what happens when your best friends, move away and came back years later but are not who they use to be? They come back and just out of the blue do something that changed your life and now you can't see your friends or friends? will she fall for one of her five BFFs? Or will what happened to them scare her and never wants to see, talk or look at them in the eyes, without her thinking their blood suckers??
(this is my first movella hope yous like it!!!!)


3. X-Factor


I was sitting on our couch with Maddie and Willow, watching our fav show E News!! When i saw five guys that looked very familiar. They were in a  band called One Direction talking about their new album and movie called This Is Us. Once i heard them talking i soon realised that they were my ex best friends. It put me off for a second cos they were much paler then i remembered. I turned to look at the girls and i saw a terrified look on their faces, so i asked " Why are you guys so silent and shocked it looks like you guys have seen a vampire or ghost. Haha" Maddie and Willow just looked at me and said " Why don't we go and have dinner out somewhere?" Clearly they were trying to hide something. Like i was about to find something they didn't want me to know. But why? Vampires don't exsist do they?! I have to find out what they are hiding from me!


Shit, shit, shit, shit. She was slowly learning why they left and why they didn't come back from the  X-Factor. The real truth was that they got turned by me and Willow and we told them never to see Lilly again. She was hurt we knew it, we all did which was why we had to protect her. They knew that when she was sad would be the best time cos she would forgive them and let them back into her life. But that can't happen not know not ever. she thought she did something wrong when they didn't come back but we didn't tell her it was our fault. You see the thing is that she was suppose to be a hybird when she turned 16 she would have all the powers and same everyone from evil vamps and werewolfs and ghosts. But it sorta didn't happen, but that i mean we have to make her believe in us and then she will profill what she was born to do. But for the time being we are trying to keep her safe. One Direction were evil Vamps and if she was anywhere near her at 19(which is now) she would be turned(evil vamp) and we will never see our best friend ever again. We were going to tell her today but i guess thats not going to happen.


I was on my way out of the door when i heard a scream come from the woods, which were behind our house. As i slowly made my way out to see what it was i saw my best friends being tackled, pushed, kicked and pulled around by five guys. I slowly walked over to the door that was open enough for me to see what was happen. i heard a thick irish accent yell " Tell us where she is and you both won't get hurt!" Maddie and Willow both yelled " NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS YOU BLOOD FUCKING SUCKERS!!" As i heard that i saw one of them with curly brown hair and green eyes run, so fast he was just a blur. I then realised that he was right in front of me with a blonde standing next to him. That was when i realised that the five pale guys were my ex best friends, but vampires?! how could it be? their not real!? they can't be, can they!?? Then Harry started to talk " Hi, love! remember us? And also vampires are real, yes we are vampires and why don't you ask your friends why we are vamps?!" They just glared at me all of them. I saw Willow mouth a 'sorry'  and then she started to talk " We turned them and i know your probs thinking we are monsters but they are they are the ones killing people and they are ones that never came back too!" "How could you do that to me? ALL OF YOU!! just leave me alone!!!!" and with that i ran out of the back door and ran for the woods. i looked back to see all seven of them just looking at me with a 'come back" on their faces. I kept running until, i hit into someones hard chest and fell to the ground. All i saw before i faded to darkness was a werewolf staring at me and a vampire. Then slowly the darkness started to surround me......   


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