Half-Blood Princess

Serenity is the 16 year old daughter of Severus Snape. Her mother is unknown for her father refuses to speak of her, ever. She attends Hogwarts since she was 11 years old. The relationship between Serenity and her father broke due to his lack of affection towards her and her trust issues towards him. The only person she can actually go to is her best mate Draco Malfoy. The two grew up together, though he can be a slime ball he has his sentimental moments with her but that's usually with just her. So she considers the Malfoys to be family. And even though she may be in the Slytherin house she's not as twisted or mean as the rest of them lot. She does have other mates from all houses. All Serenity wants is education and to get the hell on with her own life.


5. Unfortunate Events


*   *   *


  It wasn't long till Serenity was cozied up to the fireplace at the Three Broomsticks. Wrapping her arms around herself, rubbing at them for warmth as she shivered, more so because of the after chill of being out in the snow for so long. Course the trip to Hogsmeade was a ways from Hogwarts it's self. Draco had returned with two glasses of Butterbeers, snarling at the place and people in it. It was no surprise that he didn't want to be here, or around most of their classmates who were gathered about the Inn, chit-chatting and gallivanting with each other. Serenity accepted the beverage from Draco who was now sitting next to her in front of the fireplace, dusting around him to keep his self clean. It was rather annoying of him, especially since he was acting all high and mighty, like he's better than everyone else, including her. Part of her was use to his behavior but the other part still gets surprised here and there.

 "Are you seriously afraid of a bit of dust, Draco? You play Quidditch!" Serenity thought it was best to remind Draco before he has a fit and cleans the whole damn Inn. Draco mocked her as he sipped at his drink, his eyes scanning the place for god knows what, or whom.


 "Looking for someone?" Serenity had caught on, too, scanning for whatever he was looking for.

 "Why don't you ever mind your own business?" Draco growled.

 "How am I suppose to mind my own busi- " Serenity was cut off by Draco who was now giving her the death stare. Which usually meant back the hell off, and meant it. She couldn't though, something was going on with him and she couldn't just stand by and watch whatever it was take over Draco. It was bad, obviously because she has never in all their years together seen him so sick looking, so stressed out that it was changing him completely into an entirely different person. The Draco she knows and loves was disappearing slowly at a time, more and more as each day passes. "Drank your bloody Butterbeer, Snape!" Draco was on serious mode now. His blonde hair no longer kept nicely slick back like before, in fact it was messy, strands of hairs out of place like he got out of bed like that and decided not to brush it or something of that sort. Perhaps it was making her sick, too? She always felt ill when around Draco, just seeing him like that, made her sad, useless, like she couldn't help him, even if he wanted her to, what could she do, really? Serenity watched him drink his Butterbeer, blankly staring at the fire in from of them that danced about in the fireplace so gracefully. Serenity slowly slid her hand over to Draco's unoccupied hand to hold it as she spoke softly to him.

 "I don't know what's going on or what you're going through, Malfoy. But I am here for you if you ever just need to talk about it. I... I am your best friend after all." She couldn't tell if he was still in his own head or just ignoring her but she did catch a glimpse of him glancing down at her before quickly and completely looking away, grunting as he shot his hand away from hers, clearing his throat. "I hate it when you get all sentimental on me, Snape." Draco nudged her and gave her a small smirk as if he was alright but she knew his many smiles and that was not one of them, in fact it was false. Not real. It wasn't her best friend's million dollar smirk he normally gives to those he thinks is less from him or his smile he only gives her when no one else is around to witness that Draco can be human, especially towards a half-blood like herself. 


 For a moment it was going great. The two were chatting away like old times, picking on one another, telling jokes and playfully scheming their plans on how to prank their friends. Until Draco shot upright, now standing on his feet, his posture rather straight and on edge. His eyes narrowed, fixated at the door of the Three Broomsticks. Serenity instantly followed after, her gazed now at the door where the trio had just entered the place, laughing and talking as usual. That or quietly talking among themselves. Sadness flew through her body because this meant Draco was now back at his sour mood, his no so fun attitude shifted to pissy, whiny child like when he huffed and gave Serenity a slanted smile because they both knew he was going to take his leave. 

 "No, wait, Draco, plea-" Once again she was cut off by him, his hand gripped her arm but softly, giving it a small and sorry squeeze as he shrugged, now releasing her and set his cup down to leave. "I have to go. I got detention anyways, so I better be off, yeah." That's right, he did, how could she forget? If she remembered she wouldn't have dragged him with her. But she did only to have him leave her soon after. Great. There he went, leaving her feeling alone and unanswered like always. She was going to give him a good scolding when she gets back. With a sigh, Serenity sat back down and hugged herself, rubbing her arms again for warmth. Well, this was depressing. Her best friend ditched her because of a group she occasionally converse with came along, her father hates her, her other friends are rather dull and sheepish, she didn't have anyone she could tell her problems to, not that she would but that wasn't the point of the matter. But to her surprise, a rather loud surprise...

 "Oi, Serenity!" A voice called out to her from a good distance of the pub. There, walking towards her was Harry, Ron, and Hermione, all smiling as usual whenever they were around her. Perhaps because they feared her, just as they did her father or because they felt sorry for her because her father was the infamous Snape. Either way it was always nice to see the trio.

 "Hello there. How're you all?" Serenity stood back up to greet them one by one, longer with Ron for he almost forgot to give her hand back, which made her laugh, as he always does. Harry invited her to join them at a table with them in which she accepted right away, she hated being alone, most of the time. The drink for the day was Butterbeers, it was always that, it was a popular drink with the people here, even herself. Coffee was her first favorite though. Even if most voice their opinions on how gross coffee is, she didn't care. After a moment, everyone got quiet, it was awkward and everyone exchanged looks with each other as to get the other to talk or something but no one would until Serenity shot Ron a look, whom soon realize she wanted him to say something, anything.

 "Ahem, so, uh. You know what this bloke did to me last night. Had me up by me ankles he did, just dangling there like a fresh piece of meat." Ron went on about what Harry did accidentally.

 "I said I was sorry, didn't I, Ron?" Harry laughed, Hermione mimicking right after, which Serenity couldn't help but laugh as well. Hermione playfully slapped Harry's arm as she laughed the hardest, it was cute. This was nice, she liked herself when she was around the trio, more so Harry. He made her feel better about being a half-blood, especially since Ron was the only pure-blood among them but never once has he ever used that against them or to remind them, he was just as normal and equal as everyone else and she admire that about Ron. 

 "Oh bloody hell." Ron growled.

 "What is it?" Hermione turned her head to see what he was going on about. Ginny and dean were snogging one another in the back. Harry had to force himself to look away, discomfort on his face as he stared down at his drink that was brought moments later after ordering them. Serenity glanced at Harry and flicked his hand, letting him know it would be okay. He smiled at her then the two looked up at Hermione who was trying to defend the couple.

 "Oh stop it, Ron. Do you think Ginny would leave if she saw you snogging Serenity? I think not." After that was said and done both Ron and Serenity both shot Hermione a look, both their faces redder than ever. trying their hardest not to exchange looks with one another but it did in fact shut Ron up.


 Professor Slughorn popped up out of no where, greeting them all with a huge smile upon his face, excitingly talking as he always does, fast, too. Telling them of his great ideas and mentioning a few lessons for class and what not. Slipping his drink a bit on the table and Hermione. "All hands on deck, Granger!" Warning her, rather late like but had everyone laughing.

 "You know back in the day I use to host these supper parties for a selected student or few. You game, Potter?" Professor Slughorn was in high spirits, jumping about in excitement, much more than he usually does. He then looked down at Serenity and pointed at her. "You, too Snape. Join us, won't you?! It'll be fun. Granger, yes?" How could she tell him no? He looked like a child who just got told Santa was real, who was she to tell him that Santa was as fake as half the muggles she encountered in her previous years back at home.

 "Oh, yes, of course. I would love to, thank you." She smiled and sipped at her drink, sneaking a glance at Ron who at that very minute, too stole a peek at her as well. The two tried playing it off but ended up choking and coughing on their drink instead. Harry, Hermione, and Professer Slughorn gave them both a odd and confused look. Once Professor Slughorn took his leave the group went back to talking and laughing, telling stories and good old times.


 It was colder outside than it was when Serenity first came to Hogsmeade this morning. Now that it was late afternoon and the group decided to finally head back to Hogwarts. The snow blasted passed them, the breeze so cold, the snow making a crunching sound with every step they all took. Hermione, who was singing, now pulling both boys into a one arm hug. Then yelled at Ron to encourage Serenity to join in. Whom, soon pulled her into a one arm hug as well, the four walking arm in arm while they sang, laughed, tripped here and there. Even Katie Bell and her friend were laughing with them as they passed the four, venturing on ahead of them, holding a package of some sort. Moments later a scream could be heard, echoing around them. Harry ran ahead, followed by Ron, leaving the girls standing there who then decided to join them. There on the ground was Katie Bell, her friend screaming.

 "I... I told her not to open it! I warned her not to!" She ran towards the group, pointing at Katie who was not flung into the air, hovering above them, screaming. Hermione and Serenity stood there gasping, that soon turned to screams when Katie fell to the ground. Harry went to tend to her but Hagrid came scurrying up behind them, telling him to stand back as he scooped Katie up, warning Harry not to touch the object, just the wrappings, nothing else for Katie has been cursed. 


 "Why is it that when something bad happens it is always you three around? Hm?" Professor McGonagall flicked her hand about in frustration at the trio but then looked over at Serenity who was a new addition to the troublemakers group, so it seemed. "And you, Miss Snape, what part do you play?" The anger shown in her was well expressed yet concern was also there. Serenity could only image the amount of stress is put on Professor McGonagall when it comes to the three of them, this was her first offense to say the least. The rest weren't brought to light, thankfully. 

 "Serenity had nothing to do with it, she-" Ron was cut off.

 "None of us had anything to do with this!" Serenity expressed herself rather loudly. Yes, they were at the wrong place at the wrong time, it was just that, bad timing, nothing else, they didn't do anything wrong. And she felt it needed to be known.

 "This was just complete and utterly bad timing, of all times, rather. But does not mean it was-" 

 "Oh, Snape, thank god." Professor McGonagall gasped once Professor Snape entered the room, giving everyone there, including Serenity chills down their spines. Professor Snape had a slight surprise look on his face when his eyes met Serenity's. many questions must have been running through his mind now, to why she was there, why she was hanging with the trio, why she was involved in all this but chose to ignore her as always and tended to the important matter at hand. The cursed necklace that was meant for Headmaster Dumbledore. Professor Snape began examining the necklace as the four stood there quietly, watching as both professors spoke.

 "Hm. Well, I'd say Miss Bell is lucky to be alive." He spoke quietly and softly. Still examining it. Harry stepped forwarded and explained to them that Katie would never purposely hurt anyone, that she must of been cursed, it had to been the only reason why she would deliver such a gift to Dumbledore unknowingly. 

"It was Malfoy." Harry spit out those words as if it left a bad taste in his mouth, causing everyone in the room to look at Harry, more so, Serenity, who was in fact shocked at his sudden accusation of her best friend. Why would he instantly point his finger at Draco? Sure the two didn't get along but no way would Draco ever hurt someone, especially a girl. As mean as he is, it just wasn't like Draco to do such a thing.

 "And your evidence?" Professor Snape asked.

 "I just know." Harry answered.

 "You just... know?" Professor Snape glared at Harry, stepping closer to him. 

 "I suggest it be wise for all of you to return to your dormitories. Now." Professor McGonagall ordered after informing Harry Draco had detention with her so it couldn't have been him.  And one by one the four left the room, quietly. But Serenity was a bit upset by Harry's behavior. Hermione, too for she voiced herself right after they made it down the hall some.

 "What is wrong with you, Harry?! Accusing someone of a serious crime is wrong, completely mad!" Hermione huffed, her face turning red and her hands in balls. Serenity didn't understand why she was just as upset as she was, especially over Draco, the one boy who can't stand Hermione. It was nice that there was someone else willing to stand up for him but why her? But little did they know, Draco, for a short period of time was at the pub with her but not once did she see him leave to the loo or out of her sight. He was there with her the whole time. Harry and Ron were both shocked by her actions as well. Harry more so, his mouth wide open, his eyes never left Hermiones.

 "Uh, but... It's always Malfoy. He, why are you defending him? He's been nothing but horrible to you, Hermione!"

 "That may be but like Professor said he had an alibi! You just want any excuse to blame Malfoy!" Hermione yelled, storming off down the hallway as she continued to grunt under her breath til she disappeared around the corner. Leaving the three in silence. Harry looked at Serenity, his mouth opened but nothing came out. She could tell he wanted to apologize but didn't. Ron patted Harry's back before he nudged Serenity to walk with him. And so she did. both Serenity and Ron took off, leaving Harry alone in a empty hallway.

 "Sorry about him, he means well he just has a lot on his mind and... Giving the past between Malfoy and me best mate, it would seem right that he would blame Malfoy for it, ya know?" Ron tried defending Harry but at the same time didn't want to upset Serenity. Who was actually calm now, she was still upset at Harry but at this moment that was pushed back in the back of her mind as she walked with Ron. She nodded because she could understand where this was coming from but again, it always angered her when anyone would speak ill of Draco in front of her.

 "I understand, I do. But, he's my best mate and of course by default I would defend him over anyone else." Serenity was conflicted with her thoughts now. She knew Draco since they were kids. And of all their time spent together she has never really seen him hurt anyone, not physically anyways. But as of late, he's been distant, different, almost unrecognizable to her. Would this new Draco hurt another? It was so unclear to her. 

 "You know, Ron... More and more you surprise me. You're not at all what I expected of you." Serenity informed him.

 "Oh, " Ron slightly frowned, looking down at his feet as they walked. "Is that bad?" He asked her, hoping for a good answer or at least a less hurtful answer.

 "Heh, not at all, Ron! It's a good thing I promise." Serenity laughed and linked her arm with his, patting it to comfort him. Ron wanted to laugh with her but was thrown off by her action towards him and the fact that he was this close to a girl that wasn't family or Hermione. And so the two, arm in arm walked down the hallways, turning heads from other students who gasped and pointed their way, surprised at the couple, some disgusted, some in awe, most in confusion but they didn't care.

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