Half-Blood Princess

Serenity is the 16 year old daughter of Severus Snape. Her mother is unknown for her father refuses to speak of her, ever. She attends Hogwarts since she was 11 years old. The relationship between Serenity and her father broke due to his lack of affection towards her and her trust issues towards him. The only person she can actually go to is her best mate Draco Malfoy. The two grew up together, though he can be a slime ball he has his sentimental moments with her but that's usually with just her. So she considers the Malfoys to be family. And even though she may be in the Slytherin house she's not as twisted or mean as the rest of them lot. She does have other mates from all houses. All Serenity wants is education and to get the hell on with her own life.


6. Mixed Emotions


*   *   *


   The heavy pitter patter of the rain and the loud lightening woke Serenity, causing her to jump up from her bed, gasping, scanning the room with confusion, yet again. She was in her room, at home, in her own bed. Thoughts went racing through her mind. How was this possible? Why was she there? How did she even get there? None of this made any sense to her at all.

   "Are you bloody mad?! You can't keep me from this!" A female voice shouted.

   "Keep your voice down, Trix, Serenity is sleeping." Calm and collected, as always, was the voice of Serenity's father. The two seemed to be in a disagreement about something. Something awful because Serenity couldn't help but feel uneasy, granted her father always made her feel that way but this time it was different, the tone of his voice was odd, unusual to her.


  Serenity slipped out of bed, sneaking out of her room, slowly walking down a dark hallway that lead to the stairs but she refused to go any further for she could now hear the two clearly. There, a woman with long, full, curly hair stood in front of her father, her back facing Serenity so she didn't get a good look at the woman. Like last time. When she was dreaming of her, "Mother?" the words flowed out in a whisper, her hands slapped over her mouth to shut herself up, in hopes neither of the two heard her. Thankfully, they did not. The woman named 'Trix' paced back and fourth, swinging her hands in an ugly manner, muttering to herself, shaking her head, occasionally glancing at Severus as he watched her carefully. Concern flooded his face. He tried to reach for her, a slight smile on his face but she slapped him away, pointing her finger at him, her voice rising again. "No! No! You...  You don't get it, Severus! He can protect us, all of us, he's the answer to everything, h-he's our Lord!" Trix shoved him away, slightly crying but also laughing in between. 

   "You... Would truly bring that man into our lives, our daughter's life so we can gain more power? Control? For what price? For our pure devotion to the Dark Lord? Serenity is only six! I will not allow this." He spoke harshly this time. This scared Serenity. This talk of the Dark Lord, power, what it could mean, what it was doing to her mother. The thunder and lightening crashed against each other, loudly. 


  A group of girls screaming and laughing startled Serenity from her deep thoughts. Everything was still so fuzzy and confusing, the dream she had last night of her parents had her in a constant trance all morning that she didn't realize it was almost lunch. She barely remembering going to her classes, let alone waking up. Serenity found herself standing near a class and and opening where Harry and Ron were standing, talking, or not. Ron  was loud, yelling, but not at Harry. In fact it was Ginny who was standing a few feet away, Dean standing next to her though his body language clearly didn't want to be there. Other students were watching, chatting among one another, exchanging looks within the crowd, some were even smiling as if they found this amusing. Ron couldn't stress over this enough.

   "You think I want to see my sister snogging in public?! It's embarrassing, Ginny!" Ron shouted.

   "Oh, come off it, Ronald! You're just mad because you've never been kissed by a girl!" Ginny retaliated. It got quiet, everyone stood still. Harry looked down, as if it was too awkward to watch. Ron, who was now red in the face, his breathing heavy, his chest pumping, he stood there staring at her with such anger but also hurt, Serenity could imagine. She felt sorry for him, for both of them, this must have been horrible for the two to fight like that in front of all those people. Serenity caught Harry's stare, his expression begged for her to help in any way. She hesitated at first but soon rushed out behind the building to come aid Ron, grabbing a hold of his hand, pulling him away from everyone. Harry didn't know whether to follow or join them. So he continued to just stand there.


  The two sat at the bottom of a staircase in silence for a rather long time. Ron staring at the ground, still slightly angry and Serenity, unsure what to say to him, remained quiet for the time being. What was she to say to him? How can she make him feel better? What does one simply say or do to help in this kind of situation? Why was this so hard? It was never hard when it came to Draco, so why now? Ron lifted his head, glanced over at Serenity, he could see she was in deep thought. "Don't strain yourself." He smiled, trying to break the awkward silence between the two. Finally. She smiled back, nudging him in response, she still didn't know what to say to him. So in a joking manner she said,

   "I've never been kissed either, it's not all that bad." Serenity laughed but looked away as she did. Ron was surprised to hear this, in fact he couldn't believe it. There was no way.

   "You? The infamous Snape's daughter, never been kissed? Rubbish." Ron laughed as well.

   "No, I'm serious. Most fear me, more so because I am a Snape. No one would ever dare nor want to kiss the daughter of Thee Severus Snape." It was true, people feared her and her father, people would apologize if they bumped her, took her seat, got in her way. Eggshells. Her smiling turned to a small frown. Now that she thought about it, it wasn't all that funny, in fact it was haunting. This isn't what she wants, she doesn't want people to fear her.

   "I... want to be good." Serenity whispered to herself. Ron could sense the mood change with her, especially in her eyes, her sad eyes. He pulled her into a one arm hug, rubbing her arm for comfort. His chin rested at the top of her head before he spoke softly to her. "Serenity, you are good. From the very start, the moment I met you, even after you were put in Slytherin. You have always had a kind heart, despite your roots. Blood doesn't define who you are." He was right, too. Serenity wanted to believe this but how could she? No matter what she did, how nice she is, people will always fear her. 


  The next morning, in the Great Hall, during a meal, Ron rushes down the aisle to the Gryffindor table, in his Quidditch uniform, scared out of his wits, sitting now, staring at his food. It was unlike Ron to not eat, sometimes he even overate due to stress but no, not this time. He was way too nervous about the game today.

   "What if I play horribly? Harry, I can't do this. Put someone else in." Ron plead.

   "Don't be silly, Ron, there is no one else mate. Just you. You can do this I know you can." Harry replied.

   "I agree with Harry. You got this, Ron." Serenity popped up out of no where, now taking a seat with the trio. Hermione always happy to see Serenity. 

   "It's always nice to have another girl around." Hermione exclaimed in excitement. Luna cleared her throat to insure she was there and also a girl as well. Hermione apologized, not realizing she was even there, no one ever does. She's quite sneaky like that. Ron had almost forgot about his jitters when he saw Serenity, his face turning red now, smiling at her. She, too returned the blushing smile, the two locked in for the moment. Until Hermione gasped.

   "What are you doing, Harry?! Are you mad? Professor Slughorn said to only us--"

   "It'll be fine, don't worry Hermione. Ron just needs a bit of luck." Harry smiled as he put the Felix Felicis back in his pocket. He had asked Serenity earlier this morning to borrow it, but of course he didn't explain why so she was just as shocked as Hermione. Ron smiled big and picked up his glass of orange juice, drinking every last bit of it. Now shooting up, standing tall and confident to play. Both Hermione and Serenity exchanged looks with one another, following after. Serenity caught up with Ron.

   "You do know this is wrong, right? It's cheating, you can't possibly go through with this, Ron." She had to speed walk just to keep up with the excited Ron. He looked down at her, smiling ever so big and leaned in, caressing her petite chin with a goofy smile before racing off, Harry running after him. With not much to do about the situation now, Serenity and Hermione joined the Gryffindor tower with the rest of their house, well Hermione's house, Serenity was only but a straggler, a common quest of the house but that didn't stop her from joining Hermione's side at all. 


  Score after score, cheer after cheer, the audience went wild. No matter what the Slytherin team threw at Ron, he fought it off. He was on fire, the crowd in awe with him, the girls swooning over him. Serenity and Hermione in complete shock that it was working, it was actually working. He was winning the game against Slytherin. It was a site to see, quite intriguing that Serenity couldn't keep her mouth shut. Almost neglecting that it was cheating. 

   "GRYFFINDOR WINS!" The announcer screamed with glee, along with the audience of all the houses but the Slytherins. Hermione cheering extremely loudly, shaking Luna who was next to her, reading an upside down book. Serenity quietly cheered, following Hermione and the rest of the Gryffindors down to the field to congratulate their team. Harry found Serenity and pulled her into a hug, the two laughing and swaying, she patted his back, congratulating Harry. Who finally told her and Hermione that he never actually poured the Felix in Ron's drink. With that news, Serenity couldn't wait to express this to Ron, but couldn't find him anywhere. Perhaps he made his way back to the Gryffindor common room? 


   "Do you think Ron will go with me to Slughorn's Christmas party?" Serenity asked Harry as the two walked up the stone staircase to the floor Harry's common room laid. Harry smiled, happy about this, he knew there was something between the two, it was a matter of time. He nodded and grabbed her hand, rushing down the hallway towards the common room. "Of course! Me best mate has always liked you, no doubt about that! Come on!"The two entered the room where a crowd held Ron up, cheering. Serenity waved at Ron but he ignored her. Then, to her surprise, well to everyone's surprise, Lavender Brown grabbed Ron and kissed him. The cheering got louder. Harry was taken back at the site that he was scared to even face Serenity, who was now standing there, gripping her scarf that rested around her neck, her bottom lip quivered, quickly turning away from Ron and Lavender, leaving the common room in a hurry. Hermione frowned, pushing Harry to go after her. So he did. Harry had finally caught up with Serenity, stepping in front of her to get her to stop, he awkwardly patted her arm but was never good at comforting people. "I'm sorry about Ron, he hasn't always been the brightest bloke. He'll come around." But even Harry wasn't sure of his own words, he was just as confused as she was to why Ron ignored her like that. Serenity pulled away from Harry, shaking her head.

   "No, it was a stupid idea to begin with. I don't even know what I was thinking. I mean, look who I am, I'm a Slytherin."

   "That doesn't mean anything, Serenity." Harry assured her that multiple people date different houses all the time. This shouldn't be any different. But she wouldn't have it. Instead she shoved passed Harry, refusing to show any weakness.


   "I am my father's daughter."


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