End It

Do you know what its like yo have your world crumble before your eyes... KC does. This 17 year old is thrown into a world where nothing will ever be the same... Korea has sent an attack on north America. But it was something that nobody could have ever seen coming.. People are mutating and killing each other... KC's town being one of the 21 that the government saved.. And even within the walls of her town things are starting to crumble, and nobody is as they were... She is developing weird things that can not be explained.. And now everything is being taken away?


2. Meeting

(The picture is what Jayce would look like)

I look my seat at the back of the hall, and watched as all of the people poured into the small cramped space.

Tim started role call, I didn't pay attention to it, my name was last on the list anyways.

"KC" I heard him say, he was poking his head around the room waiting for me to stand up. I stood up, "Here" I said and then sitting down immediately, even though I knew all these people I hated them looking at me.

"So today's meeting is about food" Tim said clapping his hands together. I didn't get how he could still be happy, preppy Tim when all of this bullshit was happening around us. He smiled all of the time, and it was creepy.

"What about it" I heard some snot nose basketball player ask from the North end of the crowd. His name was Jayce, and him, and his entire basketball team were stuck in our town when this whole thing happened. Him, and his little basketball team were all arrogant pricks if you asked me, they walked in with huge egos, acting like they owned the place.

"We need it... There is a low supply now, and we need some people to start growing some out of town" Tim said, that smile actually left his face for a second.

I think by the end of the meeting we had 20 people volunteer to start planting it, but I didn't really pay attention. I left the meeting before it was over, and walked out the front door on the south end.

I felt a hand been placed on my shoulder, and wiped around ready to pop someone's head off again.

"It's just me" I heard a familiar voice say.

"Jayce, you can't come up behind me like that" I said putting my hand over top of my heart to try, and calm myself down.

He stumbled back a few steps scared, and staring at my hands.

"Is it true?" He asked me, not glancing away from my hands for a second.

I don't know why he was staring at my hands, if I really wanted to pop his head, or anything inside of him I could do it just by thinking about it.

"Is what true?" I asked trying to act innocent, and stupid.

"That you killed Mr. Smith last month?"

I hated it when people brought up this, but it seemed to be a popular topic in the town. It wasn't the first person to be killed in this town, but most people killed each other with guns, or a bat, I only had to use my mind. It was not normal, but yet again nothing was anymore.

"Yeah it was" I said acting like it was no big deal. I kept on walking forward, but this kid would just not give up.

"But, I heard you didn't kill him in a normal way?" He questioned, looking down at my hands again. I looked down at them this time to. It was weird sometime I felt like a mutant, I could hear, and see things that people shouldn't be able to.

I could hear him gulp down, and then he took another step back from me.

"Relax, if I wanted to kill you I would have done it when I knew it was you in the first place" I said laughing, and then walking again.

He was a lot bigger then me, and he was tough, but not tough enough. It felt like something out of a movie, or a nightmare. I still felt like I was going to wake up, or the end credits were going to start playing any second. I waited a long time for one of those two things to happen, but waiting was not an option anymore.

"Well, how did you do it" He asked, but he was starting to feel more confident knowing that I wouldn't kill him.

"I.."  I was ready to have some smart come back, but I didn't even know how I did it, nobody knew how anything like this was possible.

"I don't know" I said in a defeated voice. I slouched my shoulders not acting so high, and mighty anymore.

"Do you think you are" He started, but I already knew where he was going, the thought of it made me outraged.

"No, don't even think that" I staggered back at him.

"But, think about it, that isn't normal" He said trying to keep up the argument with me, but I wasn't going to let him.

"Yeah.. well nothing in this world is normal anymore, nobody is the way they used to be. Every time I have seen one of those things mutate, it took hours, or less, I have been this way for months. I am fine..." I said all in one huff of breath.

He stopped to consider what I was saying, and I knew that I had one the argument.

"I guess so"

"When I start growing gills, or eating people then you can do something about it" I said shooting my glare at him, and then turning to walk away.


I took a minute to think about him, he was Jayce. To most of the people here he was a hero, but in all truth he was some trigger happy moron. He had killed most of the mutants that breached past the walls of this town. But he just did it to kill, he didn't do it for the good of anyone else, he did it to gain power, which was pathetic.

He was kind of dreamy in his own way, well as dreamy as you can be now. His hair was just shaggy enough that you could run your fingers through it, which I saw him do on a lot of occasions, and I even saw other girls do to. Girls were all over him, and his little basketball team all the time, but it was just because they were nice looking, and could keep them safe when the time came to it.

Something about him made me have a crush on him, but another thing made me want to not act on it. He seemed to.. I couldn't think of the word, he was different, but I didn't know if it was a good different or a bad different yet.

I could tell he wanted to say something, but I could honestly feel the dear running  through his body. Well it was what seemed to be, that or nervousness. I could feel his heart beating through the air, it made tiny waves.

Here is the downside to what happened to me... I have no clue what happened, and I don't know how it works. I can hear, and feel things that no normal person can feel, or hear. I can see things that people would need to see with a microscope, but I didn't have control on when it happened. I could hear a kid crying on the opposite end of the town, and not know why.

It drove me crazy at night sometime, I used to think it was just insomnia, but not anymore.


I kept on walking, and got back to my old farm in about ten minutes. I was kind of a fast walker, and I had been told that on many different occasions. The rest of the kids that lived with me were not that long behind me arriving.

They all ran into the house, and fought over the TV, and computer. I found it kind of amusing that, that was what they worried about. They were completely oblivious to everything around them, and didn't have a care in the world still.


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