End It

Do you know what its like yo have your world crumble before your eyes... KC does. This 17 year old is thrown into a world where nothing will ever be the same... Korea has sent an attack on north America. But it was something that nobody could have ever seen coming.. People are mutating and killing each other... KC's town being one of the 21 that the government saved.. And even within the walls of her town things are starting to crumble, and nobody is as they were... She is developing weird things that can not be explained.. And now everything is being taken away?


3. Don't find me

I walked into the old shed, that had once been my step dads. It was sued for fixing up his truck, and working on things. I never really paid to much attention to him, I am not going to lie.

My step dad, and I never really got along that well, and I soon found that it was better to keep my distance. My friend Micky helped me fix it up so that I could live in it. I couldn't stay in the house with all of those kids. Micky was a pretty good guy, but he had a rough past.

I sat down on the bed, it was brand new, and I never bothered to take it out of the plastic that cased it. When I sat down I could hear the plastic crinkle, it was kind of soothing. That noise usually meant I was laying in my bed. I walked to the closet that Micky helped me build, and pulled out a pair of spandex, and a very loosely fitting tank top.

I walked maybe about 20 feet to the house, and grabbed Rose's arm. "Are you coming?" I asked her, she just barely took her eyes off the television.

"Yeah" She said. I took a look at her, and she was already ready to go. We walked out of the house making sure none of the kids would follow us.

We walked past the old barn that was still in use, and to the fence that trapped up in here. It trapped us in here like cattle.

We walked about 100ft or so, and then I saw it. The sight of the water made me get chills. I loved it out here, it was one of the dew places this god damn place hadn't wrecked for me yet.

Rose, and I built a little deck for the side of the creek. The water was clear as it could be, and you could see straight to the bottom from where we were.

"I love it out here" Rose said. I ignored her, I was to focused on how beautiful it was out here.

"Last one in is a rotten egg" I giggled, and started sprinting towards the water.

I may have had to grow up a lot faster then normal, but inside I was still a 17 year old who wanted to have fun.

I burst into the water still running as fast as I could until the water slowed me down, and I dove in. The water was cool, and refreshing, I didn't have a worry in the world when I was here. Nobody could find me, and nobody in the town would dare leave the safety of the wall.

I closed my eyes trying to enjoy the coldness of the water, it was like my last peace of freedom that nobody would ever take away from me.

Then I flashed back... back to...

***The day the war started***

"Jesse, stay here please?" I begged.

"Babe.. you know I can't my mom will kill me if I come home past curfew again" He said walking back grabbing my hand.

"Well aren't you already late?" I asked raisin one eyebrow already knowing the answer.

"Well, yeah" He said still not getting the point.

"Then she is going to kill you anyways, I think ten more minutes won't make a difference" I said giggling, and pulling him onto the bed.

"I guess" He said smirking, and jumping on the bed beside me.

We were laying there, and it was so peaceful, and quiet.

"You are so amazing, how are you mine?" Jesse asked, but I was blushing to much to reply.

Then there was the beeping, the horrible beeping noise that changed everything. I felt like I couldn't breath anymore.

****Back to the present day***

My eyes burst open, and I was under the water, my breath being taken away from me, and being replaced by water.

I swam to the surface choking, and gasping for air. "Are you okay?" Rose asked swimming towards me.

"Yeah I am fine" I said sticking my arm out trying to stop her from coming any closer. Me panicking, and her coming close to me wouldn't be a good thing. I still didn't have a hang on my 'powers' if that is what you call them, and I could hurt her. She knew better already, and stayed her distance away from me.
I finally got my breath, and started to calm down, taking deep breaths.

I started to swim towards the corner of the creek, and hopped onto the dock that floated over top of the glistening water. The air was cold, but I liked it. The chills that went through my body made me feel alive, not numb. It was better then not feeling anything which was what I did most days now.

Rose, and I came out here everyday at the same time, and we will until I am not breathing anymore. We stayed out there for another hour, and then started to make our way back to the house.

"It is a bit cold out now eh?" I asked trying to make conversation. It was something I was never good at, but she already knew that.

"Yeah, we are going to be wearing coats out here soon" She said rubbing her hands up her arm as if to keep herself warm. We separated ways when we got to my little private house.

I loved Micky for that reason, he basically made me my own little house, and I even had my own little room for my sister to stay in. I had running water, and a heater, I had TV so I could watch all of the broadcasts that came in about everything.

Rye, my little sister was already sitting in my room watching an old movie that we had before. I think it was "The Goonies", but yet again I have never been into movies.

"Hey" I said hoping to get her attention, but she barely talked before this entire thing happened, and now she barely ever spoke a word to anyone including me.

I never got a response which was expected, but it never hurts to try.

I walked into my little area, and changed. I changed into a sweater, and a pair of sweats. I needed to go out for a run, and I knew it. I hated running, I would much rather walk twice as far then run.

I needed to stay in shape just incase more muties found us. I started walking towards the end of my lane, and headed towards town picking p the pace the further I got.

I hated running into town, people assumed I could fix all of their problems, but to be honest, I couldn't. And if I could, I didn't know how to.

People would ask me to heal them, but even now that sounded crazy. I am pretty sure one time somebody asked me to kill someone for them, but I wasn't up to that kind of stuff.

I hated fighting, but now someone had to fight, and there wasn't a lot of people willing to fight.

I was in a full out run, and getting closer to town by the second. Another thing I noticed when everything happened was I was a lot faster, and stronger. Some of it could be from me exercising, but I could lift things that none of the guys could.

I wasn't faster then a speeding bullet of anything, but I could run faster then most people now. I tried to stay on the south side of the town, but I needed the exercise. I turned into the North end of town. Most people down here were scared of me, and I liked it. Some of the people here wanted me dead, they wanted to kill me. Can you believe it there were 37 year old women, and men that wanted to kill a 17 year old. Some of the people that wanted me dead used to be friends with my parents, and now they were cold hearted.

In a way I kind of admired how cold hearted some of the people here could be. If I was like that I would be almost untouchable, but I cared to much, and that was my biggest flaw. I couldn't just pull the trigger of a gun, and watch somebody drop dead like others could. Truth be told.. I had a hard time killing the muties, they were still people.

I heard it, I heard the laughs, and then the loading of the gun. I wiped my head around, and could see a group of dumb kids that were maybe 15 messing around with the gun.

These little kids cause so much shit now, they didn't care. They pointed the gun at me, and then the load bang went off. I almost laughed at the thought that they thought it would be so easy to kill me.

I saw the bullet in slow motion from the moment it left the barrel of the gun, and I stopped it. It stood there in the air facing me, just an inch from my for head.

"Nice try" I yelled at them, but I could hear the gun being reloaded again.

"Don't even try it" I yelled, but they pulled the trigger, and again, and yet again the bullet was stopped. I was starting to get annoyed, and I got annoyed really fast.

There were some aspects of my powers that I could control levitation being one of them. I started out just being able to levitate myself, but after a few weeks I could levitate, and throw Rose into the water of the creek.

Don't get me wrong it was such hard work, and after I was so exhausted, and couldn't do anything.

I locked my eyes on one of the kids sitting in the group, I am pretty sure that it was the one holding the gun. I looked up in the air above his head, and there he went. He was flying threw the air, and swinging towards me. He was bright red, but now he wasn't laughing.

I dropped him right in front of me, I looked to see the gun still sitting in his hand.

"Give me the gun" I said holding my hand out waiting for him to place it in it.

He did within seconds, and then burst out into tears, "Please don't kill me, please, we were just messing around I swear:" He pleaded, and begged. I threw the gun on the ground, and stomped on it smashing it into a whole bunch of pieces.

I recognized him, he was Jim's kid, Jim was one of the people that wanted me dead.

"Yeah whatever kid, you can tell your dad that KC says hi, and next time he tries a little stunt like this he is done" I said.

The kid ran away tripping over his own feet. I would of laughed at him, but I was trying to keep a straight face to scare him.

The group of kids that was with him was gone now they had left him as soon as he left the ground.

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