it took a minute for them to come from a blurry vision to a clear. My dog Percy was laying on my bed beside me his tail was wagging even though nothing else on his body was. His breath sure smelt like a dogs breath would, but it was the same. He was the only thing that I knew that hadn't changed.
He was a chocolate lab, and was sort of big for being one. He was always happy, and energetic, some qualities that I wish I had. I rubbed my hands down the side of my dog, and then rolled over, and out of bed.

It was maybe 5 a.m., but I was ready to go for a run. It helped me clear my head, and it kept me in shape. These mutants weren't like zombies at all except for the simple fact that they killed people. The mutants weren't dead they were very much alive, but it was almost like they had no control over what they were doing at all. They could run, and honestly faster then most people could run. That is what got most of the people in the beginning, they couldn't out run the mutties. The less athletic people were killed almost instantly, and then the athletic people were left. It was weird, the people that got infected, or turned if that is what you want to call it, they were abnormal. It wasn't jus the growths, and the powers that made them abnormal, but they seemed to be able to talk to one another. The high pitch pig squeal of a noise they made just seemed to draw more of them to it.

The noise.. I remembered the first time I heard it, I flinched, and covered my ears. It was so loud, it made me feel like my ears were going to start pouring out blood. It was almost painful, but by now I was used to it. Sometime when you were quiet enough you could hear them. They weren't close to us, but you could hear them in the distance.

Sometime I often wondered what they were doing. The could be searching for food, or even just another kill. It was almost a thrill for them, they got wild eyes after there first kill, and seemed to go even more savage on their second, and third.

I almost couldn't bare to think about them. They were normal people just like us, they never seen this coming. They didn't want to be the way they were, they were innocent people that didn't stand a chance.

The most heart breaking thing I have ever had to see in this epidemic was a little girl who had mutated. She was maybe only 7 or 8. I watched her change, and it wasn't a pretty sight. She was in so much pain, and she shrieked, and then that normal shriek turned into that high pitch one, and she was completely changed over.

She may have changed but the one thing that didn't was the fear in her eyes. Even when she was a muttie, the fear was almost like strong sent on her. I watched that little girl get shot, not once but three times. She went berserk, and I could tell she wasn't the same little girl, but she was still a little girl none the less.

I walked outside, and the sun was shining down on me. It gave me a little ray of heat, but the cold breeze chilled me almost to the bone. I walked to Criage's small little camper that was on the south end of the house next to the barn.

I knocked on the door three times, and there was no answer.

"Hey sleepy head" I heard Craige say in an almost handsome voice. He was brushing my horse, and waving over at me.

"I almost forgot I had one of these" I said walking over, and brushing my hand through the main of the beautiful creature.

"I love this guy" He said patting the horse on the back. I watched the dust that was trapped in the horsed fur escape, and fly through the air as Craige patted it.

"Listen I am sorry about last night" I said biting my lip trying to suck up my pride.

He looked at me as if to wonder why I was apologizing, "I was pretty rude to you after everything happened, and I didn't have a reason to be"

"You did have a reason... you were face to face with the guy that ki-" He said, but he stopped himself right before he could finish the sentence. he started to raise his voice the further he continued into his sentence, and then took a deep breath, and finished it. "The guy that killed Jesse" He said acting like it was no big deal now.

"I have dealt with him before, I don't know why I snapped this time" I said trying to figure it out myself.

"I think you are just to stressed out now"

'I guess"

I was stressed out, but I was always stressed out. I have been stressed since day one of this entire thing.

"I have to tell you something" I said grinding my teeth together knowing that he would be mad when I told him.


"Jayce kissed me last night" I said so fast I didn't really understand what I was saying myself. Judging by the look on his face he knew exactly what words came out of my mouth.

"What?' He asked. He was in shock, and he didn't know what to say.

"Yeah...' I said only talking so that the awkward silence would be broken.

"I am going to kill him" Craige said throwing the brush down, and storming away from me.

"Stop" I begged, but there was no use he wasn't going to stop for anything, or anyone. He was In the truck, and the tires were skidding across the gravel road, and into town.

"Rose!" I cried out hoping that she would come to my side. Craige is walking into a death wish right now, they won't take it easy on his especially after yesterday.

"What, are you okay?" She asked all out of breath from running to me.

"Where do Brock, and the boys hang out?!" I asked almost shaking her when I asked.

"They hang out by the old town office.. why? She asked. I had made her panic, and she didn't even know what was wrong.

I didn't even bother to answer, I turned, and started to print to town. I could hear her trying to keep up with me, but it was no use, I was clearly faster then her. She never gave up, I wouldn't doubt it if she ran all the way to town behind me, but I was going to beat her there.

I ran through the streets of this crumby town, and searched waiting to see a glimpse of Craige. I turned the corner of the old town office, and there he was. I was happy to see him, but not happy to see how he was.

He was laying on the ground, his face covered in blood, and a foot kicking him in the ribs.

"Stop" I screamed out, and this all felt so familiar. The scream wasn't calm, and strong, it was weak, and my voice  cracked when I screamed it.

They turned their heads to look at me, and I knew that I had a chance to help him. I heard the gun being loaded, and then a bullet go off. Jayce slapped the gun out of the hand of the guy shooting it, screaming no. The bullet missed me, but I knew it was going to from the second it was shot.

I laughed, and picked up the guy and threw him into the brick wall of the building that was crumbling down.

"Don't touch him" I said walking up to Craige, and kneeling down to check, and see if he was still okay.  I could see where all the blood was coming from now, there was a three inch gash across his  forehead. The blood was pouring out of the gash almost like when you squeezed a ketchup packet, but the blood didn't stop coming out.

I twitched at the sound of a pocket knife being pulled out of one of the guys pockets. "Put that knife down before you lose that entire hand" I said not taking my eyes off of Craige.

I heard deep breathing behind me, and I knew Rose was standing there.

"What the hell happened?!" She asked between gasps for air.

"Call the ambulance" I said trying to calm myself down.

I could tell Craige was losing to much blood, you couldn't lose that much in real life. maybe in all of those movies, but now it was starting to take a toll on him. The parts of his skin that weren't covered in blood were as pale as snow.

I felt Jayce's hands on my one shoulder, and wiped my should around to get it off.

Craige was unconscious, and I couldn't feel a heart beat anymore. "Come back Craige, please, please don't me you are the only person  I have left now" I said crying. I muffled my voice because my face was buried into his chest. Jayce was trying to pull me up, and off of him.

"Don't you fucking touch me.. Look what you did!? You killed him!!"

"I didn't even touch him" Jayce said trying to defend himself.

"You just stood there, and let this happen, you are the reason he is dead!" I screamed sniflling back the tears, and snot that was clouding my face.

I pushed him harder then was intended, and he fell back into the wall.

"Why don't you kill Rose while you are at it, or take my sister away from me?! You seem to like taking people I love away from me so much go ahead' I said wiping the cold tears from my face.

The paramedics arrived, and loaded him up on the stretcher. They worked on him for  20 minutes, and nothing.

"There's a pulse" I head, and was thrashing towards the ambulance. I could see his chest moving up, and down, but it was barely noticeable. A helicopter was being flown over top of us, and landed right beside the ambulance.

I knew where they were taking him, they were taking him to the town next to us. It was where all the doctors, and nursed where now.

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