Half-Blood Princess

Serenity is the 16 year old daughter of Severus Snape. Her mother is unknown for her father refuses to speak of her, ever. She attends Hogwarts since she was 11 years old. The relationship between Serenity and her father broke due to his lack of affection towards her and her trust issues towards him. The only person she can actually go to is her best mate Draco Malfoy. The two grew up together, though he can be a slime ball he has his sentimental moments with her but that's usually with just her. So she considers the Malfoys to be family. And even though she may be in the Slytherin house she's not as twisted or mean as the rest of them lot. She does have other mates from all houses. All Serenity wants is education and to get the hell on with her own life.


7. Frostbite Holidays


*   *   *


   The door to the girls dormitory tore open with a loud bang when Serenity made her way out of the dorm, ignoring the stares and whispers from her fellow housemates, gripping her books, disgust on her face, speed upon her feet as if she was in a hurry or perhaps someone cast her feet. But as talk gets around, most knew why she was upset, others confused and scared to even look in her general direction. Draco snapped his fingers and his group got up and followed him, who was following behind Serenity. Cautious of the situation of the matter, therefore remained quiet though he was itching to ask her why she was so angry. Sure he heard rumors, possibly lies, for all he knew, Serenity would never allow herself to fall prey to the misfortune, let alone a Weasley. 


  Finally and as always, Pansy broke the silence within the circle of mates as they all walked down the halls. Some would say she was touched in the head, didn't know where her tongue lies when it comes to over-stepping.

   "What's got you in a piss-pot mood, Serenity? Weasel got your tongue?" She teased, playfully smacking the back of Draco's head when she mentioned weasel. Both Serenity and Draco stopped walking but only Draco turned to Pansy, who in this case was more scared of Serenity. Her back still facing the rest, it was intense, she didn't even say a word, nothing, just stood there. Draco broke his glare upon Pansy when he realized the utter silence. 

   "Serry?" Draco, too seemed concerned just as much as the rest of the lot.

   "Why don't you ever shut up, Pansy?!" Serenity shouted as she turned to face Pansy. "Anteoculatia!" With a flick of her wand, a flash of light caught the attention of bystanders, some running away, others backed away slowly, a group of girls hugging each other. Pansy started to scream, her hands scattering along her hair that begin to transform into antlers atop her head. With a smirk,  Serenity sharply turned on her heel and continued to stroll down the hall. Rolling her eyes after hearing Pansy curse Serenity with foul language. This pleased her. A lot. 


  Just around the bend of the corridor, there down the stretched hallway, sitting at the window, snogging one another, in public. Basically throwing the fact that he now has a girlfriend; was Ron and Lavender. Harry and Hermione a few steps away from them, in their own chinwag with a group around them. Serenity halted. Staring at the two, her expression no longer angry but of hurt. How could he do this to her? Just a few nights ago they spent hours of talking, getting to know one another. Then he ignores her, continues to flock with that annoying brat of a girl. It didn't take Draco long to realize what she was so upset about. His gaze shifted to them as well. Anger flooded his body, because he has never in all his life, has he seen this look on Serenity's face, not even towards her own father. This was new, rather cringing for Draco but also upsetting to see his best mate in such a state. Draco stepped towards their direction but Serenity stopped him, now gripping his hand. "Don't. It's not worth detention, Malfoy. None of them are." Serenity spoke quietly. Draco squeezed her hand, nodding. His eyes now shifting to Hermione Granger, oddly disgust didn't wrinkle his face as he watched her. "Even if you want to." Draco responded. Then it hit her, Serenity gave Draco a look before she turned to look at Hermione who was also looking at Draco but shot away when she realized Serenity had noticed. No bloody way! No, no. There was just no way, not in a million years, especially her lifetime would, Draco, her vile best mate would ever fraternize with a muggle-born. Right? She wretched her hand away from him and stormed off. How could he not tell her? HER? Serenity couldn't understand why he lacked the confidence to express such important information. 


  Once Serenity mustered up the confidence to enter Slughorn's party, where she notice so many familiar and unfamiliar faces within the party. Their expression was either in awe of her appearance or atrocious by her. Regardless it didn't bother her, or at least that's what she wanted them to think. Whilst she stood at the food bar, eating bits and bites of various foods that laid out for the taking, stuffing her face as her eyes scanned the party. There, Longbottom was waiting, apparently that was the only way he could get into the shindig. Poor sod. Harry was talking to him, smiling and picking at his uniform, which didn't look bad in her opinion. Her father paced about the crowd with a scowl on his pale twisted face, as usual. Of course he refused to make eye contact with her. Old news. McLaggen popped up, filling his plate with piles of food, eating and talking at once. To bring him as a date was beyond her understanding, he was a complete twit. "Oi! Have you seen me date? Hermione?" The words flew out of his mouth and burned Serenity's ears. This was Hermione's secret date? Him? She could only imagine the utter pain Granger must be going through right now, and apparently she was. There, ducking behind a draped curtain to remain hiding from the McLaggen boy. A smirk formed upon her lips as she elbowed him, informing him where Hermione was hiding, soon joining her was Harry. He thanked her and trailed off to fetch his date. Curiosity had Serenity inching towards the lot, wondering what they could all be talking about behind the curtain, such a strange place to converse but then she saw Hermione dart off just as soon as McLaggen entered behind the curtain. Then her father cut ahead and ripped open the curtain, seconds later, Mclaggen threw up all over his shoes. This terminated her curiosity in a heart beat for she was racing away. No way was she going to be any where near that coarseness of the Snape satire.


  Draco was sneaking around the party, trying to refrain from what seemed like her father's attention. But why? If she would have known he wanted to come to the party she would have brought him as her plus one. 

   "Draco! What are you doing here?" Serenity quietly  scolded him. "Once my fath-" Serenity was cut off by the sound of caretaker Filch's timid tone who now grabbed a hold of Draco's robe, yanking him towards Slughorn, his hand pushing down the camera that was about to take a photo of the scene. "Professor Slughorn, I just discovered this boy lurking in an upstairs corridor. Claiming he's been invited to your party, Sir." But before anyone could say anything, Snape came out of nowhere. The two exchange odd looks which caught Serenity and Harry's attention.

   "I'll... escort him out." Snape glanced about before urging Draco to make his move. The two left the party. Serenity followed after, sure to keep a reasonable distance from the two. A pair of hands startled Serenity once they touched her back, causing her to fling around, her wand at the ready. Harry, it was Harry standing behind her. A half smile plastered on his face as he lowered her hand with her wand in it.

   "Are you trying to give me a heart attack, Potter?" She relaxed herself.

   "Not at all. Just as curious as you." He answered, slightly laughing.

   "Aren't you always? Go back to the party."

   "What? No, why would I? Something is going on and I intend to find out." Harry was confused by her manner towards him. Something about her was different, odd, more cold. Was this all because of the Ron thing? Or perhaps it had to do with her father, maybe Draco? 

   "You think I hex that Bell girl don't you? Heh, maybe I didn't? What's it to you, eh?" Draco's voice was rushed and harsh. Serenity and Harry leaned around the corner to see Snape push Draco up against a wall.

   "I swore to protect you, Draco! I... I made the unbreakable vow! Why be so careless?!" Snape barked.

   "I don't need your protection, Snape! I was chosen for this, me! Out of all others, ME!" Draco's voice shaky now.

   "Look at you, you're scared, " Snape released Draco's robe. "Let me assist you!"

   "No! This is my moment! You just want all the glory for yourself don't you?! Well, it's mine!" Draco pushed passed Snape and ran down the hall, Snape following after him. Serenity couldn't believe what she heard. Her father really was involved, with whatever this was. What could be so bad that he dare form an unbreakable vow?


    Serenity busted through the boys dormitory where she found Draco laying in bed, his arm draped over his eyes. Some of the boys started to freak out, acting foolish, pointing and snickering. But as soon as Draco dashed out of bed, worry on his face as he spotted Serenity walking towards him. She pushed him against his bed post.

   "Oi! What are you doing, Ser--"

   "What the bloody hell are you up to, Malfoy?! What were you doing with my father?" Serenity was angry. Draco ordered everyone to get out so that they could talk. Draco reached for Serenity's hand but she jerked it away.

   "Don't touch me. I... I want to know why you keep sneaking around, why you keep disappearing, why you and my father are talking about this unbreakable vow rubbish!" Serenity shouted at him.

   "Serry, don't. Please just let it go. This is beyond anything you or anyone else can imagine. Your," Draco sat down onto his bed, sighing, his head lowered as he continued. "father is only assuring my protection, a favor from my mother but that is all. Nothing more. He knows nothing."

   "Let me help you, with whatever this is, Draco." Serenity pleaded with him, now taking a seat next to him.

   "No!" Draco darted from his bed, shaking his head, his expression dark now. He grabbed Serenity and pulled her towards the door. "Get out! I want nothing to do with you!" Draco shoved her out the door and slammed it shut, locking it from the inside. Serenity banged on the door, confused by what just happened. He snapped in a matter of seconds. "Draco, please! You don't mean that! Dammit." She shoved passed the other Slytherins that were standing around, waiting to get back into their dormitory. What was she to do now? It's not like she could go to her father, he would never admit to anything, let alone talk to her. The only person she could talk to would be Mrs. Malfoy. But she feared sending an owl would find it's self lost. She'll have to wait for the Christmas holidays to speak to her directly. 


    It was early morning, cold and snowing, the students of Hogwarts all rushing, struggling with their luggage, saying their goodbyes for the time being, hugging and handshaking. Serenity sat alone at the Slytherin table. Staring down at her breakfast. She wasn't hungry, how could she? Her best mate won't talk to her, her father can't stand her, not like she has real friends. Harry, Hermione, and Ron are basically people to talks to when they or herself need help with something, that's not friendship. "Hello, Serenity. Happy holidays." Hermione smiled down at Serenity, behind her was Harry and Ron. Hermione handed her a present but informed her not to open it til it was time. Whatever that meant. "For me?" Serenity took the present, unsure why she was giving it to her. "I... don't understand. Why would you give me this?" She asked.

   "What do you mean? It's what friends do." Hermione couldn't help but giggle. Harry nodded in agreement before speaking. "Haven't you ever exchanged gifts with your mates?" Harry curiously asked.

   "No, never. I don't really celebrate Christmas. We haven't since I was six." This was all new for her, course she got a present here or there from Mrs. Malfoy but never from a friend, not even from Draco. "Um, thank you, Hermione."

   "Are you going home for the holidays? If not, I don't think the Weasley's would mind if you came home with us, right Ron?" Harry nudged Ron who barely looked at Serenity.

   "Oh, uh, yeah. Mum would love it, you know how she is." Ron laughed silently.

   "See. Come with us, we would love to have you!" Hermione chimed in happily.

 Part of Serenity really wanted to go, to have a real family Christmas but the other part knew she had to go home to be with the Malfoy's, so she can get some information. She shook her head, sliding the present across the table.

   "I can't. Thank you for the thought, truly but, like I said I don't celebrate it." Serenity

   "Oh, " Hermione frowned as she picked the present up. "OK, I understand, sorry. Um, I'll see you after the holidays then. Will you write me? I think it'll be fun to keep in touch." She smiled once again. Write? Odd. Serenity smiled back and agreed to that since she felt horrible for returning the present. Hermione ran around the table to hug Serenity who was in utter shock. That was so sudden and impulsive to say the least. Everyone laughed and came around to say goodbye but Serenity pulled Harry aside.

   "I talked to Draco last night about why he was talking to my father. According to him, he's only there to make sure Draco doesn't get hurt with whatever it is Draco has to do. He wouldn't tell me, he kind of..." Serenity frowned. "freaked out on me. Now he wants nothing to do with me." Harry squeezed her hand. "That is a bit odd. Look, I know he's your father but if he's-"

   "I know. That is why I have to go home, I'm counting on getting information. I just hope the person will give it to me." Serenity noticed Ron walking towards her, she quickly said goodbye to the other two and darted passed Ron, leaving The Great Hall, rushing down the corridor to hide around the corner. 


    All of Serenity's belongings were packed and tightly secured as she flicked her wand, she had charmed her luggage to follow behind her as she made her way out of the common room. Course her adventure was short lived for the Headmaster was standing at the bottom of the staircase, possibly waiting for her? She continued down the steps to greet him with a smile. "Hello, Headmaster. How are you this morning?" But as she said that she noticed his hand, it was turning black it seemed, a soft gasped escaped her lips. Dumbledore waved it off with a smile and a chuckle. "Oh no, no, that's nothing my dear. Actually I am looking for your father but can't seem to find him, have you seen him perhaps?"

   "Oh. No. I have not. Um, may I ask why you're looking for him?"

   "Ah, curious you are, like your father at his age. But I'm afraid I cannot. It's faculty business."

   "I understand. I'll let him know if I see him but don't hold your breath, Headmaster, I highly doubt I'll even see him during break." Serenity was sure of it.

   "You know, Serenity. Despite how your father carries himself and his manner towards you, he does love you. As did your mother once upon a time ago." Dumbledore just realized what he had said, mentioning her mother was a mistake he couldn't take back. 

   "My mother? What do you know of her? Do you know who she is?" Serenity riled up now, determined to get answers. She must, it has always ate at her that she never knew of her mother and now that Dumbledore spoke up, he surely must know something.

   "I'm sorry my dear, I do believe I overstepped. I must be going now. Enjoy your holidays, Serenity." Dumbledore disappeared down another staircase so fast, she didn't have time to respond in time. Oh bloody hell! She was getting real fed up with all this secrecy.


    "I'm so glad you decided to come home for Christmas, Serenity! Draco should be on his way as well, anytime now." Mrs. Malfoy was most excited she couldn't contain it, she was in the kitchen making tea and scones for she knew they were Serenity's favorite thing to eat. "I'm happy to be here Mrs. Malfoy. Thank you." Serenity walked around the entertainment room, looking at all the family portraits, the wall to the right was covered with them, there were a few with Serenity in them as well, mostly with Mrs. Malfoy and Draco. The ones with Draco were always her favorite because in them he was happy, even if he wasn't smiling, she could always feel it, how he felt. It was nice. But it only made her miss him more. Serenity ran a finger along the frame of the two when they were children, playing in the snow next to a snowman they had built, it nearly took them all day it did but it was worth the tiny frostbites they got that day. She smiled. Then, above that photo was the family tree with all the Malfoy's and some of the Black family. Bellatrix was the only one she recognized, the rest were unfamiliar to her. Towards the bottom were a few empty spots. That was unusual, she don't remember these extra spots at all. I wonder... Mrs. Malfoy returned to the room where Serenity was in, setting the small table for the tea and snacks. Waving Serenity to join her.

   "Ah, yes, I've added a few more. I never know when I'll need them. Now my love, sugar?" She asked Serenity.

   "Yes, please. two cubes. Thank you." Serenity picked out two scones and a tart, placing them onto her plate, now nibbling on one of the scones. Draco entered the room, adjusting his sweater, not realizing Serenity was sitting there with his mother. "Have this bloody sweater tailored will you, mum? I can't stand how tight it is. Oh, what are you doing here?" He was addressing Serenity now. A scowl look upon his face but Mrs. Malfoy answered for her.

   "Spending the holidays with us, as it should be, now you best mind that tongue when it comes to a lady, especially your best friend, boy." She snickered and patted the open seat in between the two of them. Serenity had to look away to hide her smiling. This is why she always adored his mum, always putting him in his place.

   "No, thank you mother. I rather starve in my room. Good day." Draco snarled.

   "I wish you wouldn't." Mrs. Malfoy frowned as she watched Draco leave the room. Great, now he upset his mother because her presence is unwanted with him, she swear she got frostbite from how cold he is towards her. Serenity hesitated to speak, she wanted to ask Mrs. Malfoy about a lot of things but she feared the outcome of that conversation. "What troubles you darling?" She handed Serenity her cup of tea. "Thank you, " Serenity took the cup and sat it down, slowly steering the cubes into the tea. "I just have so many questions but everyone refuses to answer them. Too many secrets. Draco... he won't talk to me about anything anymore and I fear I have lost him." The crackling of the fireplace was soothing and warm, it swayed in a graceful manner as tiny bits of flame flew up into the chimney, leaving a rather enjoyable smell.

   "Yes, I was afraid of that. He's been going through a lot you see. Nothing any of us can really do for him except to wait for what may come." She spoke before sipping at her tea, her fingers clanking the side of her cup as if she was nervous about something. "Peculiar. Because my father has apparently found a way to get himself involved with whatever is going on with Draco and neither will speak of what it is. And frankly I'm sick of it. Clearly you can see how ill he is because of it! And... I can't even help him." Serenity started to tear up, it really was breaking her heart.

   "I can see how this is affecting you and I'm so sorry that it is but it's not my place to say what it is that Draco is up to nor his. We simply can't speak of it. And if your father is involved I'm sure it's for good reason." Mrs. Malfoy spoke.

   "If? You know as well as I do that my father is involved and you know why. So tell me, please?" 

   "Serenity. I," Mrs. Malfoy was struggling to speak. "I want to but I can't. Trust me when I say it wouldn't be safe for any of us if I did." She seemed so scared, it worried Serenity even more now. What has got them all so terrorized?

   "I'm sorry for asking." Serenity reached for Mrs. Malfoy's hand to hold it. "I won't speak of it anymore. But I do have one more question. Do you know who my mother is?" Her heart raced just bringing it up, why was she so anxious, it's not like this is the first time she asked of her mum. Mrs. Malfoy forced a smile that soon turned to a frown.

   "I do, yes. She was a beautiful, kind, loving mother. You were her world but sometimes people get sick, they start to fade away until there is nothing left of them, there was no bringing her back from what became of her. Poor soul died a long time ago." It was clear this made Mrs. Malfoy uncomfortable to talk about so Serenity dropped it for the time being. The two finished off their tea and sweets in silence.

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