It's Just Complicated (FanFiction)

Starting a new school sucks. Becca Cross knows this better than anyone. Having been to 12 different schools, life's difficult for Becca.
This leaves no time for real friends, no time for messing around and no time for boys...that is until Harry Styles comes into the picture.
But as everyone knows, not everything is as easy as they seem. Some things are just complicated.


1. New School


New School

First days at school suck.

I walked into the school entrance and into the hallway where people were everywhere you turned; people on the stairs, people to the side of the hallway, people who you had to physically walk around and people who barged straight past you. They were everywhere like a swarm of bees, buzzing with the latest gossip and moving around all over the place.

I continued to ignore the sceptical looks people were giving me as I walked to my first class. It was PE. Great, I thought. I couldn’t have gotten something boring like History, Geography or Maths. Instead, I had the one thing that I was completely awful at…the dreaded physical exercise. I didn’t even have my kit.

I found when I reached the changing rooms that we had to wait in a straight line outside whilst we waited for a teacher to arrive. I stood there awkwardly looking around, searching for someone to talk to so I didn’t look like a complete outcast. There was no one there to talk to; no one would even look my way unless they were looking at me so they could glare at me. The perks of being the new kid, I thought to myself.

I tried to be brave and go up to one girl who was by herself but as I was walking over, she was joined by a bunch of giggling girls. Not my crowd then. I was more of a quiet and shy girl. Didn’t help when starting a new school, I supposed.

The teacher finally arrived and let all the other students in; I walked in the opposite direction towards the teacher.

She smiled warmly at me as I approached her, “Are you new?”

“Um. Yeah. I also didn’t realise we had to PE today so I don’t have my kit.” I tried to explain.

I secretly hoped she would say that I didn’t have to do it today. Please say I don’t have to do it. Please.

“Oh well don’t worry. You can still join in! I’ll let you borrow some.” She gestured for me to follow her excitedly.

It’s as if PE teachers think PE is the most exciting and thrilling thing to do in the world. Hate to break it you, it’s not. I mean who would want to be a PE teacher anyway? Having to teach a bunch of sweaty teenagers different types of sports that most of us will never play outside of school.- Doesn’t really sound that exciting.

She gave me an old top and jogging bottoms along with a pair of trainers which were two sizes too small. Not the most comfortable shoes in the world.

The top was rough and itchy on my skin and made my skin crawl at the thought of other people who had forgotten their kit also having to wear this. I couldn’t imagine all the sweat. Uck. They probably hadn’t even bothered to wash it. To make it worse, the jogging bottoms made me look shorter than I already was. I was only 5ft 3. Practically pixie size. And to make things worse, the jogging bottoms pooled at my feet. I probably looked awful. I sighed; I guess it would have to do. It’s not like anyone would be interested in talking to me anyway. When you moved school as much as I did, you got used to it.

I got changed quickly and ran outside to catch up with the rest of the class. They were on the field…running laps. I hated running, with a passion. I wondered if I could get out of it, escape before they noticed I was even there. The teacher would probably be too busy trying to control the class that she wouldn’t even notice I wasn’t there.

I started to slowly move backwards towards the changing rooms when a husky voice caught my attention, “Oi. Where do you think you’re going?”


I turned around to see a full head of curls walking my way. The figure looked up to reveal sparkling green eyes which were tinted with amusement and dimples that any girl would just want to melt into. It was like the boy of any girl’s dreams.

“Erm…you alright?” the figure asked.

He. Was. Hot. And when I say hot, I mean like…double hot... No triple.

I shook my head once I realised I was staring. My cheeks flushed a deep red as I move my gaze to the ground, “Uh yeah, sorry. I’m fine.”

I lifted my gaze up to see the guy with a god damn amused smirk on his face. My face got redder if that was even possible.

“So…skipping are we?” he asked speculatively.

I bit my lip as I thought of what to say, “I-I I was just about to go over there.”

He chuckled, “It’s alright, love. I’m not gonna dob you in. Same here.”

I let out a deep breath and smiled at him thankfully.

He winked and continued to smirk at me, “So what might your lovely name be?”

I almost felt like rolling my eyes but I just smiled shyly “Becca.” As I put my hand out in welcome.

He stared at it curiously and let out a small laugh as he put his hand in mine, “Harry. Harry Styles.”

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