Half-Blood Princess

Serenity is the 16 year old daughter of Severus Snape. Her mother is unknown for her father refuses to speak of her, ever. She attends Hogwarts since she was 11 years old. The relationship between Serenity and her father broke due to his lack of affection towards her and her trust issues towards him. The only person she can actually go to is her best mate Draco Malfoy. The two grew up together, though he can be a slime ball he has his sentimental moments with her but that's usually with just her. So she considers the Malfoys to be family. And even though she may be in the Slytherin house she's not as twisted or mean as the rest of them lot. She does have other mates from all houses. All Serenity wants is education and to get the hell on with her own life.


1. Kings Cross Station


             *   *   *


  Every year seemed to be the same for Serenity. She would arrive to Kings Cross in London. The world of muggles with no idea of the wizarding world. She stood between 9th and 10th platforms to watch the new comers, their confused and scared expressions they always had first time round. She watched with great interest. Leaning up against a brick wall, her luggage at her feet. Her green eyes shifted to a bunch of muggles who stared at her, possibly wondering why she was just standing there with her luggage like a lost puppy. To Serenity, muggles were the most interesting subject to her for she didn't interact much with them growing up for her father forbid it. She had to stick to her own kind he would go on about, stick to what they know. Muggles were just fragile humans with no special abilities once-so-ever. So to most of her kind they found them to be dirty, weak, good for nothing, boring creatures. Serenity sighed into her cup of coffee she had in her hand, barely sipping it. She seemed to be waiting for something, or someone. 


  "You're such a pest, Serry," The voice came from behind Serenity. She turned to find who she was waiting for, her pale yet rosy red cheeks began to form a smirk as she hands over the other cup of coffee she has been holding for almost an hour.

  "And you're late, Draco." She grabbed her luggage and headed towards Platform 9¾, disappearing into the wall. Draco followed after, nudging her arm as he passed her, heading to the train to get their compartment they always sat in since first year. Serenity rushed after him in tempts to nudge him back but he ended up running, leaving her behind. She sped up, hoping to catch up to smack the grease out of his blonde hair. But out of the blue she smacked into another, both crashing to the ground.

  "Ow! That hurt you ugly slag-" The girl cut herself off once she looked up to find out who she had crashed into. Her eyes widen at the sight of Serenity. The girl began to mutter, apologizing over and over again, helping Serenity up in a hurry. "I-I'm so sorry Serenity I d-didn't see you I, um... I wa-" She looked away. Serenity brushed herself off, running her fingers through her hair to fix it some. "It's fine, Pansy, really. Just be a bit more careful." Serenity flashed her a small smile, leaving Pansy there in shame as she continued to make her way to the train. 


Serenity kept quiet through out most of the train ride to Hogwarts. Her mind was else where but then again these days her mind is always else where but where it should be. Like her father and their broken relationship that has been falling apart for years now due to complications that she cared little about to dwell over. Perhaps she was weak minded, letting her thoughts wander about freely rather than being contain like they should be because half the time they got to her, causing her to lash out. She hated that side of her, that's what her father did and she didn't want that at all. And it didn't help that she doesn't know who her mother is, so she would never know if she looks like her, talks like her or acts anything like her. Serenity shook it off and directed her attention to Draco, catching him staring at her again. He had a habit of that. Then again so did a lot of people at Hogwarts. Guess it's what she gets for being the daughter of Severus Snape.


  "You're staring again, Draco." Serenity leaned against the window. She tilted her head at Draco who shot back, looking everywhere else but at Serenity now. "Am not." Draco rolled his eyes. Stood up and rummaged through his bag that sat in a cabinet above his head. Serenity paid no mind to him but got up and left their compartment, heading down the aisle, passing other compartments filled with the other students of Hogwarts, one of them had a group of newbies and oldies in it, picking on them for being small and scared. She rolled her eyes and moved on. She stopped when she reached the compartment that normally holds Potter, Weasley, and the Granger girl. Serenity's insides jumped when she heard his voice coming from Potter's compartment, the door sliding open to reveal Harry smiling at her. Before he could say anything Weasley pushed Harry aside. "H-Hey Serenity, great summer?" His faced turned a scarlet red everytime he looked, talked, or even thought about her. It was sad she thought but was nice to him all the same.

  "Yes, thank you for asking." Serenity didn't give him a second chance to talk, she was already heading into the ladies room without a thought, oblivious of his feelings. 


  "Oh... Hi." A girl with brownish frizzy hair had just walked into the ladies room. Her expression a bit ill like. Serenity softly sighed to herself, finishing up with washing her hands and drying them off.

  "Hello, Hermione." She smiled at her through the mirror.

  "I, um. I never got a chance to thank you for last year. For helping when you did. I appreciate it."

  "Don't worry about it, I didn't mind at all, really." Serenity slapped on some cherry lip gloss before taking her leave, stopping at the door. "I'll always be here to help." She rushed out the ladies room and back to her compartment. Serenity wasn't one to express herself much but she really did like Hermione and the others. Just didn't know how to fit in with them right. She always felt that Slytherin was her place. Once Serenity had took her place in the compartment she notice Draco sleeping, his mouth open with a bit of drool dripping onto his shoulder. She chuckled to herself before leaning back to watch him sleep. Having Draco in her life since they were babies has always been what kept her sane. He was her comfort blanket in a way. Though they had their moments, their disagreements she knew he would always be there for her as she is for him. Sure to the classmates and professors Draco was nothing but a sneaky, grease ball pure-blood whom hated muggles and all half-bloods but if that were the case he would hate her as well.

  But that wasn't the case.


The jerk of the train woke Serenity. Her eyes scanned her compartment. No Draco to be found. Of course. He was always on track just minutes before arriving their destination. Every time. The sound of a sliding door being slammed open made Serenity jump some. Her heart now racing.

  "Oi! Get on with it will you, I got our carriage. " Draco groaned.

  "You alright?" Serenity asked. 

  "Do I look alright to you? Just get your bag. Your luggage is already packed on the carriage." Draco seemed to be on edge since they arrived. In a foul mood. That was never good for her or anyone who dare cross him. Serenity snatched her bag up and followed after Draco. careful not to get her ass chewed at by his royal grumpiness. The carriage was surrounded by a group of their own house, awaiting for Serenity and Draco to aboard first before ever daring to go first themselves. the Slytherin house normally never put themselves first when it came to the two. In a way Serenity didn't like it but on the other hand she didn't mind for she always got the first of everything, next to Draco that is. They looked up to them. Though she assumed because they were either scared of them or respected them. Probably both. The group of Slytherins gathered onto the carriage and made way towards the forest that hid away the castle of Hogwarts.


The extremely large doors to the castle slowly opened. The creepy caretaker Filch stood there with his ugly cat Mrs. Norris. The both snarling at every student to enter Hogwarts entrance. Serenity smiled at every Professor she passed as she made her way to The Great Hall for the sorting of the new comers this year. The scenery of the Great Hall was a bunch of hovering lit up candles and starts sparkling about. She loved the stars most out of all the scenery that comes and goes. Four stretched out tables laid across the The Great Hall leading up to the front where all the Professors sat. There are tables for each house. The houses flags hung up above the whole entire hall. All the houses were at their usual tables chitchatting away as the new comers started to make way, gathering up in front of the Headmaster. He had a tall pointy hat with very long robes that dragged on the ground. His long silver beard danced about every time he made a move.

  "Welcome! To Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!" 

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