Half-Blood Princess

Serenity is the 16 year old daughter of Severus Snape. Her mother is unknown for her father refuses to speak of her, ever. She attends Hogwarts since she was 11 years old. The relationship between Serenity and her father broke due to his lack of affection towards her and her trust issues towards him. The only person she can actually go to is her best mate Draco Malfoy. The two grew up together, though he can be a slime ball he has his sentimental moments with her but that's usually with just her. So she considers the Malfoys to be family. And even though she may be in the Slytherin house she's not as twisted or mean as the rest of them lot. She does have other mates from all houses. All Serenity wants is education and to get the hell on with her own life.


4. Luck Of Brilliance


*   *   *


 Serenity laid in bed, her eyes still closed but her lips formed a smile at the smell of sausage, toast, and what smelled like chocolate chip scones to her. She jumped out of bed and rushed to the door of her bedroom, grabbing for the knob but stopped when she realized it was her own bedroom she was in. My room? Serenity scanned her black and purple room, the huge Victorian bed that sat at the far end of her room, in between two large windows on either side that were draped with damask curtains, a rather large collection of portraits of the family on the right side of her room above a cherry black dresser. Confusion flooded her mind while she made her way out of her room and down a stretched hallway that lead to two larger rooms. The gathering room to her left and the kitchen to her right. 


 Soft humming was coming from the kitchen. It was of a woman. Serenity peered into the room, her eyes caught a woman at the stove, cooking whilst she continued to hum to herself. She had long curly black hair that fell down her back and rested on a rather gorgeous green dress. Her voice seemed a bit familiar to her but she couldn't place it. The woman stopped humming.

 "Serenity? Is that you love?" The woman spoke ever so softly but never turned around to face her. Serenity froze, staring at the woman, wondering why she was asking for her. All of a sudden a little girl came bursting in, giggling and running up to the woman, hugging her and jumping up and down.

 "How did you know it was me, mum?" The little girl beamed up at her with such excitement and love for the woman. Her mother leaned down to hug her back with a kiss upon her cheek.

 "Because you're my little Serry." She smiled down at her.

 "That's not a real answer! You're silly, mum. Did you make my favorite?"

 "Yes I did, sweetheart." She picked up the little girl and put her in the chair at the table before returning to her cooking. Serenity didn't understand what was going on here, who are these people in her house and why does the little girl have the same name as her but before she could continue the little girl notice her and smiled, holding out her hand to Serenity. Without a thought she went straight to the little girl, grabbing her hand. She looks just like I did when I was a child. 

 "Have you greeted mum this morning?" The little girl asked Serenity. Mum? Serenity looked back at the woman. It finally hit her, that little girl is her and that woman is her mother, this had to be a memory or some twisted dream. Serenity slowly walked towards her mother, wanting to see her face for she kept it well hidden. She needs to see her, maybe she knows who she is or can remember what she looks like. Serenity placed her hand onto her mothers shoulder in hopes she'll turn to face her but as soon as she thought she was about to get a good look at her mother a familiar voice called out to her.

 "Serenity? It's time to get up, breakfast will be served soon." Pansy was standing over Serenity, her pig-like face staring right at her when Serenity awoke. Just great. Serenity groaned and tossed one of her pillows at Pansy's face, scaring her off.


 Breakfast was a bore this morning, most of her table were long gone except a few she cared so little about, one being that annoying prat Pansy. She couldn't believe Pansy ruined this one chance to see her mothers face. She could kill her. Draco came up with a few buddies at his side. Goyle, Crabbe, and another whom she couldn't remember his name nor cared to. Draco flicked Serenity's forehead to get her full attention but only pissed her off more.

 "Bug off, Malfoy!" Serenity smacked his hand away, snarling at him and the others who were chuckling at the two.

 "Oi! What's with you? You've been moody for the past few days, why?"

 "I just have a lot on my mind, Malfoy."

 "I didn't know you could fit so much thinking in that little head of yours." Draco snickered at her with a rather greasy smirk of his.

 "I'm not in the mood!"

 Draco muttered under his breath, snapping at the boys to follow him as he rushed out The Great Hall, pushing bystanders and cursing at them. Serenity rolled her eyes at his childish behavior whilst shoveling her breakfast into her mouth.


 Today in potions was a bit relaxing now that Professor Slughorn made his return, giving out the next assignment: Draught of Living Death, to the class in which a prize was involved to encourage the students to try their best. The prize: Felix Felicis, also known as "Liquid Luck", is a magical potion that brings luck to the drinker in which they are successful to any and all attempts. The class rushed off to their partners to start their work right away. Everyone wanted to get their hands on that luck potion. Thanks to Zygmunt Budge for making this so, his rather greatest accomplishment back in the 16th century. Harry and Serenity got to work right away, reading from HBP's book yet again, doing exactly what the prince had wrote down only to find some of the tricks were quite easier than what Professor Slughorn directed them to do. Serenity read over the notes as she directed Harry along the way, explaining what needed to be done.

 "Right then, the sopophorous bean needs to be crushed with a silver dagger not cut." She shot Harry a smirk. Harry did what he was told, beaming at the brilliance of it all.


 "Harry! What do you think you are doing?" Hermione snapped at him.

 "Don't cut, crush it. It releases juices more efficiently." Harry replied.

 "And don't forget to stir anticlockwise seven times and clockwise once instead." Serenity added.

 "No! The book says to cut it." She fought back, huffing at the two.

 "Just crush the bloody bean." Serenity rolled her eyes. Hermione held her breath as she did so, finding it to be quite accurate than she thought. Once the whole entire class was finished with their attempts, Professor Slughorn went about testing everyone's potions only to be disappointed at their work, at least until he made it over to Harry and Serenity's table. 

 "Ah, yes! Now that's a potion!" Professor Slughorn chimed and beamed over the two, congratulating them with high spirits as he hands over the Felix Felicis. Harry and Serenity held up the vile of luck hand and hand, cheering. Once class was over, Harry caught up to Serenity to give her the potion they had won.

 "No, it's yours, Potter." She handed it back.

 "Take it, you did most of the work. Besides You deserve it for being a brilliant partner!"

 "Come off it, you're the brilliant one!" They both laughed.

 "Well... If you insist, Potter." Serenity winked at him before taking the vile and her leave, catching up with her group of friends, leaving Harry in the halls smiling like a wit.


  Draco was no where to be found and it frustrated Serenity for she wanted to talk to him about what took place earlier. Why does he keep disappearing like that? She brushed it off and started asking her house mates for his whereabouts but no one seemed to have the slightest idea. Perhaps he's back at the common room. But he wasn't, of course. Something didn't feel right to her, especially noticing his strange behavior and the fact that he's getting paler and ill looking. All she knew was it had to do with her father and it was driving her completely mad because she knew nothing and Draco wasn't talking to her about it. Her, his very best friend of all people!

 But Serenity intends to find out exactly what's going on.

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