End It

Do you know what its like yo have your world crumble before your eyes... KC does. This 17 year old is thrown into a world where nothing will ever be the same... Korea has sent an attack on north America. But it was something that nobody could have ever seen coming.. People are mutating and killing each other... KC's town being one of the 21 that the government saved.. And even within the walls of her town things are starting to crumble, and nobody is as they were... She is developing weird things that can not be explained.. And now everything is being taken away?


1. My Story

I took the turn out of the end of my lane, and started to walk the direction of town. I lived maybe a mile out of town on a small little farm that was now home to 13 kids not including me. Not all of them were kids, most of us had to grow up a lot faster then normal in this new world.

I could of taken the rusty dodged to drive to town, but I liked walking a lot more. It gave me exercise, and it gave me the time I needed to clear my head, and think about all the bullshit that was happening. It was nice, and peaceful, it was early fall, and the laves were starting to change color now. The air was cold, and crisp when I took a deep breath in.

My little farm was maybe a couple yards away from the wall, fence whatever you wanted to call it. Whatever it was it trapped all of us in this pathetic town. We barely got any information from the outside world besides from the broadcasts that came in on the television every day.

I loved the season fall, it was so nice. It was just warm cold enough that a baggy hoodie would keep me warm.  I hated when it was to hot out, and the cold was horrible. I didn't really have that many clothes anymore, I mean none of us did. We had the clothes that we had when everything went down a couple months ago. It was mid April, and that is when that attack happened.

I was at home with my little autistic sister, I was watching her while my parents were on vacation. I haven't seen them or heard from them since they left. I didn't think they were even alive anymore.

I remember the T.V. making this horrible high pitch noise, and then in a broad huge letter a broadcast came on.

America was under the attack or Korea. They were sending Nukes over the ocean while the broadcast was playing.  I remember how scared I was that night, my little sister didn't know what was going on, and that was a good thing. If she knew she would of been freaking out.

The nukes started hitting the major cities in the USA, and then Canada. It killed some people, but this wasn't a normal nuclear attack. I don't even think it was nuclear. The stuff that came out of the planes did something. It didn't have the effect that Korea wanted on America, but it did something way worse. It killed a lot of people, but the people it didn't, it did something to them. It wasn't radiation, it mutated them. People grew new parts on their body, and made them aggressive.

I guess you could say they were something like zombies, but they weren't dead. They just hated people, they killed so many people that weren't effected, and destroyed cities, and towns. That was when the government from Canada, and the States ordered that all of the major cities be wiped out. They wiped out cities that had a population of 1000, and over.

Now there was only 21 towns left in all of America, none of them having more then 500 people in them. It seemed like the less people you had the safer you were.

This mutation didn't take weeks, or even months, it took hours. I don't know why they chose to save my small town, but I wasn't really going to argue with it. All I knew was that me, and my friends were safe, and so was my sister.

America seemed to be the only place that Korea had hit. The rest of the countries refused to help us, they said it would risk the infection in their own countries. The countries that we had alliances with left us, and didn't try to help. That is when I learned you couldn't trust anyone in this new world, you could only rely on your self.

"Hey wait up!" I heard my friend Rose yell as she printed up towards me. She was my bestfriend when this entire thing started, and now, well not we were closer. She was the only person I would trust in this place, she was like my sister. She got along with most of the people in town, even some of the people from the North side that hated me, and the rest of the people on the South side. She was so pretty, she was fit, not skinny, but she had muscles. She had these huge hazel eyes that were  normally filled with joy, and thrill. She was tan, but not overall to tan. She was around my height, and I wasn't that tall. I think last time I checked I was 5'3.

Most of the guys in this town liked her, and even admired her. It was difficult to be her friend for that treason. But now I was happy she was my friend, she took the attention off of me.

Her real name wasn't Rose, but nobody called any of us in that house by our real names. I had gotten a few different nick names, but KC seemed to stay.

I wasn't stunningly beautiful like Rose was, but I wasn't completely ugly. I don't think guys would take any second looks at me, but I wasn't hard to miss. I had bleu eyes that seemed to change on me all the time. They were a dull gray, and then even green sometimes. I was pale, and fit. Me, and Rose had the same body shape, but her face is what really got the guys attention.

"Hey" I said to Rose while she caught up to me, but I didn't even glance back at her.

"So what do you think today's meeting will be about?" She asked while she through her sweater over her head.

"I don't know.. they always seemed to be over something stupid" I said shaking off the chills that crept over my spine.

We were almost to town now, and I wasn't excited. We had to walk to the center of town, that is where the town hall is. It was dead in the center, just beside the train tracks that separated the two sides of town. It looked the same as it did before, but it was a little more crowded when we had everyone in there. It was made for 200-300 people, but not 450 people.

There were two doors one on each side of the hall so that people from each side of the tracks could walk in. In the hall we sat on a different side from the people on the North. Most of the time when we sat together fights broke out between people.

We were there now, and walking in the entrance, I sat in the same spot everytime, and everytime that spot was left open for me. I liked being left alone by all of these people. Ever since the insendent nobody has been brave enough to lip me off, which was weird considering I was some what of a loser in that last life.

I don't blame people for not wanting to mess with me, honestly I wouldn't either. My mind started to flash back to that day.

***The Incident***

I was walking to town to go pick up my little sister, she was only 5 years old, but she was severely autistic. I always dropped her off at the daycare. This time she wanted to leave early, and started to walk by herself. I remember how mad I was at Kathy, the daycare lady for letting her walk by herself.. especially now when everyone was so cold.

I heard that gut wrenching scream that I knew could only be Rye's, and sprinted towards her. She was in a back ally, and some old creep was trying to take her away. I knew the guy, he was actually really nice, well he was.

He lived next to my grandparents, I was there the day everything happened. We weren't always safe from mutants. His wife had turned, and he had to watch her get shot in the face, by one of his friends. It was something I didn't wish on even my worse enemy. He had changed that day, and I hadn't really seen him since then.

He was dragging my sister down the ally way, and towards a building that was old, and half torn down. I ran up, and grabbed my sisters arm, she was scared, and swung at me thinking I was another person trying to pull her away.

I got her out of his grasp, and I knew he was changing, his eyes were turning green, it wasn't a normal green. It was almost a lime green, but just a bit dimmer, you would know that it wasn't normal when you saw it. All of the mutants had that eye color, and it was creepy.

His eyes had been brown, but now one of them was complete green. I had never been so scared. This day is what changed me, it made me hate those things, it was horrible. He was running towards me, and my sister now. He ran almost on all fours, and was fast. Faster then a dog even. I remember being scared, and I clenched my fist ready to hit him, but as soon as my hand made a fist his head popped. It was like a balloon, but completely different. It didn't pop, and nothing but plastic came out. It popped, and blood splashed all over me, and on my sister. The people around us were soaked in blood, and chunks of tissue, and skull were still flying threw the air.

I didn't know what it was, I didn't think that something like that could be possible. People thought I was some sort of monster, they thought I was mutating to. Tim, our Mayor was the person who saved my life. He convinced them I wasn't, and said that I was to be moved out of the town. Nobody argued with that.

They were all scared of me, and I hated the feeling it made me feel weird, and not normal. That wasn't what I was, I was a normal 17 year old, I liked to play sports, and listen to music, and hang out with friends. Another part of me liked the fact that nobody would even come close to me, well besides the kids in the house. They were terrified of me, and what I could do to them. I would of been scared of me to, knowing that I could pop your head like a zit without even having to lay a finger on you.


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