Half-Blood Princess

Serenity is the 16 year old daughter of Severus Snape. Her mother is unknown for her father refuses to speak of her, ever. She attends Hogwarts since she was 11 years old. The relationship between Serenity and her father broke due to his lack of affection towards her and her trust issues towards him. The only person she can actually go to is her best mate Draco Malfoy. The two grew up together, though he can be a slime ball he has his sentimental moments with her but that's usually with just her. So she considers the Malfoys to be family. And even though she may be in the Slytherin house she's not as twisted or mean as the rest of them lot. She does have other mates from all houses. All Serenity wants is education and to get the hell on with her own life.


3. Unexpected Surprises


*   *   *


  The next morning, Serenity woke in the Hospital Wing where Madam Pomfrey was speaking with another near the door entrance. Both speaking in low voices, or so they thought. The person that Madam Pomfrey was speaking with sounded familiar to Serenity but she just couldn't place it. Perhaps because she was still a bit out of it. Her hearing tuning in and out, as well as her eye sight.

 "I don't care what you think is 'best' for her! If she's over stress perhaps it's 'best' she comes with me!"

 "I understand your concern but she needs to be cared for here, with me."

 "Is that so? You can't even find what's wrong with the poor dear!" The familiar voice started to get aggressive towards the poor old matron. 

 "Please, Mrs. Malfoy-"

 "Silence! That is quite enough from you." Mrs. Malfoy demanded. Serenity shot up from her bed, her head shooting in the direction of the two. She couldn't think of any reason to why Mrs. Malfoy would be here of all places unless Draco had a game or was hurt or sick. Serenity scanned the Hospital Wing real quick to make sure Draco wasn't here. He wasn't. 

 "Mrs. Malfoy?" Serenity quietly called out. To her sudden surprise Mrs. Malfoy was already at her bedside, hugging her tightly. 

 "You're alright dear. How are you feeling? Want to come home with me?"

 "I... Um, I'm OK. I think I'll be fine here." Serenity knew that she was a loving mother underneath that Malfoy manner she puts off to gain respect from others but why with her? She wasn't her own, merely an annoyance to the family, who tags along because she has no where else to be but with Draco and his family. Course she was always nice to Serenity.


 Serenity finally left the Hospital Wing after Mrs. Malfoy fought to have her released. The both walked the Hogwarts grounds for some fresh air. For a few long minutes it was silent between the two. Slight awkwardness surrounded them until Serenity couldn't take it anymore.

 "Thank you." She smiled up at her.

 "For what sweetheart?"

 "For coming to see me. From what I gathered from Madam Pomfrey, you and Draco are the only ones who have." Serenity said while she glanced towards her feet with a slight frown. She didn't know why she was upset that her own father didn't show up it was no surprise to her at all. Wishful thinking.

 "Of course, no need to thank me. It's what us mums do. I consider you my own regardless of our blood. As you can tell I'm not my husband, Serry. I'm a mum who just wants what's best for her family and to protect what's hers." Mrs. Malfoy leaned in to kiss Serenity's forehead. Smiling after. 

 "Mrs. Malfoy. I wan-"

 "Serry. Remember you can call me Narcissa. I rather that than Mrs." 

 "Right. Sorry. I just wanted to ask you a rather important question." Serenity knew asking Mrs. Malfoy her question she would get the answer for Mrs. Malfoy isn't one for lying especially when it came to her family and she does after all consider Serenity family.

 "What is an Unbreakable Vow?" Serenity saw her expression sharpen. Like she knew what that meant.

 "Serenity. There are just some things I-" She was cut off by her husband who happened to pop up out of the blue.

 "It's time, love. Let's be on our way shall we?" Mr. Malfoy shot Serenity a look before grabbing Mrs. Malfoy's hand and leading her off. Serenity felt rage towards him. The two never really saw eye to eye when she helped Harry fought him and some of Voldemort's death eaters off last year at the Department of Mysteries. That's when she had joined the Order. Which is currently no longer.


 Harry, Ron, and Hermione were sitting at their usual table during lunch. Discussion actions as always. Serenity watched them from across the hall. Her brain cycling with unanswered thoughts. She thought about asking for Hermione's help but decided against it. Harry caught her eyes, the two stared for a split second before Serenity turned away. Dammit! She didn't want Harry thinking she was some weirdo stalker. 

 "What are you staring at?" Draco had just arrived. Late as always. He studied Serenity for a minute before realizing she was watching the trio.

 "Oh god. Why even bother with such dodgy trash?"

 "Do shut it, Malfoy. I haven't the time to listen to whining." Serenity spat out without thinking fora second of what she had just said to Draco. She turned her attention to him in a hurry.

 "Sorry. Bit on edge this evening." 

 "It's alright. I can be the same way at times." Draco shrugged it off as he always does when it came to her. Serenity didn't understand why Draco put off this 'I don't give a shite' attitude, making everyone hate him when clearly that isn't him at all. Sure he can be a jerk but everyone is at times.

 "So what's got your mind turning anyhow?" Draco asked.

 "Oh... Nothing, really." Serenity didn't know how to dodge that question well seeing it had to do with him and her father and this unbreakable vow he spoke of. She couldn't bring it up and risk upsetting him. No way was she pulling that card.

 "You're lying, Serry. I can always tell when you're lying... " It was true. Then again she was always bad at lying regardless but it went both ways with them she could always tell when he was lying as well. Draco brushed a lock of Serenity's black hair out of her face, tucking it behind her ear before he stood up to make his exit with a flick of a wave. Serenity sat there with a surprised look on her face. When the bloody hell did he start that? She placed her hand over the lock he touched with a smile forming across her face.


 It was nearly curfew. All students in their own common rooms. All except Serenity who was still in the library. No knowledge of what time it was for her nose was so far into her history of Hogwarts and every student to ever attend here. Baffled by little she got out of the records and lack of information written in the books. "I don't get it." She whispered, now biting at her lower lip. 

 "Need help with anything?" Hermione's voice came out from behind a bookshelf but her head appearing around the corner. Serenity looked up. This was her moment to get what information she needed out of the human Wikipedia.  

 "Yes. Actually." Serenity smiled.

 "Unbreakable Vow you ask?" Hermione got this look like she was about to break into a song. Her face always lit up whenever anyone asked for help or asked about anything to do with history. 

 "Quite odd question yet great, really. Been awhile since I came across this type of information." But before she could answer, Ron came bursting in with a flushed face as if he been running maybe. 

 "Do you have any idea how late it is, Hermio- Ohhh... Serenity. Hi." Ron blushed and looked down, his voice quiet now. Both Serenity and Hermione giggled at him. 

 "Of course I do but I've been busy here with Serenity. We're working on an issue."

 "What issue?" Ron looked concerned now.

 "It's nothing really, just this thing." Serenity exchanged looks with Hermione.

 "Oh c'mon! Lemme have a go, yeah?" Ron chimed.

 "Alright. Unbreakable Vow." 

 "Oh yeah. That. It's a incantation. A magic spell between two parties. In which if any one of them break it..." Ron gulped, sliding his hand across his neck gesture.

 "They die." 

 "Oh my god, Ron!" Hermione looked shock. Patting Ron's head.

 "Stoppit!" He inched away.

 "I didn't know you knew such information! You definitely surprised me." She pinched his now scarlet cheeks. Ron glanced at Serenity who seemed to be in deep thought now after what Ron had just told her. Part of her couldn't believe both her father and Draco would make such a vow over god knows what. That is what she needed to find out next. Why was her father so kean on protecting and taking Draco's place? What can it be that it requires such actions? Serenity shot up and dashed for the door without a good night or even a bye. Clutching her handbag she started to run towards the Slytherin Common Room, her heart on overdrive now, her breathing heavy.

 But all of a sudden.

 "Ow!" Serenity had hit something or someone whilst running down the hall in complete darkness. She held her head in pain til a hand grabbed her arm and aggressively yanked her to her feet.

 "Better have a good reason for being out after curfew." There stood Serenity's father, his voice as calm and plain as always. His eyes glaring at her furiously. 


 "I was studying in the library. I didn't realize the time."

 "I see. And?"

 "Excuse me?" Serenity was confused now.

 "Well, I'm sure you have more excuses for me."

 "Ugh." Serenity rolled her eyes at him. She shoved pasted her father, not looking back. 


 Draco had waited up for her or so he tried. She found him slouched over in his armchair, passed out, snoring extremely loud and with what looked like snacks in his hand. Odd. He's not one for sweets unless something tremendous was eating at him. Serenity chuckled to herself whilst cleaning up his mess before attempting to wake him to get him to bed. Draco groaned and moaned at her fussing with him.

 "Just a few more minutes." He muttered before going back to snoring.

 "Draco, you best get to bed you prat. Come on now. Don't make me hurt you boy!" Serenity joked knowing that always worked. Draco stuck out his tongue at her. Getting up from his armchair now standing there with a tired yet dopey look on his face. Serenity helped him up the stairs and to the door of his dormitory, opening it for him and shoving him inside.

 "Goodnight, sleeping beauty." She whispered to him. She was sure he muttered some remark back. "Poor git. Waiting up for me." Serenity made her way to her dormitory just across from his but stopped dead in her tracks to catch Slator staring at her downstairs by the common room entrance. Has he been there this whole time? She thought to herself, shivering at the thought of him stalking her. She rushed into her room, closing the door to an inch to peer out at him. He continued to stand there and stare but a devilish smirk formed upon his mysterious face. Serenity slammed the door closed and locked it. She was definitely going to have nightmares tonight.

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