End It

Do you know what its like yo have your world crumble before your eyes... KC does. This 17 year old is thrown into a world where nothing will ever be the same... Korea has sent an attack on north America. But it was something that nobody could have ever seen coming.. People are mutating and killing each other... KC's town being one of the 21 that the government saved.. And even within the walls of her town things are starting to crumble, and nobody is as they were... She is developing weird things that can not be explained.. And now everything is being taken away?


11. All Alone

There was nothing that I could do anymore. If I tried to stay with him they would shoot me.. they had no tolerance for people like that.

They loaded him, and left.. I didn't get to see him, or talk to him they just left. I was standing now, and then it hit me... the emptiness... the feeling of hollowness.

One of the men from the helicopter stayed behind to examine the guy that I threw into the brick wall.

"What happened here?" The man with the mask covering his faced asked.

The kid that I threw into the wall was ready to blame me, and make them take me away.

He opened his mouth to explain, and then Jayce stepped infront of him.

"I got mad, and I threw him at the wall" Jayce said.

Jayce, and the man in the mask both looked at me, and then it was silent. The man in the mask stood up from his knelt down position, and started to walk over to me.

"KC/' The man said. He pulled of his mask.

"Drake?" I asked almost breathless.

                       (Drake ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^)

I couldn't control myself, I knew that I had heard that voice somewhere before. My feet were running towards him, but I was still on shock.

"I thought you were dead" I said my eyes starting to well up, and my voice starting to crackle.

"I thought you were too" He said looking at me.

I remember Drake like it was yesterday. He was my neighbor, and he was still a bit older then me.. He was my first crush, and we were best friends. I knew him before I knew Jesse. He became a marine... and he left...

I remember saying goodbye to him.... it was almost as heartbreaking as when I had to say goodbye to Jesse, for the final time.

"You're here" I said looking into his eyes.

"Where's Jesse?" He asked looking all around. I could tell he was waiting for Jesse to pop around the corner.

"Well were is he, he is suppose to be protecting you" Drake said. He was still looking around.

"He's gone.." I said. I couldn't take my eyes away from Drake. He squeezed me close, and tightly. I felt like it was okay to cry with him, and I did.

"I am so sorry spook" He said running his hands though my hair.

Spook was the nickname he gave me when I was 6. I remember it so well. When I wasn't with Jesse, I would spend all my time with him. He lived about two miles down the old gravel road from me. His house was now cut off to the town due to the fence.

He let go of me, 'I know that this guy was lying.. he didn't throw him into the wall" He said looking at me, and then at Jayce.

"What actually happened, I need to know" He said seriously.

"I did it.." I said.

"I need the real answer" He said laughing a little, and then getting serious with me again.

"Come with me" I said grabbing his arm, and pulling him behind me.

I walked with him to my farm, and out to the creek. We sat on the dock.

"What are you" I asked.


"Are you my friend first... or a marine first?" I asked

"I am you're bestfriend" He said smiling.

I didn't crack a smile, and then I sighed.

"If you tell anyone from the government this, they will take me away... I can't let that happen" I said looking down at the water, that was split into little waves.

"You know I would never do anything like that" He said grabbing my hand, and squeezing it.

I looked up at him, and then started to slowly float him into the air, and over the water.

"What the hell?" He asked looking over at me.

"Are you doing this?" He asked me.

I couldn't speak, I just nodded, and brought him back over to the dock. "I don't know how, or why, but I can do that, and many other things" I said looking at him. He was still trying to wrap his mind around what just happened.

"You can't tell anyone.. they will take me away from Rye" I said grabbing his upper arm trying to regain his attention.

"I won't.. what else can you do?" He asked almost intrigued. It was something like I little kid who was getting told a story before bed. I had his full attention now.

"I don't know... Sometimes weird things happen, and I don't control what happens..." I said locking my eyes to his gaze.

"It scares me" I said shortly after.

"I missed you" he said. It was almost like he ignored me.

" I missed you to.. it's been so hard ever since this thing began" I said closing my eyes, and hanging my head down.

"I know it had, I would of came back for you... but I thought you were dead.." He said. His hand was now holding the right side of my face up.

"I don't have to leave anymore' He said. He some how forced a smile through his broken emotions.

"I am so alone... Rye hasn't talked since Jesse passed away, and everyone here looks to me for answers, and I know nothing... I don't even know anything about my self anymore. I don't know what happening to me.. I am so scared, and alone." I said. He just pulled me in close, and held me there.

"You aren't alone anymore.. I am here" He said in a gentle soothing voice.

"Judging by the damage that you did to that guy in town today, you don't need me to protect you" He said smirking. I missed him, he would always try to cheer me up, and most of the time he did.


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