Half-Blood Princess

Serenity is the 16 year old daughter of Severus Snape. Her mother is unknown for her father refuses to speak of her, ever. She attends Hogwarts since she was 11 years old. The relationship between Serenity and her father broke due to his lack of affection towards her and her trust issues towards him. The only person she can actually go to is her best mate Draco Malfoy. The two grew up together, though he can be a slime ball he has his sentimental moments with her but that's usually with just her. So she considers the Malfoys to be family. And even though she may be in the Slytherin house she's not as twisted or mean as the rest of them lot. She does have other mates from all houses. All Serenity wants is education and to get the hell on with her own life.


2. And So It Begins


*   *   *


   There he was. Sitting up at the Professors table. His eyes never once met hers since she's been there. Was he avoiding her? perhaps he hasn't noticed her? No, he was avoiding her. Yes. He is quite good at it. Serenity huffed some before she shot her attention at the groups of newbs waiting to be sorted. The first child to be called was a rather small petite red head, her eyes lowered when Professor Dumbledore softly placed the long pointed witch like hat onto her small head. It twitched and turned. Muttering to itself over and over again. Not quite sure of what it was saying. 

 "Ah! Yes! Haha... I see. Hm. very well. Hufflepuff!" The Hufflepuff grew to a loud cheer and welcomed the little girl. Hugging and congratulating her. Whilst watching the sorting, Serenity couldn't help but over hear one of her housemates gossip about Harry. Of course, more gossip. Never ends. Serenity shot them a nasty look and they shut up instantly. Though, she was a bit curious to what rumor it could possibly be this time.

 "Nile Blink!" Professor Dumbledore called out to. A tall but slim boy made his way up to the stool to be sorted out. His black hair reached his shoulders, flipped to one side. His face roundish, his skin a fair complexion. He got lucky. Gryffindor.

 "Kaira Dobbs!" Ravenclaw.

 "Charlotte Mare!" Gryffindor.

 "Slater Nigri!" Slytherin.

 "Meekus Creevey! Gryffindor. 

 "Alec Willoughby!" Ravenclaw.

 "Clive Colin!" Hufflepuff.

 "Indigo Chissick!" Slytherin.

 "Basil Blackwell!" Slytherin.


 This year there wasn't many new comers. It wasn't much of a surprise to anyone though. Sure there's another damn Creevey. Sure most of them look scared shitless and possibly snobby as hell. But that was always the fun part. Next year when the new comers after them come it'll be the same thing. They'll have them think they own this school. It's nothing but a cycle. Serenity would know this well. She had went through the scared and confused stage. Everyone does. It's how one presents themselves. What crowd to fit in. How good one is in their studies. It's all about looking brilliant and rich. The pointless stuff. None of that mattered to Serenity though. She preferred great friends, loyalty, respect. wasn't asking for much, really. 


 "Slytherin as well, eh, dollface?" A young and meek voice came from out of the blue. Causing Serenity, Draco, Pansy, and a few more Slytherins to have a look. Only to see the new Slytherin by the name Slater Nigri. Slater grabbed serenity's left hand to extend it to his lips. What the hell?! Serenity withdrew her hand at once, quite taken aback by this little boys actions. Draco glared at the boy, now standing in front of Serenity. His nostrils flaring vigorously. His fist in a ball now.

 "Who the bloody hell do you think you are?!" Draco had Slater by his robes now, their noses just just an inch away from each other. 

 "She your girlfriend?"

 "My what?" Draco's face turned a slight red once girlfriend hit his ears, causing him to stammer. 

 "No.. Of course not!"

 "Then she's up for grabs, eh?" Slater gave Serenity a devilish smirk. Now the whole lot was staring and listening to the rubbish that was taking place. Murmurs spreading about The Great Hall. Draco tossed the boy down and spat. Turning his back on him like he was trash. Grabbed Serenity's hand and headed out The Great Hall. Muttering to himself. Serenity smiled at him. She knew how much she meant to him even if he wouldn't admit it to her or himself. He must have been thinking hard because not once has he let go of Serenity's hand. Serenity let out a small cough.



 "You're still holding my hand."

 "Ugh!" Draco threw her hand away as if disgusted by her, still muttering to himself. Once they made it to the Slytherin Common Room. Draco had calmed down. Slouched in his favorite armchair whilst Serenity sat by the fire place. Thinking of ways she could approach her father. They need to talk some time it's gone on far too long.


 "Goodnight, Serry." Draco said in a tired but rushed voice. Disappearing into the boys dormitory, slamming the door after him. Serenity knew instantly what caused him to scatter off like that. Slater had just entered the common room with a big smile on his face. Serenity rolled her eyes and too followed Draco's actions. What a git. A small tiny git. Serenity couldn't help but chuckle to herself. 


 The hooting of owls danced into the girls dormitory of the Slytherin house. It was ace to the ears so others would say. Serenity laid in bed for about half an hour before realizing it was morning. She jumped up. Gathering her clothing, rushing around her area looking for her shoes and handbag. Shite! I'm Late! Serenity ran as fast as she could. Bumping into bystanders in the hall. Apologizing every time. The doors to Apparition Studies flung open. Professor Twycross paid no mind to the late Serenity. Only continuing teaching his students the importance to apparate. Though the class normally begins in December after the Christmas holidays Headmaster Dumbledore decided to do it twice a year. at the beginning and towards the end of the school years for most of the students petitioned last year.  Serenity being one of them. 

 "Have a seat Miss Snape." Professor Twycross ordered. Turning to the class with an excited look on his face. Flickering his wand about all chuffed like. After what been like ages to the students the class was over. Everyone rushed out to meet up with their mates in the hall on their way to their next class. serenity found Draco who was gathered around by most of the Slytherin house, gallivanting. 


 Serenity and Draco headed to their Alchemy Studies. The two had three classes together. It was fun but they also had a class with the Potter trio which always flustered her because Draco couldn't keep his thoughts to himself so it caused tension between the lot. Potions Studies is Serenity's most favorite class of all time though the Professor was a different story to say the least, thank god he was only teaching just for the day seeing Professor Slughorn was out. This year they got new text books for that class, she was excited due to her last one was rubbish. 

 "Grab your text book and try not to lose them or ruin them in anyway. It'll cost you prats." Professor Snape snarled at them. Everyone rushed up to the cabinets to get the best text books they could get their grubby hands on. Serenity and Harry were the last two but there was only one book left.

 "Go ahead, you take it." Harry handed the torn up text book to Serenity.

 "It's alright, you can have it."

 "No, really I don't mind at all."

 "Nor do I."



 The both smiled at one another. trying not to laugh while playfully fighting over who should have the last text book. Professor Snape growled at the two. Annoyed by their child-like performance. Annoyed enough to make them partners. It was settled. They both get the text book. Harry went back to his table where Hermione and Ron sat staring with confused and hurtful expressions on their face. Ron more hurt than Hermione for Harry has always been his partner in every class for every year. Serenity brought the text book back to her table where Draco sat. His expression was also hurt. He groaned but accepted it. "Pair up!" Professor Snape snapped his pale slender fingers. Everyone paired up, some liked the pairings, most didn't. Harry slid over to Serenity and sat down on the stool across from Serenity.

 "Strange, isn't it..." Harry expressed.

 "What is?"

 "This. Us. As partners. It's a bit strange."

 "Mhm. Just a bit." Serenity agreed before flipping the book open. She leaned closer to the book to get a better look, sliding her glasses on for better results. Harry mimicked her. Both their eyes widen. Inside the book read.


 This Book Is The Property of:

The Half-Blood Prince.


 "What the bloody hell?" Harry whispered.

 "Half-Blood Prince?" Serenity scammed threw the book some, reaching the end. Looking for some kind of explanation of some sort. In the book it had scribbles and doodles of recipes of most of the potions taught in the class. The two weren't sure if they were accurate to use but thought to try one out of curiosity.


 "Go for it." Harry replied with a nod. And to their surprise it worked. It actually worked. Harry blinked at Serenity, his expression at an awe, his lips formed a huge smile. Serenity returned the gesture. The two gave out a high five. 

 "Don't be too excited. The potion must be perfect." Professor Snape examined it carefully, his lips twitching as he tried out the potion. His look scared the whole class who happened to gather around to witness their progress. "Can't be... " He whispered to himself. Professor Snape glared at the two. Serenity felt her heart sink. She failed. Great. He already hates her now he's disappointed in her. Way to go Serenity! But she held her ground by glaring back at him without moving a muscle. Harry exchange looks with Hermione and Ron who both looked scared for him.

 "It's perfect." Professor Snape snarled before taking his leave back to his desk. The classed cheered and patted the two on their backs. Hermione hugging Harry whilst Ron drooled over Serenity, trying to congratulate her.

 "G-Good job, Ser- Serenity." Ron shyly stuttered. Now running away. She giggled before returning to Draco who still seemed to be in a bad mood but she didn't care. Serenity felt great for the first time in a long time. She stuck the HBP's book into her bag. Thanks to the prince she passed her first try. Harry walked up to Serenity with a concerned look on his face. She felt her mood slowly changing.

 "We need to talk." Harry suggested they meet at the library later today. Serenity agreed for she was certain she knew why he wanted to meet up. 


 The library was definitely one of her relaxing places. Especially when she wanted to get away from Draco. He can whine a lot. Drove her crazy most days. A cold chill ran through her entire body when she saw Mr. Malfoy talking to her father in a corner of the library. The two seemed to be in deep conversation that none of them notice her sneaking up on them. trying to get listen.

 "Damn it, Severus! This needs to be done!" Mr. Malfoy growled at him.

 "Indeed it does. If the boy doesn't go on with it I shall." Professor Snape spoke calmly as he always done, regardless of his feelings. 

 "I will not allow my boy to die! Do you hear me?!"

 "Lucius. I've already made the unbreakable vow. Narcissa came to me for help. No need to act rash." Once those words left Serenity's fathers mouth, Mr. Malfoy's expression changed completely. His body was shaken, his eyes crazed but yet his lips formed a wicked smiled as the two shook hands. Unbreakable vow? What the hell is that? Serenity played that over and over in her head til she found Harry at the last table towards the end of the library.

 "You alright? You look... a bit ill." Harry asked in a concerned tone. Serenity was surprised at this for they weren't close. Sure she helped Harry a few times here and there but never had they ever really chatted much. Serenity nodded. Seating herself opposite of Harry.

 "It seems this prince knows more about potions than any Professor who taught the class." Harry gestured to see the book once more so she handed it over to him, the both looking over it again and again.

 "I don't get it. Who could possibly know all this, plus the tricks."

 "Perhaps a student?" Harry asked.

 "Possibly. But who?" 


 That night Serenity spent most of her night down in the Slytherin common room in front of the fireplace studying the book carefully, cover to back. Memorizing the spells, recipes, tricks, the side notes and the Q and A's. This was quite detailed and will written. It amazed her to no end. But still frustrated her by the one questioned that haunted both her and Harry. Who?! Who?! Who?! Serenity grunted as she leaned back into her armchair. The fire crackled, ashe floating above it, the smell of burning wood hit Serenity's nose. She always loved fireplaces. She has one in her room back at home. It helped her sleep most nights when she was troubled or upset. Since her father was never home nor around she had that to comfort her. Draco as well. When he isn't whining. Serenity's mind eased back to the text book. She thought about asking her father. See if he could shine some light on this depressing matter. See if he knows which student dabbled in the book. She needed to know what brilliant mind this book belonged to. It was eating at her. Killing her rather. Ask her father? Or not? So indecisive! "Ugh!" Serenity decided to suck it up and ask her father tomorrow about HBP's book.


 "Father I need to speak with you it's urgent!" Serenity stormed into his office. The book at hand. Her heart racing as she drew nearer to him. He didn't look up from his studies, only spoke back.


 "I need you to look at this text book for me." Serenity held it up. But he did not budged nor acknowledged it. She huffed and slammed the book down on top of his work.

 "It's important! Just one look." 

 "As you wish." He picked up the book and opened it. For a second Serenity swore his eyes widen and his expression darkened. He tossed the book back at her. Returning to his work.

 "No idea."

 "Promise?" Serenity didn't take her eyes off of him one bit for she was hoping he would show some sign of knowledge about the book. He did look up at her. His eyes were different, more soft than she has seen them in a long time.

 "Serenity... I... It's Professor Snape whilst at school." His brows narrowed, pushing downwards as he looked away and flicked his hand to shoo her away. Her heart twisted at his actions. How could he just not care? Be so heartless to his own daughter? Serenity snatched the book and ran out. She couldn't believe how cold he is towards her. Perhaps she reflected her mother, the woman he never talked about. Did her father hate her mother that much that he sees her in his daughter? Serenity's mind became so baffled that she felt light-headed. 

 "Whoa! Serenity!" A familiar voice shouted out to her when she stumbled about the hall walls, trying to keep herself at feet. Not trying to let her father get to her once again. Everyone and everything started to get blurry, fuzzy of the eye. Her anger was eating her alive, it was winning because she could feel herself giving in. Her eyes glazing over til she saw nothing but black. 

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