Half-Blood Princess

Serenity is the 16 year old daughter of Severus Snape. Her mother is unknown for her father refuses to speak of her, ever. She attends Hogwarts since she was 11 years old. The relationship between Serenity and her father broke due to his lack of affection towards her and her trust issues towards him. The only person she can actually go to is her best mate Draco Malfoy. The two grew up together, though he can be a slime ball he has his sentimental moments with her but that's usually with just her. So she considers the Malfoys to be family. And even though she may be in the Slytherin house she's not as twisted or mean as the rest of them lot. She does have other mates from all houses. All Serenity wants is education and to get the hell on with her own life.


8. Send And Receive


*   *   *


     Scribble, erase, crumble, toss. Serenity repeated this manner over and over. All this parchment paper laid out in front of her but nothing to write. This was more stressful than her schoolwork. But why? This wasn't new to her, she's use to writing. What does one write to another anyways? She didn't want Hermione to think she didn't care to write back, after all, Hermione sent her a letter, she had a lot to say, in fact a lot of it was good news and the asking of her well being. It made her smile. Serenity left the seat and made her way to the bed in the guestroom of the Malfoy Manor where Hermione's letter say, open and nicely written, too. 


 Dear Serenity.


I hope your holiday is going rather well and you're spending it with

people you love and who love you. Do be careful of the snow, it's much

colder this year round. Are you well? 

Harry wanted me to inform you that he spoke to Mr. Weasley, Lupin, and Tonks

about what you both overheard that night of the Christmas party. They believe Snape

offered his assistants to gain Draco's trust to see what he's up to. I personally think it's

all rubbish. Draco may be a lot of things but he's no death eater. At least I hope.

As for Ronald, I don't think he's all that interested in Lavender, he finds her to be quite

annoying actually, we all do. I reckon they won't last much longer, thought you should

know is all.

I'm doing well myself. Albeit I miss my parents but I'll be visiting them later over the holiday, I always feel

at home here with the Weasleys. And the food, it's always so delicious, you would have loved it here i just

know it. Perhaps next year, yeah? Anyways, I hope you write back, I would love to hear

how your holiday is going. 


Your friend, Hermione.


    Serenity kept rereading the letter, trying to get an idea on what she should send back. Perhaps her time with Mrs. Malfoy or that Draco is still upset with her. It did see Hermione in another light that she found Draco to be innocent until proven guilty because she, too agreed with her. There was just no evidence to back up Harry's wild accusations about him being a Death Eater just because his father is one. But it never killed anyone to be alert at all cost. She could write about the news she found out about her mum. In due time, maybe. Serenity clicked her tongue in thought, then returned her letter to the bed before leaving her room to head to another door at the end of the hall. Draco's room. Knock, knock. No answer. She slowly and quietly opened his bedroom door, peeking inside, scanning the room but no Draco. Why is it that he's always gone? She thought to herself. Bit annoying really. Serenity turned to leave but bumped into Draco who was in his pajama bottoms with no shirt on, a towel draped over his forearm and a toothbrush in his mouth. She squealed at his sudden appearance, scaring her for she thought she was alone.

   "What are you doing?" He groaned through his toothbrush, slipping passed her to get into his room.

   "I, uh, nothing I was just seeing if, um, if you were still awake. Obviously you are." She replied, staring off else where.

   "Right. You're so weird. Now leave."

   "Draco... I'm sorry. I don't like that you're so angry with me," Serenity entered his room. "Please talk to me."

   "About what? That's I'm 'up to something'? No thank you, I've had enough of that." He fetched a shirt to put on, he could sense she was uncomfortable. He sighed. "I'm just so tired. Like. All.The.Time." He express himself.

   "I wish I cou-- um, if it makes you feel better, Hermione and I believe you're innocent. We don't care what others have to say or think. Just that you be careful." After hearing Serenity's words, Draco looked up at her, his expression altered, it was less cold, more relaxed. "I didn't know you two talked that much. Uh, is s-she well? I mean, not that I care. Nevermind." He flopped onto his bed, sprawled out, yawning before turning over to look at Serenity who was smiling ever so big. This worried him so. "What's wrong with your face? Why are you smiling like that, it's stupid."

   "You like her, don't you? I knew it." Serenity jumped onto his bed as well, laying down next to him but opposite sides, her head at his feet and his head at her feet. "I think she likes you, too. Why? I'll never know. I mean look at you." She laughed. He kicked her leg playfully and kind of chuckled. "Oh, shut up you git. I'm quite the charmer I'll have you know." There was silence for a brief moment. "OK, not really but hey, I'm something." The two laughed until they couldn't anymore. 


 Dear Hermione,


I'm well, my holiday has gotten better, thank you for asking. I'm glad

as well to hear you lot are doing just as well as I am. It sounds rather lovely

there, maybe next year I will visit. Thank Harry for me when you get the

chance. And thank you for not judging Draco so quickly, despite what he's

done and said to you, you still believe in his innocence and I appreciate

that. Oh, Draco even asked how you were doing but don't tell him I told you

that or he'll have my head. 

I never really liked that Brown girl, she seemed a bit put out don't you think?

Also, I had tea with Mrs. Malfoy, it went well at first until I asked a few questions

but she did answer one about my mum. It wasn't a lot, just that she got sick and

they couldn't help her which breaks my heart and I can only imagine what it's

done to my father. To not have the love of his life with him after all these years

of being alone. Perhaps that's why he's so cold.

Sorry for being all sentimental on you like that. Stupid really. 

Merry Christmas.


Sincerely, Serenity. 


    After writing her letter to Hermione that morning, she folded it, sealed it, addressed it, then tossed it into her cross-body bag. She would mail it off after breakfast of course. Draco was already sitting at the table, eating his breakfast when he smiled at her. It was great to have Draco back, she was missing him rather too much. Serenity sat across from him, her plate already prepared for her wait. She begin to eat. Mrs. Malfoy bent over to kiss Draco's head who instantly acted like he didn't like it and soon over to Serenity to kiss her head as well before sating her seat at the end of the table. "It's so good to have my family home for the holidays, isn't it? Glad you two patched things up." She chimed. 

   "So am I." The both said in unison. 

   "Good morning my darlings... Serenity." Mr. Malfoy snarled. He then kissed his wife and ruffled his son's hair which ticked him off. Draco hated his hair being messed with. Serenity greeted him ever so politely, for Mrs. Malfoy's sake.

   "Hurry up and eat boy, we've got work to do." Mr. Malfoy's tone was quite serious and rushed for some reason.

   "But it's the holidays, father, can't we take a break as well?"

   "Don't be bloody daft, Draco! You know that's impossible. Great, now I'm put off my food." He growled, taking his leave, the tapping of his cane fading away. Serenity looked at Draco, then his mother, neither of them spoke any further, they just kept to themselves. Serenity couldn't believe what she saw, how can Mrs. Malfoy let her husband treat Draco that way? It's wrong, and she was not going to just seat here any longer. She left the table n a hurry, heading for their mail room so that she can deliver her letter to Hermione.


Dear Serenity


Thank you so much for getting back to me it means so much.

Harry, Ron, and the rest of the lot said hello and wishes you a Merry Christmas.

I'll have to give Harry your thanks once I see him next or send an owl, unfortunately I'm 

no longer with the Weasleys, I'm home now with my family. 

That's great news about your mum, no, I mean it's rather sad of her passing, what I meant

was that you got to learn a bit more about her. Sorry I'm such a twit.

Draco? Did he really? That's quite odd but rather refreshing to know that he doesn't

completely hate me. I'm not sure how to feel about it. Tell him I said hello, will you? 

Sorry that this letter is a bit short but I have to go, my parents and I are going

caroling! Have you ever been? It's fun. Muggles go about door to door and sing

Christmas songs, it's brilliant.


Best of luck, Merry Christmas, Serenity.


Your friend, Hermione.


    Serenity had finally received Hermione's second letter a day later. She read it in the mail room. Having to flick her hand some to keep the owl from pecking at the letter. 


    Today is the 25th, Christmas day. To Serenity it felt like any other day but to Mrs. Malfoy, it was more than that. She knew once she went downstairs it would be a celebration. Not that she mind. Draco came bursting into Serenity's room, pulling the blankets off of her, tugging at her shirt in a joking manner like some excited child.

   "Do get up! Mum's waiting for us downstairs." He mocked. Serenity flailed her arms, stretching and yawning before jumping, or more so being dragged out of bed by Draco. Serenity smacked him before she jumped onto his back and demanded he give her a piggyback ride. And so he did after fussing a bit. 

   "Why did you stop, move it you greaseba--" Serenity cut herself off after realizing why Draco stopped at the door of the dining room. There sitting at the table was his father, mother, his aunt Bellatrix, some huge guy with a mark on his face, a few others she didn't know and her father. Serenity slid off Draco and stood next to him, quietly, staring at her bare feet. Draco did the same. "Done with your childish games boy?" Mr. Malfoy barked. Bellatrix snickered and dance around the table until she reached Draco, grabbing his hand to lead him to the table to have a seat.

   "You can leave now little girl." Bellatrix hissed at Serenity. "Make me you old hag." Serenity hissed back. Snape was shocked, he had never seen the two interact in such a way before, more so his daughter talking to an adult like that.

   "Ha ha ha, would you like to rephrase that mud-blood!" Bellatrix shot back, her tongue sharp and loud. Everyone got quiet, all staring at Serenity to make a move. Draco looked away, he knew he couldn't do anything about it. Mr. Malfoy smiled so evilly, Mrs. Malfoy frowned and mouthed 'I'm sorry' to Serenity. Her eyes shifted to her father who soon looked away as well. "That's what I thought. Ha ha ha." Bellatrix sang. Snape gave her a stare that had her frown some, poking at his chest in a whiny manner. "Party pooper you are, Sevy." She sat down and pouted some. Serenity left the dining room. She fought to restrain her tears from coming. She then jumped when she heard her fathers voice. "Why do you insist on picking fights with these people, Serenity? You will not win." He spoke. Serenity turned to face him, she was angrier now. Her eyes wet and her brows slanted inward, her expression was all around of disgust by her father. "How dare you. Perhaps it's best that mother is dead, so she doesn't have to see the coward you've become!" Serenity screamed at her father. Snape cleared his throat some, lifting his head higher as he looked down at her. "Yes, indeed." He turned, leaving Serenity alone in the entertainment room. She broke down and started to cry, it was curtain, her father truly didn't care for her in the slightest, not a drop of ounce, nothing. 


 Dear, Hermione,


Caroling does seem intriguing but I'm afraid this isn't going to be a pleasant

letter to read. I've already packed my bags to return to Hogwarts, my train leaves in

a few hours so forgive me for rushing things along, I just can't stand to be here any

longer than I have to be. It's dreadful, these people, Not Draco and Mrs. Malfoy of course

but of  the aunt and some bloody dimwits who laugh at everything. And my father, he

is here as well. They're having some kind of meeting, not sure of what and I don't

care. I'm tired of it all. I just want to go home.

My father... He just stood there as that wretched woman, Bellatrix

insulted me while the others laughed, and Draco, he just sat there. I would have defended 

him if he were in my place, no matter what, that's what best mates do, or so I thought. 

Do I mean so little to them all?

I guess I should finish this off, I need to be on my way. I'll be at Hogwarts by the time you get this

so you can reach me there. If I don't hear from you by the time you return to Hogwarts then safe

travels, all of you.


Your friend, Serenity.


    Nearly dark and the train to Hogwarts finally arrived. Few of the students who decided to return early all gathered their things and headed off the train, however, Serenity continued to sit in her compartment, alone, staring out the window as she watched Hagrid help with the students luggage, as well as Filch, groaning and grunting at the lot. One kid in particular, Slater was poking and prodding at Filch, teasing him that he hasn't any magic. Poor squib just yelled at him to shove off. "Diffindo." She whispered. Slater heard a ripping sound, looking around, trying to find out what, the laughter of the other students gave it away, the back of his pants split open, revealing his undergarments. 

   "Who did it, eh? Who bloody did this?!" Slater screamed, thrashing his wand about, threatening the other students.

   "I did. I suggest you move along before I do worse, first year." Serenity wasn't having it. All this bullying one another, the faculty, it was getting to be too much. Even Filch didn't deserve the disrespect. Hagrid couldn't help but laugh. Tugging Slater by his sweatshirt. 

   "Thank you , Miss Snape." Filch tried smiling.

   "Serenity. And you're welcome." She replied as she disappeared off into the dark.




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