End It

Do you know what its like yo have your world crumble before your eyes... KC does. This 17 year old is thrown into a world where nothing will ever be the same... Korea has sent an attack on north America. But it was something that nobody could have ever seen coming.. People are mutating and killing each other... KC's town being one of the 21 that the government saved.. And even within the walls of her town things are starting to crumble, and nobody is as they were... She is developing weird things that can not be explained.. And now everything is being taken away?


6. Not a dream

"Kassandra? Baby wake up" I heard a faint deep voice call out, but I couldn't quite make it out.

"Wake up beautiful" The same voice said, but only much clearer this time.

I opened my eyes, and facing me was Jesse. I sat up immediately.

"Oh my god, you are okay, you are alive, you don't even have a scratch on you" I said looking at him, and then his neck to see if a scar had formed. I rubbed my eyes, not believing what was laying right in front of me.

"You're here" I whispered, and then layed back down slowly beside him. Then I saw that smile that made me warm inside spread across his perfect face. His dimples were visible now.

I let a smile take over my face.. "I missed you" He whispered. We were whispering as if we needed to, but we really didn't.

"I missed you like crazy" I said staring at him. I was studying his face, and it was perfect. His big blue eyes were staring back at me, and his smile was still upon his face.

"I love you Kassandra" He said. He pressed his lips up against my for head, and I closed my eyes. I was trying to focus in on the touch of his lips on my for head. His lips were so warm, and comforting. It make me feel like everything bad that has happened was gone, and done with.

"I love you to" I whispered, and then curled up to his body that was full of warmth. His arms wrapped around my waist, and I felt like I could finally just let everything go.

"Don't leave me again" I whispered with my eyes shut.


I woke up with a smile on my face, but it was gone soon enough. I turned over to see an empty space in my bed. He had never been here.

"Great, It was another dream" I thought to myself. These dreams just seemed to keep happening more, and more often now. Jesse was starting to consume my thoughts taking over complete control over my brain, and thoughts.

He was on my mind all of the time, and I hated it. It just made that hole in my chest grow.

I checked the alarm clock, and it was about 5 p.m. I slept for almost an entire day. I needed it, those dreams were the only thing that kept me from going completely insane.

The thing I hated the most about them was how real they felt. I swear I could actually feel him here, I could actually feel his lips on mine, but it was never real was it.

I heard a loud shriek come from the house, and burst inside the front door. "What happened?" I asked running to the little girl that was screaming.

She was looking at the kitchen, and then started to cry. "Shhh, if you are loud they will get more aggressive" I said covering her mouth. I could hear scratching noises, and banging happening from the kitchen area.

"How many?" I asked taking my hand off of her mouth.

She put her hand up signaling that there was only one. It wasn't un common for one or two to sneak in from time to time. None of them had ever gotten into the house.

"I want you to run outside, and go to Craige's camper, and tell him what's happening.. Don't stop for anything, or anyone I don't care if Santa himself pops up out of nowhere, you keep running.. got it?" I said. She shook her head, and I knew she was terrified.

I peaked my head around the corner, and seen it. It was the most disgusting thing I had ever seen. All of the muitties looked different from each other. Whatever Korea sent down on us seemed to have a different effect on everyone. People mutated in different ways, no two mutties had the same mutations or looked even close to alike.

 I felt something come up behind me, and I knew it was Craige.

"What is it?" he asked. I had almost forgotten that he hadn't seen one of these things before.

I smiled, "Newbie eh?" I asked, and then turned the corner. He tried to stop me, but I just stood there.

"Hey!" I yelled at the stupid thing that was scavenging through all of our cupboards. It turned, and was ready to charge. I lifted my hand, and up it went, it was floating in the air. It thrashed kicked, and made this got awful high pitch growl. It almost sounded something like a pig being slaughtered. Craige covered his ears at the sound, but I was use to it by now.

"You can come around the corner, it can't go anywhere' I said smirking, I felt like a show off, but he looked so amazed at what I was doing.

"Take a good look at it" I said still holding my hand in the air.

"It's disgusting" He said cringing his face up when he looked at it.

He circled the ugly thing floating in the air that was thrashing out at me, and drooling from the mouth.

"Okay go into the loving room" I said putting my other hand in the air. "What are you going to do' Craige asked almost scared.

"Do you want this thing running around?" I asked raising my eyebrow.

"No" He said stepping back behind me.

I took one last look at this thing.. I closed both of my fists, and squinted my eyes. I usually squinted my eyes when I was in deep thought. The squealing noise started back up again, but only for a minute. I dropped the thing flat on the ground, and I knew it was dead.

I cooked it from the inside out, it was almost like putting it in an oven Except you couldn't tell that he had been cooked on the inside. His outside body showed no signs of it, not that you could tell on one of these things anyways.

"What did you do" He asked walking up close to the muttie"

"Bah!" I screamed when he got close enough, and he started to run back, only to trip over the rug in the kitchen, and fall on his ass.

I burst out laughing, "Aweh that's cute, you got scared" I said still laughing like a hyena.

"You're an ass!' He said standing back up, and taking another look at the thing laying lifeless on the floor.

"You can pole it with a stick, but it won't move. I fried it from the inside out" I said smirking.

"We are going to have to call the MDR (Mutant disaster Recovery)" He said, lifting up the arm of the muttie.

"Yeah, yeah I will get right on that' I said rolling my eyes.

The MDR was stationed in town 13, and was specialized scientists, and doctors, who were treating, and trying to see exactly what these things are.. well that it was they told us anyways.

Craige called the number for the MDR, and I lifted this thing outside to the front yard that was now full of all the 13 kids that lived in the house.

They were all so fascinated with it, and who was to blame. It wasn't your average everyday thing to see. They crowded around it, "Be careful I am not sure it's dead" I said. I was just trying to scare the kids. They all slowly backed away from it, being careful not to make any noise.

Craige came back as said that they wouldn't be here for an hour  to pick up the body.

"Listen I don't want any of you going near this thing" I said pointing at all of the kids.

They all nodded their heads, and agreed.

I walked away, and changed my clothes. Today was a little hotter then most of the days that we have been having. I put on a pair of jean shorts, and a bikini top. I was planning on going back to the creek today, and go for a quick dip.

The hour went by fast, and sure enough a helicopter was hovering above my little house. Two men came out of it, and pulled out a stretcher, and a body bag. They were wearing masks, and I take it was so they didn't get infected.

"How did it die?" The one asked me, and Craige. We both knew that if we told him I killed it with my powers they would take me away with it.

"We found it like that this morning" Craige said. It was obviously a lie, but it was a believable one. Weird things happened a lot now, and they just shrugged it off.

"What time did you find it like this?" One of them asked me.

"About exactly an hour ago' I said looking down at my watch.

They asked so many questions, and each of the questions had to be answered with such detailed answers.

"Are we done here?" I asked in a snarly voice.

"Almost" He said. I could tell he was just as annoyed as I was.

"I have better things to do then this" I said crossing my arms, and then leaning back a bit.

"Don't we all" I knew that voice, and especially that tone of voice, it was so familiar. I starred, but there was no way that I was going to see through his suit, and mask.

"That is all, we can take him, and leave now" The guy said grabbing the stretcher, and pulling it towards the helicopter.

I turned around, not wanting to wait to watch it take off.

"If I show you something you promise you won't tell anyone"? I asked Craige, who was staring at the helicopter.

"Yeah" He said acting like It was no big deal.

"Come with me" I said grabbing his hand, and dragging him behind me. I took him down the same trail that me, and Rose go down every time we come to the creek. The path was worn down by now, and you could clearly tell we have been this way a couple of times.

We climbed over the fence, and walked until we saw the creek. "You have been hiding this?" He asked, almost sounding angry, but a little offended that I would keep something from him. It wasn't like we were good friends of anything, we didn't have to tell eachother everything.

"Yeah.. sorry" I said. He picked me up, and threw me over his shoulder just like Jesse used to.

We were headed towards the water, and then I felt the cold crisp water take over my body. I was under water holding my breath.

I opened my eyes, and there Craige was staring right back at me.

We came above the surface of the water.

"This is amazing, how did you know about this?" He asked.

"Before the fence was put up, this used to be all my land, and I would always come back here. I didn't think much of it until now though" I said.

"Well its great" He said diving his head back under the water.

I heard the crinkle of leaves, and ran out of the water, and to the little hole that me, and Rose dug the first day we came out here. I pulled out a shot gun, and waited to see movement.

Rose came along the path, but she wasn't by herself.

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